Thailand + Breast Augmentation

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Getting Ready for BA in Phuket!!

Excited and nervous for my appt in 3 and a half weeks!!! I've searched and searched and decided to go directly through PPSI. The ladies are really nice and helpful with questions and getting my appointment setup with Dr. Veerawat. I've seen a lot of great reviews on him and his work is... READ MORE

21 Years Old - 5'3 - 115lbs - COSMEDITOUR in Thailand

Pre-op pictures that I sent to my doctor back in October. Currently wearing 32B/30C bras but not filling them out. Leaving tomorrow for Bangkok with my fiancé. Consult/surgery the next day! I have wanted a breast augmentation for years now and finally have enough money saved to pay for it in ... READ MORE

33 Years Old, No Kids, Breast Augmentation, Cosmeditour PPSI, Phuket - Thailand

Why I want a Breast Augmentation: At 21 I realized my breast will never grow bigger than that, so since that moment I have been wishing to do a Breast augmentation someday. My sister has always have big natural breasts, so it didn't made me feel any better :( Choosing a doctor: I choose to... READ MORE

BA: 33 Years Old, Breastfed 3 Kids, Tears Drop, Dual Plane Placement - Phuket, Thailand

A little about me, i have 3 children all breast fed. After my first i sat fine in a C cup, however after my 2nd and 3rd child all my baby weight went along with my breasts right down to a B Cup. I love to run and work out and over the past year i have gained tone and definition to my body. I... READ MORE

22, and 150lbs got my boobies!! - Vancouver bc

Hoping to get my 34 B to a full C cup! I feel like this will even out my body. I have a small waist and larger booty but really itty bitty titties! So I am Really excited to get a BA! Just trying to find a good doctor with great reviews. I would ideally like to go over seas to get them done...... READ MORE

Dr Angkana Tanvatanagul at MediMakeovers - Bangkok, TH

I am booked in for a breast augmentation with Dr Angkana and a little bit worried about not being able to find much on her. Has anyone had procedures done by this surgeon? Also have been sent a consultation for Dr Dalip at Destination Beauty in Bangkok. Same sort of situation, can't find much... READ MORE

39 Going to Bumrungrad Hospital Bangkok for BA and Upper and LowerBleph

Hi there. Like many of you, I am a busy mum of two who works full time. Never have any time to look after myself. I decided to travel to Bangkok for my surgery after email consultations with Dr Amorn Poomee. So far he has been excellent at answering any of my questions. I am extremely excited... READ MORE

23yrs Breast Augmentation! Yay! - Thailand

Hi ladies, I am counting down the weeks until it's my turn for surgery only 3 weeks left to go. Getting very excited plus nervous! I would love to hear from anyone with feedback regarding Dr Piyapas! My stats are 154cm - 49kgs I am currently a 10A/B Hoping to achieve a D - DD something that... READ MORE

Getting Boobs Done at Phuket Thailand International Hospital Want to Know Some Peoples Views on It - Phuket, Thailand

I am 24 years old one child and breast fed, I am a full B and want to go back to 12DD's do you think I will need a lift? I am getting them done in Phuket international hospital with dr Thankakom getting nervous as I am from Australia just wanting to know anyones views of going over there also... READ MORE

24 Finally Getting Boobs in Thailand Dr Veerawat

Hello, so I have been looking over this site for months now reading everyone's reviews an getting an idea on what I am in for..... I've finally booked my surgery date for the 8th September and im nervous, scared & excited!! Im going with Somnio International and am booked in with Dr Boonchai,... READ MORE

BA in Phuket with Dr. Poonsak in October 2014! - Bangkok Hospital, Phuket, TH

A bit about me first.. I am 26 years old, and live in Australia. A mother to an 8 year old and a 7 month old (never breastfed). 5'11" tall and currently weigh 65kgs. My bra size has dropped back down to an A cup :(. For a very long time I have wanted to get breast implants done, but always... READ MORE

30yrs Old, No Kids, Perth, AU- Getting BA in May 2015 Thailand

Hey, I am 30yrs old, 5'7 & currently a 12a (34a for US members) Im looking at getting my boobies made a tad bigger in Thailand this May. I am torn between Destiny Meditravel and Destination Beauty group tours. Has anyone used either one of these companies before? I have attached my current pics... READ MORE

Boob job

Hi guys Now I'm looking at going to Thailand to see Dr Witoon, for an internal lift and implants. I have chosen this because my case isn't an easy one, I have tuberous breasts. If I went with just implants my breasts would look worse. Has any had an internal lift with tuberous breasts? Thailand... READ MORE

23 Years, NO Children, Wanting Breast Augmentation for my Own Self Confidence. - Phuket, Thailand

Ever since my teenage years I have always wished I could have larger breasts. I am quite a tall girl at 5 ft 11. My hips are quite wide however my breasts are very small. I want to have breast augmentation to even myself out and for my own self confidence. My bra size is 10A (Australian sizing)... READ MORE

Bottoming out 4 Days Post op with Dr.Pichet Rodchareon from Bangkok Plastic Surgery - Bangkok, Thailand

Here is the full story, I brought a photo and shown Dr.Pichet Rodchareon of how do I expect to look like. And a day after the surgery when he took off the tight dressing, I noticed it straight away that something not right because I could pretty much flap my breast around that it went down south... READ MORE

19 Australian Needing Advice!!!

Hi !! Looking to head to Thailand for breast augmentation specifically Phuket and hopefully asap!! I have previously had a consult in QLD although I wasn't happy with my consult or the surgeon and have heard of many great results to come back from Thailand. So I'm here desperately seeking advice... READ MORE

23 Years Old, Travelling to Bangkok from Australia for BA - Thailand

So I have taken the plunge and after years of wanting a BA, I have finally booked my procedure! I will be seeing Dr Woorapong at Bangpakok 9 Hospital in Bangkok in March 2015. So far, the hospital staff have been very helpful over e-mail and have answered all my questions. Any tips from any... READ MORE

Deflated Breasts ... from Breast Feeding - Bangkok, Thailand

After breast feeding my breasts felt really empty and had nothing left. The looked like balloons had been popped. It made me depressed to wear anything revealing of the breast area as i had none to fill them. I had looked up for breast augmentation overseas i had heard of people getting it down... READ MORE

Don't go to Thailand for surgery

This was the biggest mistake of my life to have Breast augmentation in Bangkok Thailand at Yanhee hospital. I will be having my 3rd correction here in Australia to fix the mess they left me with. The whole trip doesn't work out cheaper than having them done here in Australia and it definitely... READ MORE


I have done the breast augmentation on Nov 16, 2 months. My mom and my sister got D cup naturally but I got A cup. I decided to do the surgery because I feel like I really left out from them. I decided to do with Dr Peera at PSC clinic. The price is quite high compared with other clinics in... READ MORE

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