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19 Year Old Female with Slightly Uneven Breast. - Miami, FL

I've always wanted to get my boobs done ever since I began developing. By the time I was 17 I began to search for surgons, at 18 did consultations with three surgeons. after I found Dr. Salzhauer I stopped my search. At age 19 I called Bal Harbour plastic surgery to book my appointment and they... READ MORE

60 Years Old, Boob Job

Having carried out all my research on sites such as RealSelf prior to making my own decisions about breast surgery, I thought it only fair to share my experience with everyone, in the hope that it helps others make informed choices. I am sixty years old and have always been slender and have had... READ MORE

30 Years Old, from Bra Size 30A to 30E and LOVING IT!

Having been flat chested my whole life, I dreamed about a set of good-sized perky twins for a loooong time. After considering all pros and cons, I've decided to go ahead and see Mr Awf Quaba, who was very professional and friendly. We've discussed all the details of the procedure and possible... READ MORE

24, Mother of 1, 110lbs 5'6 - Miami, FL

Breast Augmentation is something that I've always wanted to pursue! I've always been very slim and never really had boobs until I was pregnant with my daughter. After I had her they really shrunk and I am TIRED of having to wear push up bras with everything to create cleavage! I honestly hate... READ MORE

51 Year Old Breast Augmantation - Thailand, TH

I was very flat chested and my breast were heading south at a fast rate. I decided to have my BA to boost my confidence in myself. It took a lot of research before i made my decision and yes im pleased that i did. The pain is bearable if you stick to what your Dr tells you to do, and relax when... READ MORE

28 YO, 163CM(5’4), 51kg(113lbs), Cohesive Gel, 275cc, Teardrop Implant, Inframammary Incision – Grand Plastic Surgery - Korea KR

I am a Taiwanese girl studying abroad in Seattle. I am quite outgoing but regardless, I have been quite shy about my boobs and always wanted more volume but still natural look. I thought if I had more volume it would match my confident and outgoing personality. So I did a lot of research and... READ MORE

21 Years Old, Very Athletic, College Student! - Metairie, LA

Dr. Jules Walters was amazing from the very first consultation all the way down to the check ups. Being 21 and huge into fitness it was very hard for me to keep any fat in my breast, leaving me flat chested and making me very self conscious wearing a bathing suit or a sports bra or anything that... READ MORE

45 Years Old. 3 Kids. Have Wanted a Breast Augmentation for 20 Years! - Mesa, AZ

I was always a small A cup and although I'm athletic and work hard on having a fit, healthy body, that was one area I was never happy with and couldn't change. My husband always told me I was beautiful and didn't need it, and as awesome as that is, it was how I felt about ME. He finally agreed.... READ MORE

21 Years Old. No Children. 550 cc - Greer, SC

I started as a 32-34 small C cup. I'm currently a 34DDD. I am not at my 3 mos mark yet but am very happy with my results so far. At this point they have dropped and fluffed and are very natural looking and feel very natural and soft as well! Some days I feel much larger than others. I still... READ MORE

Saline Implants. Ontario, CA

This is a review on a surgery I had 5 years ago with Dr. Laming Li, I had to get saline implants because I was only 20 at the time, however I am very happy with them, I was a 32 b before, I am a 34 d in victoria secret now, I got 500cc high profile implants. I know saline implants have the... READ MORE

23 Years Old, No Kids- 450cc Saline. 2 Weeks Post Op, So Happy I Did This! - Nashville, TN

I have always thought I had small breasts. I was a 34B, my boobs weren't tiny, yet I wanted more so I could fill out swimsuits better, etc without push-ups or padding. I went with 450cc round saline. I am so happy with my result just 2 weeks in! The first few days were rough due to the pain meds... READ MORE

300cc mod + - Miami, FL

I had a breast augmentation. I wanted a very natural look to match my frame (not big but not small) he new exactly what size would match my figure. When I went in for my consultation he explained the whole process in detail. He explained that completely under the muscle would be best for me... READ MORE

I never thought I could get an amazing boob job - Amazing Breast Augmentation - Beverly Hills, CA

I have wanted breast implants for years, but after waitressing in a strip club and seeing so many fake boob catastrophies, I kept backing out. If I was gonna do it, I wanted to go large. Seen too many women go for the "natural" look, only to go back and spend more money to go bigger. I never... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation (. )(. ) - Australia

My journey into plastic surgery began back in Aug 2012. I strongly began considering plastic surgery after my natural D, DD cup breasts shrunk without reason to an average C cup. My self confidence and my breasts were left feeling deflated. My best friend herself had an augmentation through... READ MORE

After Surgery - Louisville, KY

Liked my breast before just wanted them bigger. They are bigger, but I went with moderate profile plus not used to them being so wide. I also don't like that I have to wear a push-up bra to have alot of cleavage. My expectations of this was I wouldn't have to, but I've been told by others with... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Good Results - Naperville, IL

I'm happy with the breast implants I had done by Dr M in March. They look great. I initially wanted a lessor amount of CCs to get to a full c. I changed my mind and decided on d cup. I did alot of research from tons of women who had breast augmentation, spent countless hours googling and I... READ MORE

Finally! Have Wanted Bigger Boobs All My Life - Mississauga, ON

I have wanted to have bigger boobs all my life, from the time my father asked my mother why she was buying me a bra, there was nothing there but peanuts, thanks dad! Then came the boys in high school " ashes to ashes, dust to dust, there's a sweater without a bust!". I have debated about putting... READ MORE

A couple days from 5 weeks post op! :) loving my girls!

Okay, I've always wanted to have breast to feel like a woman and when I finally knew I stopped filling in any more bras I knew I wasn't a lucky one. So I wear a 34 B but more than likely im just a A cup. I was a B before I had my two kids. Then they seemed to disappear. So I went in for a... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation - They Seem Too Small?

I am really happy with my breast augmentation, except the size. I am a week and a half post operation and I had 450 CCs, saline, put under the muscle. They have started to drop. The left one feels a lot softer then the right one (I think the right one still has more swelling, it had 5 CCs more)... READ MORE

37 yr old mother of two who does crossfit

Still a little swelling up top. Scars are healing nice. No issues. Breasts are softening up. No issues overall. I am able to do cross fit again and fully back to working out. Love the confidence now. Very happy I did this! READ MORE

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