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22 Years Old, Mentor MemoryShape 225cc Under the Muscle

Hi everyone! I've been on here a while & I haven't found many women like me, who are small chested & just want a subtle size increase, so I'm hoping my review will help others like me! Dr Jeffries & I decided on Mentor 225-250cc textured anatomical implants, as I desire a natural,... READ MORE

400cc Textured Round Very High Profile Sub Facia Subglandular. Crossfit'er

I am a fit and active mom, and been wanting boobs since I was 12! After trying on sizers I settled on 400cc. I was conscious of everyone's feedback that mostly says they wish they'd gone bigger, so I chose the bigger of the options my surgeon showed me. He said I'd be great with 325, 350, or... READ MORE

33 Year Old, No Kids: Wants Textured Round 330cc for 5'1, 49 Kg Athletic Body - Seoul, KR

Hello! This site has been helpful for planning my surgery, so I thought I would contribute as well! Thanks for all your input ladies. I am so grateful! After my introduction, this post asks whether you all think 330cc would be good for my frame or 350. I am feeling greedy with 350, but I don't... READ MORE

385/425 Silicone Texture and Inner/outer Thigh Lipo - Pittsburgh, PA

Only on day 4.. Had a rough past few days. Was allergic to oxicoden so I just took Tylenol. Having lipo and the BA at the same time was financially smart but not being able to use the top half or the bottom half of your body wasn't fun. My breasts don't seem as big as I thought they would be..... READ MORE

29 Years Old. Black Female. 2 Kids. First Consultation for Breastfeeding Augmentation

I went for my first consultation today. I was very nervous considering that I never thought I would ever go for a breast augmentation surgery. Since high school I always struggled to accept my small breasts for what they were. I was always very self concious around other girls and realised very... READ MORE

305cc Sientra textured, unders, 2 kids breastfed, 5ft 95lbs

I've been stalking this site for about a year now. I've always wanted a BA, but I wanted to be sure I was done having children. Well, both kids have been breastfed, and are thriving! So it's time to upgrade the girls! I've chosen to have my BA done by Dr. Alfred Sofer located in Fairfield, CT.... READ MORE

33 Years Old- Breastfed 4 Kids

I'm looking for fuller breasts. I definitely want a D cup. After breast-feeding my 4 kids my breasts are saggy and deflated. I am not looking for perfection but just wanting confidence in a swimsuit, lingerie, clothes, etc. I just want to make sure I am making the right choices with the cc and... READ MORE

25y/o , 1child, Muscular Build

Well here we are. I've always been pretty muscular and had zero boobs (minus breastfeeding). I have more muscle in my chest than boob. My pre op appointment is October 17, and surgery is scheduled for November 4. So a little over a month away! I'm about 5'5" and 145lbs looking to go full C,... READ MORE

Ready for a Transformation - London, GB

First off, a big thank you to all of the contributors to this site. I've been looking at lots of reviews on this site for a while and I've found lots of helpful and informative posts. I started off going to MYA and I found the service very very pushy on the finance and the appointment system... READ MORE

46 Years Old, 295cc unders, 5'1" 103 Lbs 3 Children Petite Frame Breast Augmentation. Finally Courageous Enough - Subiaco, AU

Well real self has helped me so I have decided to be brave enough to post in case my story helps others I have found seeing pictures of myself confronting as I don't like to look at myself or anyone else looking at me. This has really affected my confidence in my first new relationship since... READ MORE

40 Yo 5ft 5 128lb. 275cc Round Textured HP over the Muscle - Belvedere, GB

I've been small chested all my life. I've been wearing 34b bras however after having my kids And getting even more deflated I probably should've gone down a cup size in bras. I'm sharing my story here as I've found this site really helpful. There are a lot of reviews for bigger sizes so I... READ MORE

23 Y/o BA, Textured, Form Stable Gummy Bear Implants. Las Vegas, NV

I was wondering what everyone's thoughts are about the textured, form stable tear drop "gummy bear" implants. At my consultation, my doctor said I have a very, VERY mild case of tuberous breasts and would "not be an issue". But insists on putting the implants over the muscle. (My guess is... READ MORE

24 Years Old, No Kids, Diabetic T1, Tuberous Breast - SCARED! - Durban, KZN

So I am 24 years old, Diabetic for almost 9 years now. I realized at a young age that my breasts were *weird...VERY weird and I went to see a surgeon when I was 15...they could not help as I did not have the funds to fix my issue. So I have been saving and asking help for 9 years now and finally... READ MORE

140lb, 5'7, 385 CCs Silicone Textured (Former A Cup) Doylestown, PA

So today is the end of day 4 post op. I never thought I would put my business out here but it helped me and I want to help others. Any questions please ask although I'm still figuring the site out! Surgery was Thursday and I went home the same day. My first day was the worst which was not what... READ MORE

34 Yrs Old 2 Kids BA gummy bear 490 cc Ready to Love Myself Again - Rockville, MD

I have had a few consultation and I have chosen to go with a Doctor Mark Richard out of Rockville MD. He was very friendly precise and just awesome. Out of all my consults his experience was the best. I am scheduled to have my BA March 16th. I have decided to go with just a BA now. I am... READ MORE

26 Years Old, 5'9" 135lbs, Round Textured Silicone Unders 350cc.

Well, I'm new to all this so go easy on me! I have found this site and the stories all of you have shared to be immensely helpful in my breast augmentation journey. I want to say thank you for that, first and foremost. Now, I suppose I can share my story. .. I've wanted bigger boobs for... READ MORE

22, no kids, 5'7, 120 lbs. 240 textured high profile rounds.

So It's been 5 years since I first thought about getting a BA, I'm 2 days away from getting it done now and I can't believe it's actually happening! :) I went to see four different surgeons until I found Dr. Araujo, who I felt really comfortable with, and after a few appointments and emails, we... READ MORE

25 Years Old-breast Fed 1-breast Augmentation to Get my Volume Back - Colorado Springs, CO

I had my breast augmentation surgery a little over 7 weeks ago and I am beyond pleased. I love getting dressed and naked now. I am so thankful Dr. Raskin was able to give my breasts a fuller look and natural appearance. I chose Dr. Raskin after a few consultations with other physicians and felt... READ MORE

22yo with 2 Kids and 2 Years of Breastfeeding. Australia, AU

Tim and Tracey are awesome! So easy to talk to, they got me in for surgery within a week of consult and it's been pretty smooth sailing from there. Almost 3 weeks post op now 560cc textured round silicone subfacial placement with a areola reduction and a full breast lift with an anchor incision... READ MORE

27Yr Old with 1 Child. BreastFed for 3months & Lost Alot ofVolume in myBreast. I Was a Size 34C&Went Down to 34B. Birmingham, GB

I had my breast surgery done with the hospital group by Dr Domenico Mileto. I had 355cc textured implants on both sides submumary which means above the muscle as my breast were sagging to redure the chances of animation and to give a more natural look as explained by the surgeon. The incision is... READ MORE

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