smoking + Breast Augmentation

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41yrs Old - 3 Kids- 60kgs- 171cm- 375cc -forever Wanted to Do This

So this is something I have dreamt about, looked into, come close too but never got there for well over 20 years. Finally it's happening. Three more nights and I'll have breasts that I hope will give me some confidence and finally make me feel like a woman. I wonder if I've waited to long....I'm... READ MORE

22, 5'0, 110lbs. 355cc moderate plus - Boston, MA

First off I'd like to say thank you to all the amazing ladies on here, especially the ones who wrote very detailed reviews. It may have been a lot to read but I enjoyed it and it's nice getting an idea on what to expect. So I'm 22, 5'0, fluctuate between 108/113lbs. I'm a mom to an amazing 4... READ MORE

total joke

Had a breast enlargement I was over the moon. Then my stitches came undone... I was in hospital in and out for 3 months.. no work, lost everything and alls hospital revitalise turkey was saying was give up smoking... but saying it as I was a 2 yr old .. after 3 months when everything hit rock... READ MORE

24 Years Old, No Kids, Diabetic T1, Tuberous Breast - SCARED! - Durban, KZN

So I am 24 years old, Diabetic for almost 9 years now. I realized at a young age that my breasts were *weird...VERY weird and I went to see a surgeon when I was 15...they could not help as I did not have the funds to fix my issue. So I have been saving and asking help for 9 years now and finally... READ MORE

36 Yr Old, 2 Kids, 5'2, 107lbs, Cleveland OH

After 18 long years, I'm finally taking the plunge! My BA is scheduled for next Friday Mar 11th - 9 days away! I think I should be more nervous, but I'm not in the slightest. I've done so much research - you name it, I've read it. I found the most amazing doctor. I had my consultation... READ MORE

39 Yo, 2 Kids, 5'5", 115 Lbs I Want my Pre-baby Boobs Back! Miami/Coral Gables, FL

I have always wanted bigger breasts...even before having my babies and breast feeding both. Now I'm left with flapjacks and minor stretch marks. My pre-baby boobs were not huge, or small, they were perfect...I can say this now even though I didn't appreciate them then. I know from being... READ MORE

30 years old 5'2 (and a 1/2 tyvm) 3 natural births; lost couple hundred pounds.

I carried my sisters twins. I carried my own son. I was blessed. I was wearing a 34B in 5th grade. Needless to say they grew. By the time I was at my heaviest I was 302 pounds and a 40 DD. Now I'm 130 AND A 32 super deflated B. I saw several surgeons and none of them seemed to understand like I... READ MORE

520cc silicon implants - Sydney, AU

So maybe a bit of background information; I'm almost 22, I used to weigh close to 80kgs (176lbs) after being on contraceptive pill - Dianne 35ED for a year or so. I'd never been very well endowed growing up, and was what they call a 'late bloomer' when all of my closest friends were giving... READ MORE

New to RealSelf- Lexington, KY

Hello beautiful ladies! I am new to RealSelf but have been following all of the posts involving anything boob related for some time now! I love this site! It's more addicting than Facebook! So here is some stats about me: I'm 26 yrs old 5' 6.5" 142 lbs Wear a small B cup I have 1 child that is... READ MORE

My First Breast Augmentation - New York, NY

Hi guys this is my first time writing anything about my BA , I'm one month away my pre op is June 5th I'm super nervous and going crazy about the do's and don't's prior surgery . I need help please... I already stopped drinking and smoking hookah I don't know which other precautions I should... READ MORE

24 Years Old, No Kids, Sporty - Vienna, Austria

I had my breast augumentation in vienna, austria ( Europe) Before i had 70a/b and i am very sporty. I ammmm soooooo happy with the result, but i am still 5 days post op. I dont have real pain, just sometimes sharp pain espec. Under the nipple. The breasts are still very hard but i love them. ... READ MORE

Finally Getting Boobs :) Just Scared Seen That Im a Smoker - Roodepoort

7 days until surgery and im extremely scared and nervous and anxious and excited,all mix emaotions. I am aware that i was suppose to quit smoking but yeah it aint as easy,i have went from 10 cigarettes to 2 cigarettes a day but today im going to try not have at all. I have emailed my surgeon and... READ MORE

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