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28 Yrs Old , 34b , 450cc/485cc - Las Vegas, NV

First off I would love to thank patty for recommending me dr Khorsandi! Idk where to start off by , but basically I'm 28 turning 29 and I just felt that I needed to feel more "womanly" so it's been years that I wanted a Breast agumentation i had what every woman has , one breast smaller than the... READ MORE

32 Year Old Mom of 3, Avid Runner/crossfit, Allergan 410 FX 315cc

I am writing this review at 18 DPO. I am a mom of three awesome kids and an avid runner so that means I had NO boobs. Like nothing but nipples ladies. I was a 32AA. But today I went to Victoria Secret and was measured at a 32C! So happy about that! My stats: 5'5" 115 lbs Pre Op: 32AA I got... READ MORE

I've Always Wanted Boobs - Tampa, FL

I'm really hoping to get better symmetry, big giggly(lol), smaller areole boobs. I have always wanted big boobs. I don't hate my body and at times I even like my boobs, I have wanted to do this for a long time though. I'm doing it for me and no one else and I think that's what makes it so... READ MORE

19yo 360 cc Breast Augmentation Journey - Geneva, IL

Hello! I have wanted a chest since the beginning of time yet I never really developed anything that even closely gave me symmetry. I believe my breasts are tuberous (large nipples, no upper fullness, not even bottom fullness). I've kept a humerus attitude about my chest knowing that I would have... READ MORE

29 Yr Old, 118 Lbs 5 Ft Tall. Breast Aug - Calgary, AB

I paid for consults with 2 doctors. The first doctor was recommended to me by friends but when I went to him I didn't feel confident in what he was offering. I felt I could go bigger than 260 cc. I decided to see dr whidden because i read he has been doing it a long time. My consult with dr... READ MORE

Female, 28 Y/o, Married, No Children.

5'4, 61kilograms, a small B cup with left breast droop. Left nipple 1 cm lower than the right. I began to lose skin elasticity in both breasts from weight fluctuations- due to thyroid issues in the past. I wanted symmetry and larger, fuller breasts. My motivation for BA is self confidence-... READ MORE

22 yrs old- 200L/225R Silicone Overs

I have wanted an augmentation for many years and have done extensive research. I am finally at a point in my life financially, physically, and emotionally where I feel like I am ready. I am using this site as a means to communicate with others on their BA journey and chronicle my experiences. A... READ MORE

41 Y/O, 3 Kids, 5'3 1/2, 152.6 Lbs to Be Exact. Breast Feed (1) 6 Months (2) 22 Months (3) 18 Months - Windsor, ON

To fuller and bilateral symmetry breast. I'm only in the stage 1 - Consultation's of 3 physician. 1. Dr. Snowdon - Windsor, March 1, 10:00 am 2. Dr. M. Gray - Michigan, March 3, 10:00 am 3. Dr. Judenberg - Toronto, March 14, 0930 am I'm hesitant to do here in our town due to confidentiality. I... READ MORE

19 Yrs Old, No Kids, Wanting Symmetry - Folsom, CA

The reason I wanted a BA was to gain more symmetry. My boobs were a whole cup size difference so i was either wearing an A cup which was too tight on my left or a B cup which was too loose on my right. It was beyond noticeable. I made my surgery date for Dec 23, 2014. My surgeon is Dr. Clark... READ MORE

32YO 34B 120LBS

Tomorrow is my consult and I am so excited and nervous at the same time. I went from a C to and E and back to a deflated C after my 2nd child. I am hoping to gain symmetry and fill out/in the girls. Hoping I don't need a lift too. I have heard nothing but excellent things about this PS... READ MORE

Don't Look Any Further - Beverly Hills, CA

After having had 2 babies and nursing them, my always small sized A cup breasts vanished. I decided to get breast augmentation to at least look pretty in a dress. I started to look for and researched Plastic Surgeons in Los Angeles where I live and there is simply so many, I soon got lost. Then... READ MORE

Great Experience with Dr Forman!!! Highly and Sincerely Recommend

Not only was Dr Forman thorough in his assessment, and generous with his time and advice, he was also incredibly? skilled in the procedure, leaving me with minimal scarring, perfect symmetry and He will schedule multiple before and after follow up appointment to make sure that healing is... READ MORE

Wonderful Experience

I went to Dr Honeycutt on recommendations from a few people. I am so happy I did because I love my results. Dr Honeycutt took her time to ensure perfect symmetry, size and shape for my body. She and her team worked with my tight schedule for the surgery and all the post op visits. After my... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation with Rhinoplasty and Upper Eyelid Surgery - Austin, TX

Wow I have so many amazing things to say about this whole process but first and foremost I would without a doubt recommend Dr. Weinfeld to anyone!! I live in San Antonio and was interested in a breast augmentation and a rhinoplasty. I wanted to get both procedures done together and I was... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation on Left Breast from Mastectomy and Augmentation on Right Breast for Symmetry - Charlotte, NC

I had breast cancer in 2007 and had a mastectomy left breast. I had a deip flap a few months following the surgery which is taking the fat from your lower abdomen and moving it to form a breast. I done ok for awhile but through time and gravity I needed augmentation to give me fuller breast and... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation for Symmetry - Chicago, IL

I was seeking more symmetry and a more proportional figure. The consultation process with digital imaging really helped me choose the correct size. Dr. Horn is an expert here, as well, and helped me to achieve the balance that I was looking for. He answered all of my questions and left my in the... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation to Correct a Symmetry - Brookline, MA

I decided to move forward in the process of a breast augmentation after many years of feeling self-conscious due to breast asymmetry (B on one side, small A on the other). I had originally scheduled to have my breast augmentation done in Miami since I had some friends who had the procedure done... READ MORE

A Doctor You Can Trust! - Morristown, NJ

Dr. Racanelli is truly a miracle worker. I had always been very insecure about the size and symmetry of my breasts, so I considered having a breast augmentation. After consulting with Dr. Racanelli, he proved that he was really a doctor that I could trust and I knew I was in the best possible... READ MORE

From B to DD - Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Hughes is an amazing, caring, intuitive surgeon? I'm very happy with my results (even though it's only been a few days). The symmetry is perfect, and I achieved just the size I wanted. Additionally, the anesthesiologist at this facility is phenomenal! I plan to return for my thigh lipo next? READ MORE

42 Years Old, Capsule Contraction and Symmetry Issue , First Surgery with Another Surgeon Done 10 Mon Ago. - Boca Raton, FL

If someone tells you that symmetry issue cannot be resolved, that is not true. Dr. Dardano saw me in his office for the first time with a bad capsule contracture and symmetry issue. I have always had symmetry issue even before my first surgery with another surgeon. Now, 5 days after my... READ MORE

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