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Feeling in Regret.. Anyone Can Relate or Have Any Advice?

I am going on 2 weeks post op and been feeling more insecure about myself since then. Before I was a 36A and always wore a padded bra. My procedure was done For 425 cc hp textured silicone implants. Woke up from surgery to notice they still look small. I haven't seen much changes since then. My... READ MORE

325 cc mod plus mentor, should I have gone bigger?

Hi everyone. I'm five days post op now! And although I love what I see when i take my shirt off I'm a little nervous that they may not be big enough. I was barely a 32 a prior to surgery. I'm 25 years old 110 pounds and got 325 cc under muscle moderate plus and would love to be a mid to full c... READ MORE

30 Years Old 2 Children. Great Britain, GB

Am really unhappy with size assured 400cc would get me a D cup but feel really small considering I still have swelling to go down ???? not sure if they will re operate as I was told that I couldn't go any bigger but I still have plenty of skin. Really nice hospital in dolan park and the staff... READ MORE

Disappointed with breast augmentation size

I am disappointed with the size of my implants. Initially, they had told me 255cc (moderate round cohesive gel, submuscular). However after reading reviews, I requested that I wanted larger and asked for 300cc. The Dr. ordered one size up from 255 and 2 sizes up from 255. In surgery they said... READ MORE

21 Years Old and Went Through Hell to Get Breast!

So since realself really helped me out during my post op when I was going through that phrase of mild depression bc I thought my breasts were too small and my experience with hematoma, I am going to write about my experience to help others who might be going through the same thing. I originally... READ MORE

Well Worth my Decision

So I had a breast reduction in 2009 use to be a G I went down to a C full D. After a few years later I realized that I may have went smaller than I wanted. I really liked the lift and I really enjoy the weight off my shoulders. However, I started to feel I lost my boob power lol maybe I went a... READ MORE

47yo, 2 Children, Size34A, Athletic Build - Harrisburg, PA

What is a solid B cup before kids, went to C / D while breastfeeding. But afterwards, went down to an A cup. Didn't think an augmentation was something I would seriously consider, but after meeting many friends who had the procedure done, I decided to go for it. I've always felt like my breasts... READ MORE

170cc Moderate Unders Too Small?? - Los Angeles CA

I am 5 days post op. My biggest fear before surgery was that I would be too big. Now I fear that I may have chosen too small. I am 5'7", 115lbs, BWD is 10, very narrow rib cage. I went with 170cc smooth round moderate unders. I'm hoping they "drop and fluff" soon and that they give the illusion... READ MORE

Severe Case of Tuberous Breasts. New York, NY

Well it took me some time to get to writing this. Life just kind of took over after my procedure. I didn't realize I had severe tuberous breasts until I was past my teens and well into my early 20s. I was actually aware that my breasts looked different was a little insecure about them but spent... READ MORE

295cc over Muscles Mod Profile Implants.. Unhappy. London, GB

I'm 4 days post op, I got 295cc over the muscle silicon mod profile implants. I got this in London with Transform clinic. The implants have made me go up by 1 cup size, I was a 36 A now a 36 B. My desired size was a 36 D. I am really unhappy with what size they are. I realise that it takes a few... READ MORE

130lbs 5'5" 32A Mother of 3 breastfed for 1yr. 29th Birthday Present! Harrisburg, PA

I'm a mother of three who is looking to get a little confidence back. I'm back down to my pre-pregnancy weight 130 5'5" but nothing looks the same. no boobs left whatsoever. :( Decided this would be my birthday present :) I'm torn between sizes right now. I thought 325cc would be perfect but now... READ MORE

45 Year Old... Waiting 14 Years to Change my First Set... Its Time!!! Claremont, CA

In the last 14 years, my body has changed a lot.. so my breast should change along with it... I have gain 25 pounds... now my breast are too small. I would like to have a BA that will balance out my new upper body shape and wide and has better cleavage. My breasts have a very large gap in... READ MORE

31 Years Old and No Kids. Dallas, TX

I've been wanting to have a BA for some time now. I finally felt like I was at the right age to do so. I just wish that I had known about this website proir to my surgery. I don't know if I have made the right decision about my size. In the beginning I wanted a "full c". However, when I was... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Too Small. Pueblo, CO

Hello.. I just received a Breast augmentation. I am completely dissatisfied. I'm starting to wonder if my surgery was all a waste of money because I am upset about my results. I had asked my surgeon to give me a 425 cc because I wanted big breast. That was my goal. However when I woke up from my... READ MORE

38 Years Old, 5'1" , 105lb with 2.8 Years Daughter. Hesitate 355, 375 Will Be Too Small? Miami, FL

I was 34B, having one baby made me reduce to 34A. Had consultation with Doctor Aug 12. Surgery decided on this Oct 1st. Doctor recommend me 355, 375. I'm not sure what size it gonna be? C? Anyone who has same body about my size give me your idea please. Been hesitate or should I get 375, 400?... READ MORE

Bottoming out 4 Days Post op with Dr.Pichet Rodchareon from Bangkok Plastic Surgery - Bangkok, Thailand

Here is the full story, I brought a photo and shown Dr.Pichet Rodchareon of how do I expect to look like. And a day after the surgery when he took off the tight dressing, I noticed it straight away that something not right because I could pretty much flap my breast around that it went down south... READ MORE

Momma of 3 Was in Need of a Lift in my Life. Nashville, TN

425 Teardrop Silicone implants, under the muscle. I'm 5'3 138, was a dropping 36C. Measuring now 36D Over all great experience. My surgery was Oct 24 2014, first few days I was sore, hard time sleeping, I found sleeping in my recliner was wonderful, perfect support. Day after surgery pain was 6... READ MORE

Royal Tunbridge Wells, GB

Had 365cc and now is 19 days post op and they are too smal already. Nobody notice anything even my close family. I said i wanted big but no Xbig but i had no support from him to get even 400cc and now understanding the measurements, the size i wanted was 500cc to get what i wanted but he is too... READ MORE

28aa-28ddd - Honolulu, HI

I was always very self-conscience about my breasts. Ever since high school. I never really have anything before kids, but after I had children, they became saggy AND back to small! I did breastfeed my two children. I wanted to feel confident in my body, and not ashamed. That is why I opted for a... READ MORE

34a/32b Wanting Large D or DD - 475cc HP - Northern, VA

I feel like I look way too small! I got smooth 475HP silicone (that's what they said) hoping to get a LARGE D or small DD. I know I'm only a few days post-op but these girls look tiny! I do not think these are 475cc!!! Help I need advice! I showed the doctor pictures of what I wanted at my... READ MORE

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