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24 Years Old, 5'3, No Kids, Looking for Perkier, Fuller Breasts

I've picked a doctor and have decided on surgery the 14th. I am 5'3, 125 pounds, thin & athletic build and a 32 C (in VS at least). I gained quite a bit of weight my freshman year of college (20 lbs which is a lot for my height) and my boobs haven't been the same since I lost the weight.... READ MORE

25 yr old -5'9 145lbs B Wanting Small D

Hi Everyone, I am currently 25 years old and 5'9, my weight fluctuates between 145 and 159lbs. Right now my bra size is either a 34B or 32C depending on the bra. After 25 years I am finally taking the plunge and getting a breast augmentation and I am so so excited. I have known since I was... READ MORE

32 Years Old 120 Lbs 5'7" 300cc Silicone - Dallas, TX

I am super excited to have scheduled my BA. I have wanted larger breasts for as long as I can remember. I really like my doctor. He worked with Dr Tebbetts, whom developed methods that require much shorter recovery time. Dr Tebbetts also developed a sizing system and they believe that there is... READ MORE

29 Yrs Old, 126 Lbs, No Kids, Want to Be DD

I've wanted bigger boobs my whole life (my twin has natural DD's).. Im thin but have hips and a booty and have always wanted to have a more hourglass shape. Since discovering this site last month .. I'm not gonna lie, I've been pretty obsessed with checking out other girls ba journeys. Haha.... READ MORE

30 Year Old 5'7 - Montclair, NJ

I had such an amazing experience with Dr. DiBernardo, I went in for my consultation a few months ago and I felt very comfortable with choosing him as my plastic surgeon. I spoke about wanting a fuller, natural look and he suggested 420cc’s for me. I was very excited to take pictures and be a... READ MORE

Conservative Augmentation 240-260 Cc Saline - Cleveland, OH

I have been thinking about this for years. Glad I finally pulled the trigger. I was completely flat chested before, not even an AA cup. I Have three children and my breasts never changed in pregnancy. I don't know what my final size will be, but I hope a B. I an thin and I love to workout so I... READ MORE

Very Happy! 26 no kids, Very Tall and Thin, 300cc Low Profile Smooth Silicone Unders, result 32C

Hey there! I'm looking for a little support as my BA is the day after tomorrow and I'm all by myself. I'm temporarily living far from home, and though I'm very independent it would be nice to hear some thoughts from other people who have done this. I'm 5'10" and 120 lbs, and wear a 34A but... READ MORE

Very Thin & Have Very Little Breast Tissue, I Am Afraid I Can Feel the Edges of Implant EasilyEven I Only Get 200cc. Seattle, WA

My breast become completely flat after nursing two children, I always wanted to do fat transfer so I can have some natural breast like a B cup, but I may not have enough fat to be grafted. If I choose a 200cc implant, i am still concerned that I will get a fake looking because I don't have... READ MORE

36 Years Old, 2 Kids, Thin and Flat. Wesley Chapel, FL

I am from Puerto Rico, and live in Florida. I am 5'4 with 100 pounds, 32 A. I have breast Asymmetry Disorder, my right breast is smaller than the left size. I have breast cancer history, but I always wanted to have more breast and cleavage. I never in life had use a sport bra, because they... READ MORE

22 Years Old, 5'9'', No Kids, 305CC under the muscle, Germany

Hi I'm Ella. I get a breat augmentation in 4 weeks. I had anorexia in my puberty what influenced my breast growth. There was a A or already B cup but my eating disorder destroyed everything. My current size is 34AA. My BS chose a 305CC anatomical implant. My wish were round implants but... READ MORE

Tall, Thin and Want to Look Natural! - Oakland, CA

Hi everyone, my date is nearing and I have to pick Cc's tomorrow. I want to look natural so I wanted to put up two pics with sizers so I could get some feedback. Which one looks better, ie, sexy but elegant? Thanks all! Im excited and scared but so far everything has gone better than... READ MORE

24 Years Old, Flat from Canada Looking to Travel to Miami. Finally Ready - Miami, FL

Ive been lurking this site for probably a year now, getting the courage to write something. I live in Alberta CA and am looking to go see Dr. Hochstein in Miami. Ive been contacting his office and am supposed to be getting a phone consult with him soon. Have any other ladies travelled for... READ MORE

Will 400cc's or 450cc's Get Me Where I Wanna Be?...- Beverly Hills, CA

I'm 5'7,and Thin. I'm getting High profile,Saline Implants,Under the muscle. At first I was going for 375 (R) & 350 (L) Since my right breast is slightly bigger then my left. My goal is to become a FULL C cup. Now I know you do lose some what when going under the muscle and I know... READ MORE

32AA Looking to Get to Full C Cup

So I'm 5'5, 129lbs, small thin frame, and athletic build. I'm pretty flat with a 32AA bra size. I'm aiming to go for a full C cup but am afraid to go any bigger. I don't want to get boob greed and have them look unnatural and I think anything larger than a C will look too fake on me. I want to... READ MORE

32 Yr Old Two Kids Super Thin

First I want to thank all of you who have posted your stories, it has helped me tremendously! I am one week pre op and panicking about size. I am so skinny and concerned I won't look right. I tried on sizers and decided on 345 cc mod silicone but now after looking at pictures wondering if it is... READ MORE

20 Years Old, Have Always Wanted a Womanly Figure

I am 20 years old, 5'9", 125 lbs, and wear a 32A bra (that I've never filled out). My boobs have not grown since middle school when I got my first training bras... and I actually still sometimes wear them. I never seriously considered getting implants until recently. Even though my mom got a... READ MORE

Post Baby Breast Augmentation

After having a baby and post breast feeding my breasts went down to smaller than my original size. And because I am very thin, I felt as if my rib cage stuck out further than my breasts. I did some research and spoke to friends and was referred to Dr. Glenn Davis. Dr. Davis and his staff were... READ MORE

40yo 2 Kids and Ready to Get my Boobs Back

I had considered a boob job superficially but after I found out a few friends had had the procedure before I'd met them and that my family was supportive I started to become more serious. A doc friend recommended my surgeon (who I love) and I went for 2 consultations with her before deciding it... READ MORE

Thin, Petite, No Kids Silicone Breast Augmentation

Unfortunately I was only able to speak to Dr. Johnny Franco on the phone however he was polite, friendly and seemed to be very down to earth. I decided to choose him as my doctor because his staff is very attentive, answered all my questions and concerns and he also seemed opened and accessible... READ MORE

24 Years Old, Thin and Athletic Pageant Girl - Norwood, MA

I was extremely pleased with Dr. Russo's staff from the minute I walked in. Mind you, I was very nervous. I never had a real operation before. He told me his honest opinion of his work right off the bat which is a natural look:exactly what I was going for. I appreciate his honesty, As I've... READ MORE

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