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self-esteem + Breast Augmentation

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Single No Kids

I'm just like any girl trying to improve my self esteem Thinking that I need to go under the knife to accomplish my vision of a perfect body.. I ended up worst! I would say it wasn't so bad to recover from the procedure if you follow all the proper steps. Cons would definitely be that you don't... READ MORE

Mother of 2 Lost Her Confidence

Well I've never been big chested to begin with but they always have fit my body now forward yearssssss ahead and now married with two children and with the rewards of motherhood also come the downsides my body was left marked stretched and pretty much left for dead lol ok maybe not that bad. But... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation for Mild Tubular Breast Condition

Breast augmentation is something that I have thought about since my teens, when I first started to notice that my breasts were not developing in the way that I expected them to. It was never just about the size, but also the shape. I felt that they were under-developed and for a long time I... READ MORE

35 Yrs Old, 5'8 130lbs 425cc Alergan Natrelle Saline Submuscular, Boobay Time!

Whew, Well here I go! I have had Crohns disease for 15 years and suffered extreme weight loss, That and after having my son, my breast were engorged from breast milk and not breast feeding crushing my breast tissue. So between those two things I was left with very flat deflated breast. It has... READ MORE

34 Years Old 2 Kids - El Paso, TX

My biggest motivation was to be good whith myself and feel more self-esteem. I had a very fast recovery thanks to the advise of Dr. Soser and I have no problems. The result was better than I expected and recovery was well. Now I feel more happy and whith The highest self-esteem. thank to this... READ MORE

It Changed my Life and Self Esteem for the BETTER - Wisconsin, WI

I always wanted to get my best day ever since I was 16 I'm currently 34 years old mother of two I had my procedure did this past June 16th and I am so glad I did. I've had positive feedback and negative feedback from the females in my family and friends mostly the negative feedback of the female... READ MORE

26yo, 4kids, 32AA, 5'2, 110lbs, 350/375cc - Worcester, MA

So im 14 days out from my surgery... sooo scared/nervous/excited/happy/anxious... ive been religiously following the other women on this site.. tmw is my pre op!!! i have had 4 beautiful children which i breastfed 2 of them they have officially deflated.. and its caused a huge impact on my self... READ MORE

31 with Two Kiddos and No Self Esteem - San Diego, CA

Gosh where do I even journey started shortly after having my daughter in 2006. I was 4'10 and 98 lbs when I got pregnant with her and at 37 wks I had t c-section and was weighing full term 157lbs. My boobs got so big and shrunk pretty quickly once I stopped breastfeeding. I started t... READ MORE

26yr Old with 2 Kids - Las Vegas, NV

I feel very comfortable with my appearance my self-esteem went up and I get so many great complanments! My husband loves them too! I got 500 cc and I loved the size really don't regret it!! The pain wasn't so bad by the 2 second week I was able to move around more and by the 1 month the... READ MORE

Mommy with a New Found Love of Her Breasts! - Philadelphia, PA

Can not start to say how much I am thrilled with my overall experience. Everyone from start to finish made my experience personal and did not make me feel "cookie cutter" like I've felt at a previous consult with another physician. I am a 21 yr old mother of one that breast feed for an extended... READ MORE

Considering Breast Augmentation Revision. Iowa, IA

Hi everyone, I first joined Realself in 2014 when I was beginning my quest regarding augmentation. It was absolutely amazing and so helpful to join this site and receive all of the wonderful information from everyone. I underwent breast augmentation in May of last year and it was one of the best... READ MORE

24 No Kids New Body Dr Ortega Miami

Hello Real self family. I'm 24 5'2 120lbs. I'm a 34A and B if I'm lucky lol. I'm seeking a full c or about 350-400cc. I always wanted implants since I was 18. I had some esteem issues. But I'm pretty much doing this for me. I want to get into modeling and be the face of my brand . I can't wait... READ MORE

20 Yo Underdeveloped Breast Effecting Self Esteem and Confidence at Time of Surgery - Canberra, AU

I discussed with my GP what I was feeling about myself and my body about 6 months before seeing Ross. She had no concerns as I wanted to look my age and not like a 13 yo and that there were no other reasons I wanted to get a breast augmentation other than for myself. My partner and I had... READ MORE

20 Year Old, 1 Baby. El Paso, TX

I always wanted to get breast augumentation but I was scared. After going to my 1st appointment Dr. Agullo made me feel comfortable on getting the procedure done, and I took the 1st appointment available. My overall experience was great! I highly recomend it to everyone that has any 2nd thoughts... READ MORE

28 Year Old Mother of 4...finally Getting Boobs!! - Houston, TX

Hi Ladies!! Well here's my story: I've been wanting boobs since I was about 12 years old. I remember someone once saying my chest was "like a surfboard", and another time someone said they're "not perky enough" was humiliating and stuck with me throughout all these years. Ever since, I've... READ MORE

A Dream Come True - Omaha, NE

I've dreamed of breast implants for ten years after a constant battle with low self-esteem. I always thought just going up a cup size would be enough but after constant research, I realized I really wanted something bigger. The problem was finding something that would fit my small frame. I... READ MORE

28 years old, 2 kids, 325cc Saline unders

Hello! I'm new here, and thought I would start out by saying its great to see all the wonderful women on here who are on the same journey as me! I could go into the whole backstory as to why I want my fun bags, but I'm sure we all have similar stories right? I'm wear a 34 B double padded... READ MORE

23 Years Old, No Kids, Saline Implants - Glen Allen, VA

I got boob implants because I had been talking about getting them forever and once I was able to I did. It has increased my self esteem and confidence and it has helped me with my modeling career. I got the saline implants which are not harmful to your body if one erupts since it is made out of... READ MORE

I Did It for Me! Utah, UT

I am a 29 year old mother of 2. My body has been through a lot between two c-sections and nursing. I was active duty for 7 years, so I know how to keep my body in shape. What I didn't have the ability to do was grow the two things that made me feel good about myself: my breasts. I had been... READ MORE

19 - Edina, MN

I have always had self esteem issues with my boobs and I am happy with my results one month after surgery. I have never had surgery before and the first week or two after surgery will be uncomfortable, but it is not painful. I do recommend to go one size up that you might think is too big. I... READ MORE

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