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27 Years Old, No Kids, 475cc OVER Muscle

I finally went in for my BA consult in August. I've been interested in this procedure for a long time because I am not happy with the size and shape I naturally have and finally just scheduled for a consult to see what my options were. Right now I am wearing 34C bra but it doesn't fit as well as... READ MORE

5'3", 108 Lbs, 51 Yrs Old, 300 Cc Mod+ Under

Thank you so much to all of you beauties for posting your reviews, photos and experiences. It has helped me greatly with the education piece of having a breast augmentation. I have considered a BA for 5 yrs. Initially went to see the surgeon who did my BA and then decided against a BA entirely... READ MORE

31 Year Old, Mother of 2, Totally Deflated Breasts! - Cedar Rapids, IA

After having my two kids (9 and 5) and a 50lb weight loss my breasts were left totally "deflated". I used to be a D cup and dropped to less than an A, mostly just hanging tissue. I am 5'6.5", 110 lbs and went with a 325 on one side and 300 on the other due to uneven breasts. Dual plane,... READ MORE

Breast Rejuvenation - Seattle, WA

375 cc Allergan 410 FF (textured solid silicone anatomical full profile full height) implant surgery on October 13, 2014 (8 days ago). Started out deflated B with some ptosis. No children, 34 yo 130# 5'7". Happier with appearance of breasts post-op, awaiting "drop and fluff" which I am told... READ MORE

Chosing Dr. Bucko As My Surgeon Was the Worst Mistake of My Life!

Dr Bucko performed a breast augmentation that resulted in a deformity called a double bubble. When I showed Dr. Bucko and his nurse the results of the surgery and they had no concern what so ever with results of my surgery. I ended up getting consultations with several high profile plastic... READ MORE

22 Years Old, 5'2", 110lbs. 270-300 Moderate Silicone Subglandular Aka "Overs" - Cheltenham, GB

I had my first consultation with Mr McDiarmid in July 2015 and booked my surgery for the following year... July 2016 as I couldn't get the necessary time away from uni until the following summer holidays. I measure as 28DD but usually wear 30D due to limited availability. This sounds big but it... READ MORE

breast deformed after breast aug surgery - Pearland, TX

I had dreamed of having my breast bigger for a few years. I went to DR Lapuerta thinking he was well qualified. That was the biggest mistake of my life! My left breast is deformed bc he cut some of my muscle tissue. When I try to lift and use my chest muscles, my left breast forms a long line.... READ MORE

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