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31 Years Old, 2 Children, Breast Augmentation - Tunbridge Wells, GB

I have always been very small in the chest area. It has always made me very self conscious, and not liking the way i looked. After having 2 children i lost even more than i had to start with. I have been considering BA for many many years. Now having had it done, i can honestly say its been the... READ MORE

31, 1 Child, Lift and Augmentation 300cc - London, GB

I've never really loved my boobs- certainly after having a baby and then weight loss following that I hated them! The mid-end of last year I started meeting with surgeons and companies. I met with the Harley Group and Dr Mark Solomos and immediately felt happy and comfortable! He recommended the... READ MORE

40 Year Old, Breastfed Two Kids, Wants 32c - Scarborough, ON

I'm a 40 year old woman who breastfeed two kid. I've always been petite breasted but felt deflated after the kids. I consulted with Dr. Jugenberg and Dr. Kara and picked Dr Kara for his 24 recovery method. I have to say I had my BA yesterday and haven't taken any more pain medication except... READ MORE

21 Year Old - Breast Augmentation from AA - 10C - Sydney, AU

I am incredibly grateful and lucky to have came across Dr Moradi and have him do my breast augmentation. I had seen 3 other top surgeons before him .One of the reasons why I chose him in the end was because he offers excellent correspondence with his patients, enabling them to email him... READ MORE

I Wanted Before Baby Breast Back - Phoenix, AZ

So, today was the day. I was nervous, I was just starinvg. I'm all bandaged an wrapped up, with some kinda tape, an foam. So, the pain is to bad right now but, I'm SORE! The Dr an his staff was A+!!!! I remember lay on the bed, an someone put my iv in. Next thing I know I was in the car, asking... READ MORE

New Boobs in Bangkok After Babies and Weight Loss - Thailand, TH

Hello everyone During 2013 I lost just shy of 40kg, this weight loss coupled with breast feeding my two children left me with deflated saggy boobs :( so hubby and I decided to look into getting a breast augmentation. Here in Western Australia I was looking at paying around $20,000 for a lift and... READ MORE

33 Years Old, 180 Sm, 66 Kg, 2 Kids ( Breastfeeding 1 Year Each )

1 month past op. Silicon "polytech" 460 ml each (First implantation,periareolary,submuscular) I didn't have any tuberous breast! My breasts were beautiful even without an operation. The nipples were up and the form was nice. The were just a bit empty, because I lost weight after breastfeeding.... READ MORE

Best Decision of my Life So Far!!! 21 Almost 22! - Folsom, CA

I have wanted boobs since I was 16 years old, well still at 20, they were still so small. After 2 years of really thinking about it, I had my consultation with Dr. Mabourakh in July 2016. I went to the Stockton office because it is more convenient and I felt immediately comfortable from the... READ MORE

27 Year Old, 2 Kids, Flat As a Board. Draper, UT

After 2 kids and still looking like a boy, I figured it was time to get a breast augmentation like I've always wanted to do. I'm flat as a wall and was really nervous about going too big and looking "fake." Dr. Fryer's name came up a lot as I was researching plastic surgeons. I couldn't... READ MORE

Amazing Results! - Chicago, IL

I had a breast augmentation with dr. Wiener on July 15. I am so happy that I chose to go with him. His bedside manner is outstanding, I have a rare condition called pertussis excavatum (where your chest is sunken inwards). My boobs were naturally just closer together. Dr. Wiener took his time... READ MORE

22, No Kids - Draper, UT

Dr. Fryer was amazing in every aspect! I am so happy I went to him. His team was also amazing which helps a ton. I will definitely be coming back to him for future procedures. I was really nervous at first, but he was really reassuring about the whole procedure. I am only 5 days post op so far,... READ MORE

36 Year Old, Mother of 2, Love my Breasts Now! - Toronto, ON

The only time I've had any "real breasts" was when I breastfed my two kids. I just wanted them to stay the same size! However, especially after my second child, my breasts looked more like inside out pockets. But not any more! Thanks to Dr. Chiver's my breasts now are the way I always wanted... READ MORE

25 Yrs Old & Never Took a Topless Photo Until Consultation. Now I Cant Stop Smiling- Never Thought I Would Love my Boobs - ON

Breast Augmentation- I am completely speechless about this entire experience... I have never been so satisfied with any other investment- apart from my education/career path. I took a lot of time online to read reviews of many surgeons in southern Ontario because I wanted to have ONE surgery... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation - Raleigh, NC

I chose Dr. Law because of a wonderful recommendation I received from a friend who referred to Dr. Law as a "Perfectionist". This immediately caught my attention and was on board to follow through with a consultation with him. I was from out of town and had absolutely no idea what doctor to... READ MORE

Fitness Competitor's Need Boobs!! Wayne, NJ

I started training a few years ago, and I went from a 32C to a 32A, basically flat chested in my opinion. Recently, I decided I needed to boost my confidence a little more and get this breast augmentation I've been thinking about since I lost my goods! I asked all of my friends about this... READ MORE

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