sensation loss + Breast Augmentation

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Wanted my boobs back, these aren't them

I hate to be a Debbie downer here but I don't think mine was his best work. I went to Dr Lawton because he has the best reviews, never saw another Dr. Some of his after photos are incredible, i believe he is the best, but I'm still waiting for my results. Tomorrow will be 12 weeks. 5'4" 130... READ MORE

31 Yrs Old, 2 Breastfed Children, 5'7", 128lbs, Silicone, Periareolar, Partial Unders

I had this started once but not sure where it went. I am turning 31 on feb 6th. I am 5'7", 128lbs, 2 breastfed children. Planning on silicone, probably partial unders and leaning towards 450-485. This is a dream I had for such a long time. I have always been self conscious about my breasts and... READ MORE

Finally Feeling at my Most High - Sugar Land, TX

As far as a right now, I am finally feeling good about my breast. I was always happy about the procedure, but as many girls I had major boob greed! I am now remembering or facing the real FACT, that the initial reason I went into this was to have a natural and fuller bust that was... READ MORE

Deboni is Awesome!

I visited Dr. Deboni back in 2015. After doing extensive research, I decided he was the best fit for me. His price was much steeper than the national average, but because I was young and scared, I chose quality over quantity. So, I was 19 when I had my breast augmentation. In the beginning I... READ MORE

This is what happened to me in this clinic

I had a plastic surgery which it wasn't necessary but Dr. Gutierrez tried to convince me. That was on February 12, 2015, and since then my face and my head is numbed, and my right eyebrow is higher than left one, and of course, the left side of my front started have wrinkles while the right side... READ MORE

29 Years Old, 3 Kids, Petite Frame of 95 Lbs 5'2" - Provo, UT

I never thought that I would need a breast augmentation. I was blessed to have wonderful boobs before I had kids (32 C cup) but having children and breast feeding took a toll. Oh how I missed the perky fullness! I knew that I wanted to restore that after I had my first 2 children (ages: 6 &7)... READ MORE

Never Get Plastic Surgery Again - Scottsdale, AZ

I was really hesitant to get a breast augmentation but when I met with Dr. Parson and his office staff I felt confident it was the right move. I believe now this was the worst mistake I could have ever made. First of all about a month after the surgery I noticed the left breast was much... READ MORE

Dr. Edelstein - AMAZING Surgeon! - Toronto, ON

I am highly recommending Dr. Edelstein to any woman out there that would like to have their breasts enhanced. I could not be happier with my results! He was very informative during our consultation and was never pushy with any of the options he suggested. He made my husband and I feel at ease... READ MORE

So Professional and Always Caring! - Minneapolis, MN

The procedure itself was easier than I ever expected! I did loose some sensation, but I don't really mind that since the results are wonderful and natural looking. They are balanced perfectly with my body. I guess the only negative is that it feels like there's something a bit foreign in my body... READ MORE

Complete Breast Numbness: 8 Months Post-Augmentation - Connecticut

It is now 8 months after my augmentation, which was recommended to me to give me a huge boost in self-esteem, confidence, etc. etc... and I am now, and have been ever since the procedure, in an incredible depression, because at 23 years old, I have NO FEELING IN MY BREASTS ever since the... READ MORE

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