swelling + Breast Augmentation

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Review on Silicone Implants-what I Learned. Trumbull, CT

There are many misconceptions about implants. Things people tell you, esp those who have never had the procedure. Everyone has an opinion. The first and biggest misconception I believe is the size issue. I went under the muscle with silicone. Im 5'3, 145 lbs. i work out, so naturally, my boobs... READ MORE

28 Years Old No Children 520 Cc's

I always wanted to increase my breast size from a young age but I waited to make sure this is exactly what I wanted. My breast are still healing but the look amazing already. I started off as a 34b I am not sure what my size is now because I am still waiting for the swelling to decrease. I would... READ MORE

5'0 128lbs 450cc HP Silcone

Dr. Pugash in Vancouver, BC Absolutely amazing! During my consult Dr. P was extremely thorough I think I only asked one question and the rest he answered though consult. I left feeling super confident and extremely excited! Went in for my pre-op last Monday. My goal size was a full C to... READ MORE

325 cc mod plus mentor, should I have gone bigger?

Hi everyone. I'm five days post op now! And although I love what I see when i take my shirt off I'm a little nervous that they may not be big enough. I was barely a 32 a prior to surgery. I'm 25 years old 110 pounds and got 325 cc under muscle moderate plus and would love to be a mid to full c... READ MORE

40yr old, 5'10", 150lb, 1 child

Since I was 12 yrs old I wanted big boobs. All the women in my family were well off, so naturally I thought I would be too. Unfortunately the years went by and I was still waiting! Lol. I always wore heavily padded push up bras, I even remember stuffing my bra with tissue's in middle school just... READ MORE

30 Years Old 2 Children. Great Britain, GB

Am really unhappy with size assured 400cc would get me a D cup but feel really small considering I still have swelling to go down ???? not sure if they will re operate as I was told that I couldn't go any bigger but I still have plenty of skin. Really nice hospital in dolan park and the staff... READ MORE

Breast augmentation a pleasant experience

Damon is an amazing surgeon and I have been so happy with how my breasts now look!I'm post op 4 days, He gave me exactly what I was wanting, and next to no swelling or pain. I would've liked him to be a bit more involved as I have only really had contact with nurses post op, but fully... READ MORE

Best choice I have made!

Dr. Barrett is a miracle worker! I have been self conscious about my breasts since I was approximately 16. I have a conditional called Pectus Excavatum, a condition in which the breastbone sinks into the chest. I was a size A cup and would always have a hard time finding bras and clothes that... READ MORE

I have the best doctor in all of Canada - Toronto, ON

Starting off with naturally large breasts was a huge deliberation for me on how big I wanted to enhance my boobs. I started off as a 32DD but never felt as if I was actually that big (being that I wore double push up bras to give me the illusion of bigger boobs. When I first went in for my... READ MORE

21 Years Old, No Kids with 275cc Unders

Im 5'4 and 58kg and have always wanted a breast augmentation as I stared of a small a cup, but didn't want to go too big and kinda keep a natural look so got 275cc hoping to be a c cup. I am two weeks post op now and finally got my mobility back (after a week of walking around hunched over) and... READ MORE

10 days Post Op. I couldn't be happier!!!!

Where to begin... After months of months of searching, consultations, deposits, giving up and trying again. I finally decided on the talented Dr. Hazani. I originally set my sights on the low prices (and high risk of Miami) but after reading so many reports of deaths or mistreatment, I decided... READ MORE

Incredible physician - Clifton, NJ

As soon as I met Dr. Berlet I felt 100% comfortable. He is very respectful and soft spoken. He examined me and then I changed and we talked in his office. Very casual and comfortable environment. I booked my procedure and had some concerns with filling lost volume after breastfeeding two babies.... READ MORE


In the beginning everything seemed perfect the consultation went great everyone was very helpful, there was a clear understanding on what I was looking for and wanting to achieve and he said he could do it. I got breast implants and rhinoplasty inter and outer. He said "you are the perfect... READ MORE

Best Breast Decision - Turkey, TR

It has now been 7 weeks since my surgery and all swelling and pain have gone. My breast are starting to form a more natural shape. The scarring is very small and is still fading. It took just over 3 weeks before I was able to lay on my front again. I have just started to wear underwire bras and... READ MORE

HIGHLY recommend

I am 22 yo 122lbs 5'10" and I had an under the muscle breast augmentation with 330 cc smooth moderate silicone. All of the staff was wonderful, I've gotten exactly what I wanted and the recovery has been unbelievably quick. The picture attached is how they look after 6 days with fresh bandaids... READ MORE

28 Y/o Breast Aug 32B 400cc's Silicone Mod Plus

I very recently (last Thursday) had breast augmentation done with Dr.Truong and I am not even a full week post op and I LOVE my result. I don't normally write reviews, but I really want people to know how AMAZING Dr.Truong and his entire staff are. I had my initial consultation with Katie and... READ MORE

46 Year Old - 3 Breastfeeded Kids -always Had Small Boobs

This is really new to me. I have had always small boobs A, but I also have been thin and lean. My youngest child is 9 years old and I have been dreaming BA since stopped brestfeeding him. I don't know is this some kind of age issue or what, but beginning of Dec I decided to go forward, one life... READ MORE

5'2 34yr old, 32 small C 120Lbs Two kids

Had my Breast Augmentation 3/29/2017 Was very nervous but excited, my PS is Dr. Wallace At Fleming Island Plastic Surgery, my left boobie was much bigger then my right (to me) so Dr. Wallace went with 450cc (L) 500cc (R) today is actually my Post Op 2nd Day, so far if i keep up with the pain... READ MORE

33yrs 5'4" 130lb mother of 4

Lt 495cc Rt 465cc. One week post-op very swelling and tender. Not feeling to bad but keeping in top of my meds. The implants are very high n tight. I am very skeptical about the end results. This is my one and only shot to improve my chest. I know nothing of pockets, dropping or fluffing. Any... READ MORE

27yrs 106lbs 5ft with 415-450 Silicone High Profile

Never had boobies to begin with so this was a procedure I've always wanted since I had my first child 11 years ago but I was way under the legal age to even get them done lol. I am beyond happy with my new breasts. I feel so confident and sexy when I look at myself now. I'm not sure my size now... READ MORE

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