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Tomorrow's the Big Day!

Hi everyone! As you can see, tomorrow is the much-anticipated day for my breast augmentation *cue confetti* I will be using this as sort of a journal to track my recovery journey as well as share my updates with the community. First for some of my stats: Height: 5'3 Weight: 110lbs Age: 22 Pre... READ MORE

31, 5'5" 115 Lbs, 339cc moderate round silicone Subfascial, hoping for natural look - Boston, MA

I am really just in the beginning stages of this whole thing. Like a lot of people on here, I am very small chested, have always wanted boobs but its just not going to happen naturally. I could wait to see if they grow when I have kids, but I feel like they will just be deflated if I breastfeed,... READ MORE

22, no kids, 5'7, 120 lbs. 240 textured high profile rounds.

So It's been 5 years since I first thought about getting a BA, I'm 2 days away from getting it done now and I can't believe it's actually happening! :) I went to see four different surgeons until I found Dr. Araujo, who I felt really comfortable with, and after a few appointments and emails, we... READ MORE

22yo with 2 Kids and 2 Years of Breastfeeding. Australia, AU

Tim and Tracey are awesome! So easy to talk to, they got me in for surgery within a week of consult and it's been pretty smooth sailing from there. Almost 3 weeks post op now 560cc textured round silicone subfacial placement with a areola reduction and a full breast lift with an anchor incision... READ MORE

Sub-fascial Implants in 33 Yr Old Sagging Breast..Ardmore, OK

So I am doing this for all the girls out there who have sagging breast and don't want a lift plus to give my opinions on the sub-fascial procedure. I was told on here by like 20 ps I had to have a lift in order to get good results and I would hate it and I had sever ptosis and on and on till I... READ MORE

32 Years Old, Always Been Small Chested & Two Years of Breastfeeding Later Not Much Left in the Chest Area. London, GB

Eagerly anticipating my surgery - less than two months to wait now. At the moment I'm looking at approximately 300cc sub fascial medium to low profile silicon implants - but will have a better idea after my pre op consultation on the 27th of June. I'm absolutely into my fitness and don't want my... READ MORE

Subfascial Breast Augmentation - 32yrs, Small Breasts Always, Natural & Proportion Wanted. Berwick, AU

I've wanted this ever since I can remember but I said I would wait until I have had my babies - This time has come! I had always thought my implants would be behind the muscle but my surgeon has recommend that due to my interest in fitness and skin fold I could achieve the same look above... READ MORE

Natural Looking Breast Augmentation - Very Pleased - Scottsdale, AZ

My biggest two concerns when getting an augmentation were that I would lose feeling in my nipples or that my breasts wouldn't look natural. Dr. Repta was able to ease my worries for both concerns and back it up too! My breasts already look fantastic and its only been one month since my surgery... READ MORE

5ft tall, 24 years old, 92lb, 220cc Subfascial Implants, AA Cup To C cup - Mexico

I'm 24 years and was always frustrated about my flat chest. I recently had BA and I am still waiting for the final result. I am 4' 9 (1.50cm) and weight is 92lb. The doctor was going to place originally between 255-280cc but told me that there wasn't enough space in my chest for bigger implants... READ MORE

23 Years Old.. Now with Breasts to Match!

I checked in for my procedure at the hospital at 8am and my procedure was scheduled for 10am. In the waiting room I saw my surgeon and gave him a quick hug and we chatted briefly. Once checked in, the nurse gave me my gown and socks to change into and asked standard questions. After a little... READ MORE

25 years old 5'10 athletic no kids 500hp subfascial

I'm 5'10 150lb fitness fanatic. I had 34B and wanted my body to look more proportional. After trying different sizers on I ended up getting 500HP silicone implants placed under fascia. I had my surgery on Friday march 3rd 2017.Updated on 6 Mar 2017: Day 4 It's crazy but since Ive got home after... READ MORE

Great Doctor, Great Results - 3 Weeks Post Op Review

I chose Dr. Maercks because of his innovative technique, friendly and knowledgeable staff, experience with the skin and body types of women of color, his medical training, and his passion for the work he does. I am naturally bottom heavy (thin waist with thick thighs and ass) with a more... READ MORE

21, Ireland, Breast Augmentation! 5'10 , 160lbs Athletic Body Type.

Hello! I plan on documenting the next few days/weeks post surgery to help anyone else who may be similar to me! I went for my consult with the Avoca clinic. I would say if you want large boobs maybe don't go to them, the surgeon is conservative. He wouldn't let me go larger than 450cc, which i... READ MORE

Finaly Had BA After Many Years of Searchig for a Doctor ! Dubai, AE

I'm 36 years old,mother of one,5'6 tall . My journey was pretty long to my BA ,first I was not sure about the doctors,second my weight which is not going down since 4-5 years doesn't matter what I do gym ,yoga,Pilates ,diets,etc. In the past few years I've seen 5 doctors,every time I'll come... READ MORE


Finally I did it! I have been talking about it for years and finally able to save up enough cash to get them done. My surgery went really well. I opted for 200 cc as I wanted mine to look larger but natural and the PS recommended it so it fits my petite frame. I went for local anesthesia. I... READ MORE

From the UK to the U.S for Surgery with Dr Maercks - Miami, FL

Dr Maercks – a truly talented and dedicated surgeon whom has as through and proficient team. I am from the UK and had been thinking about breast surgery for a few years. In 2011, for personal reasons, I decided I wanted to become extremely healthy and peak my fitness levels in the gym and on t... READ MORE

Dr. Maercks is Exactly What I Have Been Looking For!!! - Miami, FL

Very simply put Dr. Maercks is amazing! I had been reading about his cold sub-fascial breast augmentation procedure for quite some time, as it is exactly what I have been looking for. I have postponed a much needed breast augmentation for 10 years running because I refuse to accept the... READ MORE

Got 300 Ccs and Really Wish I Had Gotten 320 Ccs :( - Seattle, WA

I am almost 2 weeks post op and have been pretty bummed the last few days. I really wish I had gotten a bigger size and thought I would be so happy. I find myself trying to convince myself its not that much of a difference but I feel that it would have given me more "fullness" and "fluff". I've... READ MORE

Incredible Results - Miami Beach, FL

After two kids I wanted to look and feel better about myself. As far as the procedure it was just as Dr. Maercks said, almost pain free since no incision where made to my breast. I had minor discomfort under my arm pits as expected and recovery was fast.  I was able to go back to work... READ MORE

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