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I Was 45 Years Old and Really Wanted my Breasts Improved - Fort Lauderdale, FL

I chose to go to this place and this doctor for breast augmentation and lift I had to have 3 different surgeries and the first two times I did not get my lift and I was left with some scarring the third time I have horrible horrible scarring painful around my areolas I can't wear anything low... READ MORE

total joke

Had a breast enlargement I was over the moon. Then my stitches came undone... I was in hospital in and out for 3 months.. no work, lost everything and alls hospital revitalise turkey was saying was give up smoking... but saying it as I was a 2 yr old .. after 3 months when everything hit rock... READ MORE

Never had young perky breasts, so it's now time at age 47

My recovery is a combination of the minor pain and discomfort, to shock of the size of my new breasts. Honestly, I can't stop looking at them and trying to wrap my head around whats going on in my chest area. I was warned about the swelling, but wow! It truly makes me giggle wondering how... READ MORE

In need of proffesional opinion for Breast Augmentation- Q?

I went for a Breast Augmentation December 19, 2016 and its been about a month. I am still healing and have my stiches and DermaBond glue in tact. I called my Surgeon in regards to the stiches (being its been a month and I still have them) and my right breast is obviously smaller then my left. I... READ MORE

40's Mom with 255cc BA That Backfired. 7 Weeks Post Op, Seeking Opinions for Revision - San Francisco, CA

I'm here to share the story of my botched BA, hoping to share my lesson learned and get some professional opinions on where to go from here. I got my BA in mid April. I’d never really considered plastic surgery and while unhappy with my lack of breasts throughout my teens and twenties, I f... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation: 33 Years Old - Excellent! - Tijuana, Mexico

I independly researched for a Board Certified surgeon in Tijuana, Mexico and was fortunate to find Dr. Fuentes. I immediatly scheduled a consultation which was free of cost and had the pleasure to meet, be evaluated, and obtain a truth recommendation. He clearly explained the maximum size that... READ MORE

28 YO, 163CM(5’4), 51kg(113lbs), Cohesive Gel, 275cc, Teardrop Implant, Inframammary Incision – Grand Plastic Surgery - Korea KR

I am a Taiwanese girl studying abroad in Seattle. I am quite outgoing but regardless, I have been quite shy about my boobs and always wanted more volume but still natural look. I thought if I had more volume it would match my confident and outgoing personality. So I did a lot of research and... READ MORE

30 Years Old, 2 Kids, 34b Wanting a Size D. - Reno, NV

I've been wanting a boob job since I was 16, I'm glad I finally went thru with it. I breast fed both my kids for 9 months each, So they were sad looking. I had my consultation and right away I was convinced that I was going to go through with it after that. Surgery was an hour long, I got it... READ MORE

38 Years Old Breast Augmentation Above the Muscle - Boston, MA

I had looked into this surgery for years off and on and finally decided to go for a consultation after reviewing Dr. Seckel. I can't even begin to explain how great this Dr. is, I had my surgery on a Thursday and less than 48hrs later I was off pain meds and felt like I could go back to work.... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation with Dr Barrett - NOV 2015 - Beverly Hills, CA

Review on Dr Daniel Barrett Plastic Surgery - Breast Augmentation Surgery, Nov 17, 1015. Hi All, I will try to keep this review short and sweet. After doing much research into different surgery center options, I settled on Dr Barrett Plastic Surgery. I chose Dr Barrett as he specializes in... READ MORE

22 Year Old No Kids Just Wanted Bigger Breast. Layton, UT

I've always had small breast before surgery I was size B I could fit in some size A bras. I live in Idaho but most ppl I spoke to about breast augmentation would mention that everyone from Idaho usually goes to Utah bc it was cheaper and the surgeons were great. Even though I knew the prices... READ MORE

Terrible Scarring Be Careful - Mississauga, ON

Um... you can see my clear issue. The scars are worse in real life. Super raised so you can definitely feel them and they are dark. When I went back post 4 months they were "certain" it will diminish increasingly like but after doing everything they said for over 2 years I'm sure this is as best... READ MORE

Fixing Up Breast After Having a Child - Coral Gables, FL

I have to say, I had the best experience with Jason Altman. I would refer anybody to him for a breast aug. I've also had three friends of mine use him and all of which breasts have very minimal scarring and look completely natural. I had one breast larger than the other and was worried about... READ MORE

22 Years Old, Wanted to Feel More Confident, Ended Up Feeling Worse - Atlanta, GA

My breast surgery has ruined my life. I saved up money for years and was so excited to finally have breasts. I was always so self conscious of my breasts and all I wanted was to be more confident. I was told by my surgeon that I needed a breast augmentation and an areola lift. He performed the... READ MORE

Feeling Like I Don't Have Anyone to Talk to. San Mateo, CA

I'm 25--had small boobs all my life and decided to go for it. Went into surgery 5' 3'', 110 lbs and added 335 CCs. Had done a lot of research and decided going under the breast was the best decision for me. Now 9 days into recovery, and I have been having a really difficult time. Seems like my... READ MORE

So Sorry That I Picked This Dr Dolezal!! Gurnee, IL

I had breast lift with silicone implants that are both burst inside of me now. My stitches busted open and healed that way and all he did was prescribe an ointment. My scars are HIDEOUS and now I cannot afford to get them fixed! It is very depressing, and has affected my marriage in a negative... READ MORE

25, 2 Kids, 5'3, 128lbs. Chula Vista, CA

I had two kids and about a year after my second i decided to get implants to fill loose skin i had. I had wanted implants since i was 18 i was a small chested girl very active but also disproportionate. The consult went great and the staff was very friendly. Dr. Nojan Talebzadeh always seemed a... READ MORE

30 Years Old, Mother of 2, 5'2 and 135lbs. Kentucky, KY

This was the best gift a gal could get!! Day 2, I was wondering if I should have gone larger but after a week, I'm more confident of my decision. As you can see in my before photo, my bust lost its symmetry after breast feeding my second child. I went 350/375cc. I have a week 2 follow up to... READ MORE

28 Years Old 1 Child - Birmingham, AL

I am so happy with my surgery I was a small b cup now a full C-D. The worse part would be the swelling after and only being able to sleep on my back. For the swelling I used ice and it helped right away. I took the pain meds the first three days and that's all. Post op day 1 I slept the entire... READ MORE

Breast Implants - London, GB

The breast implants was always a dream: I have always thought about been able to complete/ fill out a bra. I always felt uncomfortable when I was going to the beach, buying clothes... I waited too long to find the correct doctor, but now I am sharing my experience and I hope I can help some... READ MORE

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