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single mom + Breast Augmentation

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My stats. 26years old/ 3 kids in under 6/ used to be 36DD got deflated 34B. Implants are 520cc TSF. One happy girl.

After seeing my surgeon last month and his recommended size being 525cc because I have broad shoulders (he took measurements) I have been very scared that size is too big. I have spoken to my consultant a lot about it via email and she thinks I'll be really happy. She's said for me to come back... READ MORE

33, Single Mom, Been Waiting for This for 20 Years

Every since puberty, I felt that I missed the boob train. I've wanted this for a long time and so far I am so happy to have it done. It's taken a lot of research and patience (and savings), but the journey to get here was worth it! I am only one day post-op but I am confident that this was the... READ MORE

39 YO Time to Undo 5 Years of Breastfeeding!

My youngest is 9 and the condition of my breasts after mommyhood always made me shudder. However, I was divorced when all three of my kids were small: I was broke and exhausted all the time. My hands were full with just trying to survive and single-handedly raise kids, so I didn't date or have... READ MORE

26Yr Old...Two Kids...looking for 450 Silicone Unders - Ann Arbor, MI

Hi!!! I'm looking to get a breast augmentation in the next year. I've been researching this for at least 2 years. I know for sure what I want after looking at pictures and seeing what I do not want. I'm looking for mod+ implants 450 under the muscle. I'm 5'4 and I want to loose at least 40 lbs... READ MORE

34 Years Old, 6 Foot, Two Kids. Madison, WI

I've wanted a breast augmentation as long as I can remember. I never actually thought I would go through with it! It isn't that I'm afraid of surgery, I just never thought I would spend that kind of money on myself as a single mom! I'm hoping to balance out my breast to hip ratio.... I'm so... READ MORE

48, 2 Kids, Single Mom Starting Over:) Englewood, CO

I had always had a nice figure and an athletic lifestyle. I breast fed both my kids and was just wanting my body back as a divorced single Mom starting life over again. Men are visual...not a bad thing, beauty is in the eye if the beholder as they say, and i just wanted my pretty before baby... READ MORE

5'7", 32, pre op size A

So I found this site back in 2012 and have spent countless hours reading others journeys, looking at pictures and trying to plan my perfect boobs. Well you can only plan and dream and plan and talk and plan for so long before you have to take things into your own hands. I was beginning to sound... READ MORE

Single Mom, Finished Raising my 2 Kids, Now It's my Turn - Savannah, GA

I've never really had any breast at all, except when I was pregnant. What little I did have, my 2 kids sucked right out of me. After the nursing, there was just no time or money. Now I am 50 years old and ready to do something just for me. I plan on making this a very special time. My daughter,... READ MORE

29 Yo Combat Vet/ Single Mother of a 4 Yo - Pleasanton, CA

For as long as I can remember, I've been self conscious of my chest. But I wasn't given the same start as everyone else in my family. At age 11 I had my ovary, tube, appendix and spleen removed. As I later learned in life, your hormones and estrogen are stores in your ovaries. I had one removed... READ MORE

No More Crying when Bikini Shopping!

I have wanted a breast augmentation since after I was done breast feeding my daughter. That was 19 yrs ago! Being a single mom struggling to make ends meet it just wasn't feasible for me to do it. I tried borrowing money from the bank and my dad to no avail so I finally gave up. Now, I am in a... READ MORE

46 Year Old Single Mom of One

Having a baby was a dream come true and such a blessing. Breastfeeding left me with deflated breasts and I lost quite a bit of confidence. This has stood in the way of pursuing meaningful relationships because I just lacked the body confidence to do so. After a great deal of mulling about it and... READ MORE

51 Year Old Single Working Mom - Toronto

I was not happy with the volume in my breasts. I needed a lift and volume. I asked woman in my social circle and Dr. Born was highly recommended. He is maybe on the higher price side but when it comes to elective surgery I wanted to ensure I had the best. I feel that he is in a league of his... READ MORE

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