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Starting my BA Journey :)

Since I'm on here for at least a few hours everyday reading everyone's reviews (thanks to the makers of RS and everyone on here, this source has been so valuable to me in my research and decision process!!), I thought I may as well make my very first post to mark the beginning of my BA journey.... READ MORE

21 Years Old, 5'5" 140 Lbs, Breast Augmentation

After a couple years of research and consideration, I've finally decided to take the next step towards a breast augmentation. I had high hopes that my breasts would develop sometime in my early 20s, but I've been perpetually stuck at a 34A/34AA since puberty. I never expected it to have such a... READ MORE

27 Athletic Student - Illinois City, IL

Wow wow. Wow the office has to call me to ask how I'm doing dr ganglis is. A perfectionist he knew exactly what I wanted and better the scars fhe healing are not even showing he is the angel of all doctors I can't wait to go bigger his a true artist and know s his craft well look how perfect... READ MORE

28 YO, 163CM(5’4), 51kg(113lbs), Cohesive Gel, 275cc, Teardrop Implant, Inframammary Incision – Grand Plastic Surgery - Korea KR

I am a Taiwanese girl studying abroad in Seattle. I am quite outgoing but regardless, I have been quite shy about my boobs and always wanted more volume but still natural look. I thought if I had more volume it would match my confident and outgoing personality. So I did a lot of research and... READ MORE

21, No Kids, 5'4 120lbs. Want Big, Squishy Boobies! - Bakersfield, CA

Hi everyone. I'm planning on a BA before the end of the year, hopefully in the summer/fall. I am currently 20 but turning 21 soon. I'm 5'4ft and weigh 115-120lbs. My cup size right now is somewhere between an A and a small B. My biggest concern as of now is my lack of breast tissue. I want to go... READ MORE

29 Years Old, No Kids, Small A + 300ccs. San Francisco, CA

I've thought of having a breast augmentation since I was a teenager, because it became clear by the time I was 15-16 years old that I was destined to remain flat-chested. In my 20s, though, I became pretty comfortable with my small breasts and having a breast augmentation went to the bottom of... READ MORE

21 yr old, no kids, 405cc HP smooth silicone gel, unders

I'm less than a month away from my consultations... march 9th and 10th!! I feel like I have been waiting for this forever! I have always wanted to get a BA, but knew I didn't want to rush into getting Saline due to them not feeling as natural and the likelihood of them rippling being higher than... READ MORE

25 Year Old Seeking Bigger Boobies - Brookline, MA

Hello there! I am a 25 year old graduate student who has been wanting to get a breast augmentation since high school. I've gone back and forth on this decision, never really making any concrete plans. I sometimes struggle with the concept of elective surgery, as both of my parents have had... READ MORE

21 Years Old One Daughter - Entabeni, Durban, South Africa

Hi there,I'm a 21 year old student and I'm going in for a breast augmentation tomorrow with Dr Leon Dumas.Im really excited not scared at the least and I'm hoping to get beautiful results.I basically wanna be a small "D" *laughs*.Having a baby sucked all the life out of me.hoping to get it... READ MORE

25 Year Old Student

I'm so happy to finally feel much more like a women! Dr. Nichter did a great job, the surgery went well and the results are awesome. His staff was always very friendly and helpful. I only had to take Tylenol for 4 days and no more pain medication after that. It's been 3.5 weeks since the surgery... READ MORE

Perfect Results

I wanted to get a BA done for my own personal wellbeing and confidence in and outside the bedroom. This decision was one I made on my own and I couldn't be more happy with the outcome. I am in college and I understand most people do this a little later in their life and it was just something I... READ MORE

4 Weeks Post Breast Augmentation - Toronto, ON

I have waited since I was 18 years old to get my breasts done, I wasn't sure if I was ready or if I was young and naive. Now I'm 23, 4 weeks post breast aug and I feel like I just won the lottery. My boobs are FANTASTIC! If you're a busy working student like me, you get how much time we spend... READ MORE

21 Years Old, Underdeveloped Uni Student on a Gap Year. Sydney, AU

From a young age I noticed I wasn't developing which worsened when I struggled with an eating disorder. I never fit a bra size and lived in sports crop tops with padding. I owned push up bras with the most possible amount of padding just to create the illusion of having small breasts. I felt... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Lead to Complications. California, CA

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share my breast augmentation experience. When I was young and in college, I decided to undergo a breast augmentation. I didn't have a lot of money then and was really self conscious about my breasts. I had low self esteem. So I decided to get a breast augmentation... READ MORE

22 Years Old, College Student, Breast Augmentation - Philadelphia, PA

My motivation for this surgery has been brewing for a while now. I knew this surgery would be life changing in all the best possible ways for me and it has boosted my confidence tremendously. This surgery was really just for me on a personal level, I knew getting this surgery would make me feel... READ MORE

20 Years Old | Bikini Competitor and Athlete | Breast Augmentation. Omaha, NE

I am a 20 year old college student. After reading several reviews about Dr. Edney, my mother and I drove from Des Moines, Iowa, to meet with him. I met with Dr. John Edney in August 2015 about a Breast Augmentation surgery. The staff I met with that day were incredible! During the appointment we... READ MORE

Researching Before I Chose my Surgeon. Miami, FL

I am 21 year old college student who is very keen on enhancing the size of my breasts. But I also know that all these procedures can go really awry and result can be really disappointing so I decided to do my own research before I chose my cosmetic surgery facility and surgeon. After consulting... READ MORE

20 Years Old, College Student - The Woodlands, TX

I've always wanted to have larger breast, before the procedure I wasn't even a full b cup it was awful I always felt so self conscious about it but now I have breast that I am proud of. Before I never enjoyed wearing woman's shirts because I didn't have anything to fill them out and I felt like... READ MORE

18 Year Old Student - Chadds Ford, PA

I absolutely, positively have nothing but wonderful things to say about this man. He helped my daughter overcome her insecurities because of a chest deformity and now she is confident and looks amazing with her new boobs thanks to Dr. Saunders. He listened to her/us and we were very pleased... READ MORE

My Best Choice! Dominican Republic, DO

If you are willing to find someone professional and trust worthy you are on the right track. Right now I am a med student, for which I can asure you he took the proper time, removed my clothe in the proper way and respect my opinion every step of the way. At first I was scared, and he took the... READ MORE

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