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32 Years Old, 2 Kids, 32AAA, Surgery Set

I am a 32 year old mom of a 3.5 year old and 16 month old and getting a B.A on Thursday this week Aug 24. I have always wanted one and was never bigger than a 32 A my whole life except breastfeeding which I was a 32b maybe. I gave up breastfeeding 2.5 months ago, had a consult, a preop and... READ MORE

33 Yro, 5'6", 165lbs, No Kids, Grade II Ptosis, smooth 355cc MP, breast augmentation

Dr McFadden came highly recommended from clients and fellow coworkers who have used him for an array of services. I've had one consultation which made me feel good enough to sign the dotted line the following week. Size was never discussed too much- I just said I wasn't looking for... READ MORE

Genius Transgender Breast Augmentation - Madrid, Spain

This man is a Genius, diligent, in control, perfectionist. Being gender fluid / transgender and not taking hormone medication to transition, I was doubtful of a natural result of breast Augmentation, seeing as I had no breast tissue. I sent the online consultation form and was immediately... READ MORE

28 Year Old/ No Kid / 105lb/ 32A / 340cc Moderate Round Mentor Under the muscle

Hi Ladies! I'm 28 year old, no kid, 5'5 and 105lb, 32A. I wanted BA for....literally forever and I can't believe I'm finally doing it!!! Woo Hoo!!!! My surgery is scheduled for 7/1 ( 2 weeks to go! ) and I'm looking for some supports and advices. Is there anything I should prepare before the... READ MORE

39 Y.o. Tall and Skinny, 5'8" & 118 Lbs, 32 AA - 350/400 Silicone Overs - San Francisco, CA

I am tall, very thin, small-boned and super flat (5' 8", 118 lbs, size 2 or 25 in jeans, 12 BWD and 34A/AA). I have almost no natural breast tissue, a prominent collarbone/chest bones, and thin skin. I'm looking to add fullness but, like most people, want to avoid looking disproportionate or... READ MORE

Mom of two 32A Going to DD (480cc) - Ocala, FL

I have Ben wanting this as long as I can remember but I know I wanted to wait till after kids so I didn't have to worry about getting them redone.. I'm currently a small A and desire to have nice breast . So I'm going with a DD wich there really not that huge but might as well go big if I'm... READ MORE

26 Yrs Old - Long Island City, NY

I wanted a skinny body but fat breast and ass. With Gods help I met dr.desAi Who took the time getting to know me and what I wanted. During my follow ups he showed concern for my well being I'm happy that I went to Him Everyone is great and friendly in the office Anytime I needed help, they... READ MORE

Short and Petite Finally Got a More Woman-ly Body! 325ccs. San Jose, CA

Hi all! I've been a realself member for over a year and half now, and am finally getting my breast augmentation done soon! A little story to get started: Ever since I was 11 years old, I couldn't wait until my boobs would grow. All of my friends started growing boobs, but mine did not. I always... READ MORE

Best purchase ever no regrets

I had implants 8 years ago after 2 kids. I was very happy with my implants. I was very skinny though and went with saline which caused rippling until i put on some weight. Dr. U is a great surgeon. Wonderful staff. The only reason I gave 4 stars is his bedside manner it was terrible in my... READ MORE

35 Year-old Wife, Nurse and Mother of 2

After nursing two children, I lost a lot of weight and had a bony frame to begin with. I was extremely self-conscious about my body's appearance, especially on top as my breasts had lost a lot of their volume. MPS was a clean facility with knowledgable staff that answered all of my questions... READ MORE

If I could put 6 stars I would!

I had always struggled with my self image because of being a taller female with absolutely no breasts. At my skinniest I was a 32 AA then eventually a 34 A. After years of throwing the idea around I finally decided to pull the trigger and do it. What drew me to Dr Guerra at first was his... READ MORE

30 Years Old, 5'0, 3 Kids, Henderson, NV

In my teen and early 20's, I felt pretty good about my boobs. I wasn't big, about a 32B, but I never really felt the need to upgrade either. Nursing 3 kids left my boobs and confidence pretty deflated. It was hard to find a swimsuit that actually looked attractive and I never felt confident in... READ MORE

HELP! I Need Advise on Finding the Right Clinic! Thailand, TH

So I am 18 years old and have thought about getting a breast augmentation since I was really young. I have started to save and look online for the perfect surgeon/clinic for me as I am skinny and petite and there is a lot of room for error. I know a couple of people going to Thailand but don't... READ MORE

19 Years Old, 99 Lbs, No Kids, 295 & 320 Cc Anatomical, Under the Muscle. - Mexico, MX

First, sorry for my English :) Hi girls! I'm 19 years old, I make some exercise, 99 lbs and 1.67 cm, yes, I'm very skinny. I just have my surgery 4 days ago and I still having so much pain :( that's why I'm not sure if the pain will worth it to have more boobs. ???? I still having this things... READ MORE

Skinny Build, 32B, Don't Know Whether to Go for Round or Teardrop!? HELP!

Ok so so so, I have booked my surgery for October and had my mind set on anatomical/tear drop implants. I didn't really give the round a second thought. I am super skinny on my chest, especially in the middle, it's bothered me day in day out for years and years! I chose the tear drop shape to... READ MORE

Breast Surgery, 35yrs, 2 Children, 300cc, Allergan Texture Implant, Very Satisfied - Los Angeles, CA

It’s been 6 months to have a breast surgery. Now I’m satisfied with my surgery results. Of course, I was happy to have new breasts after surgery, but I had to suffer postoperative discomfort. I felt that a heavy stone was pressing on my chest. I felt pain on my shoulder, too. I’m 5.5 ft and w... READ MORE

New Life - Lutherville, MD

I have been thinking about something to change the way I looked since my childhood. Not until recently that I realize this is something doable. I decided to find a doctor close to where I live. Dr Shreiber's name came up from my search. He had great reputation so I set up an appointment with him... READ MORE

28 Yo, 5'9 130 Lbs Finally Getting Big Girl Boobs.

Hello ladies (and gents!) Just first want to thank everyone who has posted their breast augmentation reviews on Realself! I think I have read all of them by now while educating myself on getting a BA and this would be a scary choice to make without everyone's insights and experiences. Now, on... READ MORE

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