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31 Years Old, 1 Child, 163cm, 52 Kg 325cc - Mississauga, ON

Hi guys, here is my review for breast augmentation surgery that I had last night. Before surgery my breas cup size was 34B. I got gummy bear round, smooth implants, 325 cc high profile, over the muscle, under breast incisions. First of all, I was considering surgery for a long time and... READ MORE

33 Year Old Got 450cc Moderate Plus

I had loved my boobs prior to kids but 2 pregnancies and lots of exercise had taken their toll on my boobs. They went from a dd nursing to barely an a cup after my 2nd child. So they hung and we're way stretched out. Exercising just made it worse as they became just skin hanging!!! I decided to... READ MORE

26Y 160# 5'5 Breast Implant with Arm Lipo

I'm looking to get large implants to help my mildly saggy breasts. I'm not so sure on size but I'm very curvey with large butt, so I want my upper body to match. I have uneven sized breast but not too noticeable. I love the round and almost fake breast look but looking for very squishy feeling... READ MORE

29, 3 Kids, Athletic, 5'8, 155lbs

I have had an amazing experience. I started off as a 34 A, and am likely going to be a 34 C/D when i'm done healing. Everything has gone very smoothly, and I absolutely love my new breasts. They are even better than the "wish" photos I had shown my surgeon. I'm so glad I decided to have a breast... READ MORE

40 year old mom of 2, fitness instructor, mildly tuberous, looking for great shapes breasts that I can be proud of!

I had 2 friends recently use Dr Flint and love her. Their results were natural and recovery smooth. Dr. Flint and her staff were amazing at my consultation. This is my 4th PS that I have seen to discuss my wants and desires and this is the first time I have left an appointment feeling excited... READ MORE

23 Yr Old. 575 or 600cc - Honolulu, HI

Aloha, I'm 23 yrs old. Height of 5'1. Weight about 125. I have one child. My surgery set date is next month on the 27 of July 2016. I honestly feel more nervous than excited! My goal is to go big but make sure it matches my frame WELL. Don't want to go too large or too small. Goal is to have... READ MORE

29 year old, recovery 1/10 - 1/14. Ups & Downs

My first 3 days of recovery was very minimal pain, not tired, no nausea. Because of that I think I did way more than I should have. Day of surgery, day 1, while waiting for pain meds walked around CVS shopping. That night made my fiancé go to target and aldi to get a few items so I could make ... READ MORE

21 Years Old and Went Through Hell to Get Breast!

So since realself really helped me out during my post op when I was going through that phrase of mild depression bc I thought my breasts were too small and my experience with hematoma, I am going to write about my experience to help others who might be going through the same thing. I originally... READ MORE

33 Years Old, No Kids, I Have Breasts Again!

I grew large breasts when young then lost weight and lost my breasts too. Having went through all of my 20's with just wispy ghosts of boobs, I decided before I was 35 to get breast implants. I've always loved augmented breasts and that's what I wanted! Dr. Hedden wants what YOU want. After... READ MORE

38 Years Old, 5 Kids, Breast Augmentation 10 Day Countdown!!!!

Hi mom of 5 working on getting my sexy back. I'm currently a 34a and I spend a lot on vs bombshell bras lol. I've been researching drs and stalking RealSelf for months n finally found a ps to do my breast augmentation. I originally wanted to go to Miami but I decided to stay local . We agreed... READ MORE

24y/o, BA, 415cc, Cohessive Gel, Full Projection, Smooth, (A to D Cup) Calgary, AB

I chose Doctor Paul GR. Whidden from Calgary, AB as my PS and so far I could not be happier. I went for my consultation the beginning of March 2016 and had my Brest augment done April 21, 2016. They are still VERY new, but my expirience so far has been great. I looked mainly online for many... READ MORE

*1 YEAR & 9 MONTHS POST OP*-450 cc HP ,smooth silicone ,under , areola incision w/ Dr.Revis!

Have been on the hunt for a Doctor for Breast Augmentation for awhile now! I originally booked a consultation with a doctor in Lethbridge, AB for May.4,2015 , but then decided to go see Dr.Revis due to great reviews and girls in my town with BEAUTIFUL results who flew down to see him! When I... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation with the Best in Las Vegas!!

So ever since I can recall I've always wanted a breast augmentation. I am of a petite frame, 110lbs and 5'1. I never had boobs I would say just nipples and one day I woke up and decided after so many years to go get a breast consultation and 2 weeks after that I was in the O.R getting my breast... READ MORE

24 Yrs Old. 5'7. 145lbs - Miami, FL

I absolutely am so happy with my breasts! I was confident with my body, I originally was a 34 , but I wanted to have a better figure I was so flat chested, nothing really looked good on me, and I have always wanted boobs, so why not get them now while I'm young! I am now a size 34 D. (425cc High... READ MORE

I'm So Pity I Had Put It off for a Long Time - Istanbul, TR

Dr. Ercan is a fantastic surgeon with a super job and great results! I had an eyelid surgery with him in 2015 (age 38), which was a success and then returned to him this winter, to get a tummy tuck ( along with liposuction on the hips) and breast augmentation. I'm so pity I had put it off for a... READ MORE

A Cup to Possible D Cup - Englewood, CO

I have thought about this for years now because I have always been flat chested. I have no children at 27yrs old. I consulted At Grossman plastic surgery, Dr. Raskin, Dr. Spiers, Dr. Murphy, and Dr. Millard. Finally I found Dr, Buford. I listened to each different surgeons, each had their own... READ MORE

24 Yr Old. No Children/ No Previous Pregnancies. Tucson, AZ

You have to remember there are so much more to than what you may think to Breast augmentation. For instance, forget about being a 34B and wanting to be a 34DD. Remember implants are measured in cc's so maybe your goal is realistically impossible. At anyway for instance myself I was probably a... READ MORE

25 Years Old Fitness Competitor. Need Some Curves Since I Have Permanently Dieted Down my Natural Breasts. - Powell, OH

I didn't know what to expect going into the procedure aside from what Dr. Grawe talked to me about. However, I think it went smoothly. She got me in ahead of schedule the morning of surgery and that meant I was able to get home a lot faster. I was able to call and get my questions answered as... READ MORE

29 Years Old, Breast Augmentation and FINALLY Feeling Like a Woman! - Wellington, FL

I have a few friends who had procedures with Dr. Nir and achieved AMAZING results, so I was pretty sure I was going to schedule with him. I researched and attended 2 consults with different surgeons and wasn't impressed at all. Dr. Nir made me feel so comfortable, he took the time to talk to me... READ MORE

24 Years Old 1 Kid Saggy 34b Full D Post Op - San Jose, CA

I could of used a lift but I did not want a big scar ! I also did not want them to sit super high I don't mind them sitting low it appears more natural to me. Overtime if I have to go back for a lift that's fine as well. Right now I'm super happy ! I decided to fill them up with 475 cc silicone... READ MORE

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