terrified + Breast Augmentation

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In the beginning everything seemed perfect the consultation went great everyone was very helpful, there was a clear understanding on what I was looking for and wanting to achieve and he said he could do it. I got breast implants and rhinoplasty inter and outer. He said "you are the perfect... READ MORE

33 Year Old, 1 Child, Breastfed and Never the Same, 5'2" 120lbs - Portland, ME

I've wanted breast implants my entire life. I've been a small B until after children and breastfeeding/pumping. Now I'm an A as you can see. I'm slightly overweight which I hope I can lose after surgery. I don't have a great pocket for implants, but don't particularly like the look of... READ MORE

900cc Boobs

I decided to have a breast augmentation done yesterday on 4/4/17 with a wonderful doctor in San Jose. Like many of us, after my daughter and breast feeding my boobs were no longer perky nor looking good. My breast had become flat and one slightly bigger than the other with a longer fold line in... READ MORE

37 Years Young , 5 Kids. First Time Breast Ag - La Jolla, CA

This was my first experience with plastic surgery. I was terrified to say the least. Dr Schoemann was very informative and put me right at ease. His friendly staff was supportive and made me feel safe and spoiled. I recommend Dr Schoemann to all my friends and family . I was very impressed with... READ MORE

114 lbs. 5'4" Getting between 300-350 cc's HP silicone under muscle - Cincinnati, OH

Hello everyone! So I had my first consultation last week which went really well. This guy was referred to me and I felt good after our consult. Since my consult all I can think about is being put under general anesthesia and how I will feel after the surgery. This is my first surgery ever and I... READ MORE

24, BA from A to DDish + Labiaplasty in Phuket

I am off to Phuket, Thailand, in late November 2014 for what I'm hoping will be the trip of a lifetime, in a positive way. I'm getting a breast augmentation to take me from an A to a DD. I'm also getting a labiaplasty to get rid of some embarrassing unevenness. Then there's the not as obvious... READ MORE

The natural look!! feeling great 10 months post op!! :)

I'm scheduled for a BA in less than a month.. Starting to feel pretty apprehensive about it. I'm a 34A, breastfed 4 babies, and I'd like just a little boost... To a 34B. I'm actually pretty darn terrified of going any bigger. I like have small breasts for practical (working out) reasons, but I... READ MORE

Just Booked my Surgery and I'm Super Excited/scared!

Hello everyone! So I'm new here… Found this website while doing research on my surgeon. Hearing everyone's stories inspired me to start and document my own journey to help others and receive advice if needed ( I'm still trying to figure everything out !) So about me… I'm 27 years old and I'v... READ MORE

20years Old, Torn on Making the Big Decision

Hi all! I've been looking at this site for over a year now, but I've wanted breast implants for YEARS. Years ago I had lost a good amount of weight due to the fact that I started making the gym a daily habit. To this day I'm in the gym around 5-6 days a week, which has definitely taken its toll... READ MORE

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