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Roller Coaster of Emotions - Louisville, KY

Dr. Salzman did a get job of addressing my concerns and handled my roller coaster of emotions very well. I have congenital symmastia and was concerned about the surgery exacerbating this and Dr. Salzman saw me the day before my surgery to put my concerns at ease. I had my surgery the day before... READ MORE

47 Year Old with Symmastia Due to Pectus Excavatum Surgery 20 Years Ago - La Mesa, CA

I lived with my condition for so long because I had completely lost trust. Everywhere I turned no one could or was even interested in trying to help me. I came across Dr. Pousti on the internet and was very impressed with his work with symmastia repair. Through the encouragement of my... READ MORE


About 8 years ago, a top, well known plastic surgeon in my hometown turned me down for surgery because he really didn't know how to fix my condition-congenital symmastia. So, I went to Beverly Hills to have another doctor help me. He performed a surgery on my breasts, but the result was not... READ MORE


So I had been wanting boobs for a really long time and thought long and hard before I finally made the plunge. I'm a bit bottom heavy and didn't have much up top so I was hoping to be more proportionate to the rest of my body. First I do know that its a lot of money but care credit made it... READ MORE

23 Year Old Female with No Kids. Miami, FL

I want to advise women not to choose this doctor. Four months after my breast augmentation, I developed synmastia due to Freiman overdisecting the muscle medially which caused me to have a uniboob. When I called the office about my concerns and pictures, they informed me that it was just... READ MORE

1 Month After Breast Augmentation. Brazil, BR

Hey I'm 6ft tall 180lbs and got my boobs done in Brazil exactly 1 month ago I putted 500cc e each one of my boobs and I was wondering if I have any signs is symmastia I feel like my boobs are too close to each other and also Dont have that much cleavage which I think it weird and also I feel... READ MORE

The Worst Experience. Dallas, TX

It's been two years since I got my breast augmentation done, and Dr.Liland was not a good choice. I have tuberous breast, with one breast larger than the other. He over corrected my problem and my nipples are way too high, to the point I have no cleavage and they come out of every shirt I wear.... READ MORE

Ten Years Later and Still in Pain - Newport Beach, CA

I wanted nice breasts. The pockets were not correct.  The bottom left breast was too low and hurt non stop.  And the breast were too close to each other.  Now I have a condition called symmastia. He went back and tried to fix the pocket 6 months later.  But about a year... READ MORE

Congenital Symmastia - New York

I was born with congenital symmastia. At around age 14, my mom started taking me to doctors all around the country. Each doctor turned me away because no one had heard of it before and no doctor wanted to operate on something so unknown. I was devastated. My middle school, high school, and... READ MORE

22yr old w/ Congenital Symmastia

Hey there! I have never had breast implants and I was born with congenital Symmastia. I am looking into getting the Internal Bra procedure to correct my symmastia and want to increase my natural 32B cup size to a larger size. Has anyone had success with the Internal Bra procedure for congenital... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Lead to Complications. California, CA

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share my breast augmentation experience. When I was young and in college, I decided to undergo a breast augmentation. I didn't have a lot of money then and was really self conscious about my breasts. I had low self esteem. So I decided to get a breast augmentation... READ MORE

Botched Breast Surgeries by Dr. James Anthony - San Francisco, CA

When I met Dr. James P. Anthony who advertises as being voted the Top in the Nation, I felt that I was finally in good hands of a trustworthy doctor. I told him my story of a previous breast augmentation that left me with symmastia. I pleaded that if there is no hope of fixing my symmastia, I... READ MORE

Doctor Gave Me Painful Symmastia - Los Angeles, CA

I was excited to finally get boobs. And when I met Dr. Stewart Wang, I decided I'd found the perfect doctor as he was so personable and appeared so confident & knowledgeable. I couldn't have been more wrong. He gave me painful symmastia and ill-positioned implants:( While Dr. Wang may be... READ MORE

Life Changing Experience - San Diego, CA

I had a life changing experiance with Dr. P and his staff. They did such a great with me. I'm not even all the way through with my recovery and I already feel more confident and honestly like a new woman. I had natural symastia and after having my son it just seemed to worsen also my... READ MORE

A+ Breast Aug Doc! - Fort Lauderdale, FL

My breasts were too close together and sat very low so that the nipples pointed up high. The internal bra was uncomfortable with a burning sensation. But i went back to work on day 5, so it wasn't terrible pain. I recommend Dr. R to everyone. He is fantatastic. READ MORE

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