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33 Years Old, 3 Kids, 34A, Went with 420cc

I've wanted BA since I was younger. After children my breast went from a full B to an A cup. I took my time and went to 3 consultations. Dr. Rex was the first doctor I went to because he came highly recommend by multiple girls who got the procedure done by him and love their results. I am one... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation 525cc Saline

Before my breast augmentation I was A 34C at Victoria secret and of course their bras run small so I was usually a full B in any other brand, my left boob was also a lot bigger then my right. My doctor recommend doing a size bigger on my left side to even them out which is what I was wanting to... READ MORE

Mum, 40yrs - Natural Shaped Breast Augmentation

I have always wanted larger breasts and decided to do it as my 40th Birthday present to myself. Over the past few years I had read up on the surgery and also into the types of implants available. I also knew from looking at the portfolios of surgeons that I wanted them as natural as possible. Dr... READ MORE

25 Years Old 295cc/345cc 5"2 110

I have been wanting a breast augmentation is something I have been wanting for years!!! I saved and saved and saved so I could afford the best!! I'm a week into my new boobs and I am in love!! They make me feel so feminine and I cannot wait until they settle and I can dress them up. The first... READ MORE

5'3", 108 Lbs, 51 Yrs Old, 300 Cc Mod+ Under

Thank you so much to all of you beauties for posting your reviews, photos and experiences. It has helped me greatly with the education piece of having a breast augmentation. I have considered a BA for 5 yrs. Initially went to see the surgeon who did my BA and then decided against a BA entirely... READ MORE

Very Happy with my Breast Augmentation! - Seattle, WA

This review is super delayed. I had a breast augmentation about 3 years ago now with Dr.Salemy and I couldn't be happier. They now feel super natura and most people can't even tell. They "dropped" and settled into a natural shape. I had no boobs to start with, so very little breast tissue. I am... READ MORE

43, 3 Breastfed Boys Under 5yrs, 5'9, 145lbs - Montreal, QC

Since stopping breastfeeding 2 years ago and getting in better shape than I ever was before, I realized I would never be able to "fix" my breasts that were sadly deflated and sagging. So sick of wearing padded bras and not feeling sexy naked I decided I would treat myself to nice breasts. On... READ MORE

22 Years Old, 5'00, 98lbs, Petite Athletic Frame - Scottsdale, AZ

Ahhhh I'm in love! I didn't post anything leading up to it, because I've been freaking out too much, but now, just 6 hours post surgery, I can't imagine what I was worried for! I have a small frame, and just wanted something, but was worried sick they would overpower me and I'd look topheavy. I... READ MORE

38, BA (255cc) & Capsular Contracture (taken care of now)

After roughly 3 decades of waiting for my breasts to blossom, I decided to throw in the towel and go ahead with my BA. Despite an excruciatingly painful 2 1/2 week recovery, I am thrilled with the results (yes, even though the 410 "teardrop" / 255cc twins have yet to fully settle). I am no... READ MORE

53-Year-Old Who Decided Not To Wait Any Longer - Houston, TX

I've been thinking about getting a breast augmentation (BA) for years - at least since I was 40. Life kept getting in the way and I ended up using my funds instead for camera gear (I'm a photographer) and travel. Finally, at about 5 months away from my 54th birthday, I looked in the mirror and... READ MORE

Research and Meet Several Surgeons! - Fort Worth, TX

Another highly regarded DFW surgeon insisted I needed a breast lift to fill the lack of volume at the top of my breasts (yay, motherhood!). The invasiveness and cost of the procedure made me rethink if it was worth it. Then I met Dr. Ethridge... He examined me and told me that a lift was... READ MORE

34, two kids, 350cc silicone

Had two kids, breastfed and thought about breast implants for 10 years! Had some deflation w breastfeeding but not tons. I was just small. Have an athletic frame and couldn't really fill out a bra or swimsuit. Tank tops were annoying in summer...not anymore! I love my boobs now. I didn't want... READ MORE

Breast augmentation from A cup

Breast augmentation is such a rewarding surgery. I thought about if for years. There's so much out there and things freak you out but it's worth it. Had mine for several months. Dr. C did an awesome job. Mine are under the muscle. Love love them. Takes some time to settle but part of it. That's... READ MORE

Tubular Breast Deformity Transformation

Currently I am about 3 weeks post-op and I am feeling great! I just got cleared to work out today and I feel like I have full range of movement finally. Dr. Gabriel did an absolutely amazing job. Not only did he make me feel comfortable throughout the entire process starting from our first... READ MORE

27 Years Old A-Cup to C-Cup

Dr. Curtsinger and his staff are absolutely amazing. They were very helpful and answered any questions I had. I am incredibly please with my results! Currently 6 weeks post op and I am excited to see how they settle over the next 3-6 months. I highly recommend this surgeon, he knows what he's... READ MORE

41yr After Breastfeeding 5 Kids I So Needed - Wilmington, NC

I wanted a breat argumentation for years,and after haven 5 kids, I had it done an it was so worth every penny,I love my new look, I'm not gonna sugar coat it ,yes it hurt the day i had it done an minimum pain for a few days after but with each day it gets better but it's so worth it,i can say it... READ MORE

40 Year Old, Mom of 3 Kids, No Breast Volume Left After Breastfeeding, 400cc Silicone Implant

When I first got breast implants I felt like they were too big for me. I was in shock and was actually thinking about removing them or changing for smaller size! But this is how I felt at the beginning. It's been a month since my surgery. The swelling significantly went down and they sort of... READ MORE

Mamarios Implantes Con Dra. Tania Medina De Garcia - Dominican Republic, DO

I always knew I wanted implants it was just where and who. A friend told me about a doctor in the Dominican Republic who was very good, Dra. Tania Medina De Garcia. I didn't want to make a hasty decision because this was a life changing experience, hence my research into the doctors there began.... READ MORE

Best Surgeon Ever - New Market, ON

Dr. Andrade is by far the best plastic surgeon I have ever come across. I have had a few breast augmentations in the past and I knew he was it when I met him. He is professional and explains everything. I had a breast augmentation with a moderate cohesive gel implants that were 295 cc. ... READ MORE

28 Years Old Saline Breast Implants - Culver City, CA

I heard about Boris cosmetics through a friend of a friend ! I never knew you could finance these types of surgeries, and I've heard so much about Boris cosmetics. I thought it would be something good to try. I immediately went in for a consultation... Mind you it wasn't a consultation we didn't... READ MORE

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