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18 Years Old, 5'4 Petite Frame 32A

Im 18 years old and from as young as i can remember ive always wanted breasts, I remember everyone telling me not to worry as puberty will sort it out unfortunately that wasn't the case, im still a 32A/ AA and very unhappy with my size, i have tried many things before surgery like going to a... READ MORE

Operation "Glow Up" in Effect.

*sigh* so I think I finally built up enough courage to get my boobs done...I've always wanted to do it since my early 20s but the thought of going under anesthesia scares me..I been going through a lot these past few months and kinda started to lose myself but I'm starting to pick back up and... READ MORE

295cc over the muscle

I'm currently a B cup, hopeing to get to a full c or D. Have been recommended 265cc full profile overs. I'm 8st 9lb and 5ft 3 slim build. I have asked the surgeon if I can try on the next size up as I would rather be a D than a C. I'm really excited I have always wanted bigger boobs, I am fed up... READ MORE

5' 10" 127 Lbs 25 Yrs Old No Kids - Carmel, IN

I'm 5' 10" 127 lbs. Can't wait for my surgery!! My husband is against me doing this but I've been wanting to get my boobs done since I was about 14, Im a 32 a/33 b, getting high profile 500cc hoping to not be too big for my slim frame. I've been researching similar body frames and sizes but... READ MORE

Natural Breast Augmentation

I am considerably a slim to athletic body type & im 5'4 at 120 lbs. I was originally a 32A wanting to be at least a full C small D with a somewhat natural but fake look to my breast. I got 350cc silicone, but because my implants were overfilled they were at 345cc. I was able to achieve the... READ MORE

35yo with 6 Beautiful Children 125lbs Wanting my Dream Boobs

I have been researching back for over 19 yrs now but every time I start I ended up pregnant but now it's set in stone. I paid for the surgery so I know I won't or can't back out. I'm just so up and down about the size I want. I don't want to go small then I have to do another surgery but I'm... READ MORE

Petite 5' 2" BA and Labiaplasty - Poole, Dorset

I'm a 5' 2" 25 year old weighing in at 45.2kg/7st. Working as a dancer for five years and have decided I want bigger boobs mainly to fill out clothes but also to look great without any. With any luck should help me make more money dancing too but would be so satisfied to look down and see the... READ MORE

26 5'4 105 Lbs Petite Pear Slim Athletic Breast Augmentation - Scottsdale, AZ

Hi Everyone! I'm usually pretty private when it comes to personal things like this, but i've decided it would be worth it to share my experience (since I am spending thousands of dollars) for myself and to others considering getting this done. Hopefully i'm doing this review right and it's... READ MORE

Review - Dr George Mayson - Breast Excellence (Melbourne)

Review - Dr George Mayson - Breast Excellence (Melbourne) My decision to get breast augmentation surgery is by far one of the best decisions I have ever made. I went to several different Doctors including Dr. Simon Rosenbaum, Dr Dean Trotter and finally Dr George Mayson for my initial... READ MORE

5'0 108 Lbs 20 Yo - No Kids *full C Small D. San Antonio, TX

I've always and desired breast implants since I was in middle school, my mother and aunts and grandma were big chested ( a good size full C ) so I always wondered why I wasn't passed with that gene, but I highly think because I was in sports since I could even walk. I'm currently a 34A cup and... READ MORE

A-cup got 435cc's @ Beaucare Belgium Dr Danau

So my surgery is in 24 days! I will no longer be flat chested! I cant wait, I have been flat chested all my life unless I am breast feeding. I have paid for my surgery in full :) so I am ready to go! I still am not 100% on the implant size because i really don't want to be to big (fake) or too... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation. Dominican Republic, DO

Hey ladies i am very interested on getting a breast augmentation done in Santo Domingo. I like Dr. Luis Lima Vargas but i haven't seen much work that he done. Can someone help me by sending me some before and after pictures that he has done . I am 5\4 and slim. Very excited on getting my breast... READ MORE

Slim 28 yr old, saggy 36A to 36DD, 550cc, height 5'10

I saw 3 surgeons, Dr Kim Taylor, Dr Natalie Ngan and Dr Dean Trotter. Natalie made the best impression on me, she is down to earth, didn't try too hard and didn't rush me, she didn't suggest I needed a lift (i didn't), she uses the Keller Funnell on select, not all breast augmentations (not... READ MORE

6 Weeks Post-BA with 330cc Teardrop Implants, Results Are Already SO Natural

Nearly 6 weeks post-BA and my results are already wonderful! I am happy I made the decision to use Dr Allen Rezai. I am very slim build and was afraid of looking fake, the two surgeons I consulted before Dr Rezai wanted to put the implant in front of the muscle, but I’d done my research and k... READ MORE

31 Year Old, Slim, Petite, Currently Size 30A Need Breast Augmentation Desperately! - Melbourne, AU

Hey everyone! I'm a 31 year old mixed Asian female with tan skin currently a size 8-10A cup or 30-32A. I'm petite, standing at 5'4.5" tall, size AU4-6 in clothing and weigh about 46kg. I'm pretty healthy, eat well and do moderate exercise. Appearance plays a major role in my profession and... READ MORE

27 Yo, Tall and Slim, Went for 450cc HP Silicone Augmentation! - San Diego, CA

I have always been small chested, especially because I enjoy climbing and running and other activities that keep my bf% low. I had heard about Dr. Pousti from several friends of mine over the years and had definitely been considering augmentation for a long time but wanted to wait until my late... READ MORE

I Am Having a Very Slim Body. I Look Very Lean So to Look Fit I Choose to Go for Breast Augmentation Surgery - Delhi, IA

Hi, i wanted to share my experience with everyone of my breast surgery which is done by Dr Ajaya Kashyap. I look very lean as am not having much fat in my body. My breast also looks so small that's why i wanted at least they should look big. so i did the Breast Augmentation surgery through... READ MORE


My age ranges from 20-25yrs old and I'm sharing my story with ladies would are thinking about getting breast implants/ augmentation (BA). I have only told TWO people that I will be receiving this procedure, because a lot of the people I know are conservative and would not understand what I'm... READ MORE

38-years Old, 2 Children-breastfed, from 32-AAA to Victoria Secret 32-DD - Newport Beach, CA

Dr. Grover is a great listener, has a great bedside manner, possesses hands of gold, and is very professional. After breastfeeding two children and weight loss, my pre-pregnancy breast cup size decreased from A to AAA. After hearing my expectations Dr. Grover’s suggested anatomical implants, i... READ MORE

33, 5'7", 115lbs, 421cc moderate

I have always had very small boobs, so I'm finally doing something about it! I've had consultations with 2 doctors and have a third tomorrow. I will probably go with the 375-400cc range. This is my problem: I am very slim and I like the way my body looks. I would assume that when people see... READ MORE

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