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Deflated B cup looking to reinflate post breastfeeding -Independence, OH

Want uppercpole back and to feel sexy again in clothes after breastfeeding. Been waiting for over a year to finally save up for procedure. Can't wait to finally have it done. Sick of looking like an Olympic swimmer when trying on clothes and swimsuits. My nipple can be seen bc bra won't stick to... READ MORE

375 Saline Teardrops

After breastfeeding my two girls, I decreased by almost two bra sizes. I wanted implants so feel sexy again. I even remember wanting implants before children, so now that I have breastfed two, I decided to take the plunge. I was a 32 B or 34 A according to Victoria'Secret bras. I stand 5'2 and... READ MORE

Dr. Pantoja BA silicone implants 500cc 360 Lipo

Hello to all My Pantoja Dolls!! Thanks to Realself for all the great stories that help with my decision. After a long time of researching a good Dr. with great work to show. I finally came down to two of them was going back and forth for a few week. I came to a decision that Dr. Pantoja would... READ MORE

5'5,135lbs, Breastfed 2, 375-450cc, A Cup Wanting to Be Small D

I have wanted boobs since all my life. It never happened for me. I did gain some volume while breastfeeding but only enough to be a full B. I wore a C bra but it had tons of space unless I was completely engorged! My surgery is scheduled for JAN 31. In exactly 2 weeks I will have boobs! I'm... READ MORE

28 Y/o, 5'6", 125lbs, 32A, Mother of Three, Finally Getting my Dream Boobs!

Like most of you ladies on here I've always dreamed of having full sexy breast. Most of my friends in High School developed well while I was always praying for my boobs to come, like Judy Blume! I met my husband in High School and we have been together for almost 11 years. We had our first... READ MORE

600cc Ultra High Profile Gel Silicone

Hello, My name is Taylor. I Just had butt implants in March. So I'm 8 months post op from them. I love them but wish I could have gone bigger. Anyways after I lost some weight last summer I lost my boobs. They deflated. I'm currently a full 34C. And am looking to have a DDD. I just want... READ MORE

35 Year Old, No Kids, Athletic, AA Cup, 340 Cc

I finally decided to go through with the breast augmentation, I went with a doctor that has already done some work on me. He fixed my nose that I broke 4x and removed a small piece of cancer on my upper lip with minimal scarring. As time got closer I started to get more nervous about the whole... READ MORE

38 Years Old, 5 Kids, Breast Augmentation 10 Day Countdown!!!!

Hi mom of 5 working on getting my sexy back. I'm currently a 34a and I spend a lot on vs bombshell bras lol. I've been researching drs and stalking RealSelf for months n finally found a ps to do my breast augmentation. I originally wanted to go to Miami but I decided to stay local . We agreed... READ MORE

New York Cities Best Breast Augmentations

I had a really great experience with Dr. Stephanie Cohen, I was referred by a few girlfriends and am more than pleased with the outcome coming from a size A to now a size C (400cc). She can now add me to the list of satisfied patients, I love her! Best part of all was the post-op followup --... READ MORE

21 Years Old, 5'5" 140 Lbs, Breast Augmentation

After a couple years of research and consideration, I've finally decided to take the next step towards a breast augmentation. I had high hopes that my breasts would develop sometime in my early 20s, but I've been perpetually stuck at a 34A/34AA since puberty. I never expected it to have such a... READ MORE

Nervous. Miami, FL

I've never had any plastic surgery and don't know what to expect. I know some of Dr.P- Gurri's previous patients and it seems like he does a good job. I am 27 and have two boys and am tired of my lack luster boobs. I'm looking forward to feeling more confident about myself in the new year. I... READ MORE

Super Happy with the Results - Miami, FL

I had my app one day before my surgery day and the doctor understood exactly what I wanted right away. He did not pushed me to get bigger or smaller. I told him that I am dancer, fit and active person that want a natural looking breast and that was it! Next day "boom" I woke from a dream that... READ MORE

Great Plastic Surgeon!!! - Montreal, QC

It was very small and did not feel sexy now I feel sexy and look sexier!! READ MORE

To Breast Aug or Not to Breast Aug?

I am a young (20-30) year old woman who loves fashion but struggled to keep up with the latest trends (ie. low back dresses, deep v plunge tops, etc). I often found myself avoided any style of outfit that would not easily allow me to wear a bra because I felt very flat chested and insecure... READ MORE

Definitely Going Back for More...

Getting a breast augmentation from Dr. Z is one of the best decisions I ever made. He and the rest of the staff made me feel so comfortable. They're increibly friendly and the enviornment is warm and serene. And Dr. Zwicklbauer exceeded my expectations. I absolutely love my breasts now. I feel sexy. READ MORE

In my Early 20's and for the First Time, I Feel Feminine and Sexy! Thank You Mr Rezai

I’ve just returned from two weeks’ beach holiday and must admit it was the most stress-free experience I’ve had in my entire adult life. I didn’t realise what impact “not having any boobs”, had on me. My boobs never developed, and being in my early 20’s but having breasts of a 10-year-old w... READ MORE

The Best Decision I've Ever Made!!!

For starters I'm now 22 and I went from a negative A cup to a double D and they look so natural like I've always had them. I've already went on vacation with them and I mean theirs no way to explain how it felt to finally wear a bikini and actually feel like a women. It was a very empowering... READ MORE

27 Years Old, One Child with a Lot of Breast Feeding - Aventura, FL

I had a very hard time with my baby breast feeding, I used to put a lot of pressure on my breast so I will get more milk and faster or a least that's what I thought, my breast really needed some change, I can be happier with my decision of doing breast implant, thanks to dr salama, the nurse and... READ MORE

Breastfed 3 Babies and Needed my Confidence Back! - Draper, UT

I'm 29 years old and the mother of three boys. I breastfed all three. By the time I was done feeding my youngest my breasts had become small, shriveled and without any shape. I couldn't fill bras, shirts or lingerie. I was embarrassed and didn't have any confidence. I was nervous to look... READ MORE

Was 34 Years Old, One Child, Size 34A Breasts and Much Needed Breast Augmentation - Minneapolis, MN

After I had my son, my breasts were at a pre-pregnancy size of 34A. I wanted fuller and bigger breast so I could feel more confident, feminine, sexy and beautiful. The only con about surgery was not being able to lift my son during recovery. I'm now at a size 32DDD and absolutely love how I feel! READ MORE

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