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34, 4 Kids and Can't Wait to Have Boobs!

Hi ladies! I always been an A cup except when breastfeeding ???? I had the most amazing boobs for the first year when feeding then....nothing lol I'm booked to have my surgery on the 9th May, one month from today eekkk! So excited but freaking out too. I never thought choosing size would be SO... READ MORE

Hoping for 350cc but dr say might be too big- Montreal, QC

I've been looking at everything héréditaire for a while. All pros and cons, good and bad experiences. Huge, large and medium implants, i want to see and heart everything to make a good and reaponsible decision. I've been wanting larger breasts forever, probably since i was 15, i'm now 34. Our s... READ MORE

23 Years-old, 5'7', 130 Lbs, 300 cc mod+ unders - Beverly Hills, CA

I have been researching plastic surgeons for 2 years now. Finally decided to make that first consultation appointment with Dr. Kim and it was great. I expected to want to see more than one doctor before I make my decision, but after talking to him during the consultation combined with all the... READ MORE

34 Years Old, 5'5 125lbs, 250 CC Ideal Implants, 2 Kids, Athletic

Hello! So this is my first post. I have been reading other stories that have helped me along the way. I find that I also want to share my experience in hopes to share others as well. I am a mother of 2 kids under the age of 5. I breastfed both of them well into their 2 year. Before babies, I had... READ MORE

35 y.o, 5'4", 136lbs, 2 breastfed kids, pre-op size 34-36B, got Mentor HP 400CC

Haven't done the procedure yet, but scheduled for the March 23 next year. Feeling very excited, but started to have doubts about the size. I think 450CC will be too large for the end result I am aiming. I couldn't help but fell way too large with the rice bags in my bra...I did just as advised -... READ MORE

36 Years Old, Nursed 4 Babies, Round Silicone over the Muscle

I am 36 years old, breastfed 4 babies, 157 lbs. My goal is to fill in lose, saggy skin and have nice boobs. I've never really had a great set, unless I was nursing babies! My surgery is 5 days and counting. I had 2 consults and have decided to go with the PS who will do "overs". He suggested... READ MORE

Wanting to Remove 11 Week Old Breast Implants

Unfortunately I was in a bad place and not feeling good about my body and made the impulsive decision to get breast implants. I literally scheduled the surgery for two weeks after my consultation just so that I would not have the chance to cancel the surgery. I thought somehow that by having... READ MORE

28 Years Old/AA Cup/350 CC Implant

I wanted this surgery for over a decade and can't say I regret a single thing. My Dr. said he tried a couple sizes on me and chose 350CC due to it being most proportional on my body. At first I thought they were entirely too large, but I love them so much now and can't imagine them being smaller... READ MORE

28 Years Old - my Journey From cup A to C ;and a Mini Brazilian Butt Lift! - Melbourne, AU

PRE-SURGERY: contacted Dr. Lanzer through here about a month prior to my scheduled date and straight away I got a reply from Brad, his assistant. Everything was so detailed, he explained everything that I needed to know. When it's medical related, he would squeeze me into Dr. Lanzer's time so I... READ MORE

28 Year Old/ No Kid / 105lb/ 32A / 340cc Moderate Round Mentor Under the muscle

Hi Ladies! I'm 28 year old, no kid, 5'5 and 105lb, 32A. I wanted BA for....literally forever and I can't believe I'm finally doing it!!! Woo Hoo!!!! My surgery is scheduled for 7/1 ( 2 weeks to go! ) and I'm looking for some supports and advices. Is there anything I should prepare before the... READ MORE

400 cc HP silicone implants

I am so upset. I am 2 weeks after my procedure and I think I went too big. I have decided on 397cc moderate plus profile silicone implants, to achieve a C cup (going from my 36A). During the procedure the surgeon decided that the 397cc moderate plus profile was too wide for my chest and... READ MORE

26yr. 5.2,110pounds, Mom of 1. Not Sure on Results - Las Vegas, NV

It's been a year but want to finally share my journey. I'm kinda going through what Heidi Montag is going through. Looking for some before pics, will post some up soon. So when I was young I had big hooters, 34c,perky, till I gave birth at 18 breast fed then my breast deflated. Flat with lose... READ MORE

20 Yrold 5'3 & 97pounds. New Bern, NC

I'm very petite I'm a size 32 a and hopefully to become a full C small D not exactly sure what to experience Iv never been under or had surgery no kids or anything..I got November 4 for a consultation which I can't wait for I need some help asking questions and I cheer on a college team which... READ MORE

47 Yo 5'1" 125 Pounds. Breast Augmentation. Columbia, SC

I'm getting very excited for up coming surgery!! Here is a little info. On me I had a breast lift and tummy tuck 6 years ago. Since then I have lost 75 pounds and my girls have lost their volume. I am currently a 34 C. I want upper pole fullness. PS said I do not need another lift just implants.... READ MORE

21 Years Old, No Kids, 5'7 135 Pounds, Originally 34 A, 450cc Silicone Implants Want Revision for Smaller Look

I'm about 4 months post op and have known since about a week after BA I wished I had gone smaller. I am 5'7 135 pounds and was a 34 A pre op. My surgeon and I did not ever discuss the amount of cc's he would use, only the desired cup size I wanted to be. I told him large B/small C. They showed... READ MORE

25 Years Old 5'9" 125 Lbs 457 cc's Silicone NYC/NJ

Like many of you, I never fully developed and always felt insecure about my flat chest. Over the years I've come to accept and sometimes even appreciate the look of a smaller chest, except when filling out clothing and bathing suits. Recently when explaining my frustration to my sister she... READ MORE

450cc high profile implants, 31yrs Old, 5.4 Tall, Size 8-10 AUS, 3 Kids. 12A Size Pre Op. Hoping for D After Op. Melbourne, AU

I have booked in my Breast Augmentation in 6 weeks and counting, have wanted to do this since I was 17yrs old, 3 kids later I am finally in a position where I CAN! yay. When I initially went into my pre op I was thinking id get about 360cc in and hoped for a FULL C cup afterward. My dr measured... READ MORE

21 Years Old Two Kids Wanting Big Boobies. Gold Coast, AU

Okay so the time has come i have wanted boobs for god knows how long since around 14 years old ! 21 now and have finished having kids so its just a waiting game im 90% sure i want to go to the cosmetic institute when they open on the gold coast (6th of October) so this pay i will book my... READ MORE

I Am 46 Years Old 5'5" and 127 Lbs. I Have Two Kids 25 and 19 Years Old. Buffalo, NY

I have been wanting breast ever since I was in grammer school, I use to see all the girls developing breasts, but not me! I went to Dr Shirley Anaine in 2006 and chickened out. But not this time! I go for my sizing on 10/7/15... I am so ready for this. I would really like to get 375cc. Saline... READ MORE

The Staff Including the Staff Here Are Very Rude and Cold - Beverly Hills, CA

My advice to you never I mean never go to a doctor that have seasonal specials! I had a ba and I have hated it with a passion since I got them. I went in With beautiful perky breast that fit my small frame. Now I am left with 500 cc now sagging breast that are so far apart they make me look... READ MORE

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