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Topplasticsurgeonsmexico Breast Implants Review / Dr Juan Bernardo Baltazar Rendon

Hi my name is Sandra, I am 32 from San Francisco, I had a BA in Mexico City 3 months ago! Well, finally got some time to write out my story. Well when I was young i had great boobs, 32 full B almost C but after breastfeeding for almost 1 year my boobs deflated to a barely there A. I was so... READ MORE

5'6" and 140lb Range Going to Use Approx 500cc Round Silicone

Pre op was 10/18/16 and surgery is 11/4/16 Dr. Greco will bring at least 15 sizers into the operating room and decide what looks best during surgery. Going in the 500cc range round smooth silicone. I have wide bwd of 15-16cm and need larger size to see any significant change. I'm probably a 34b... READ MORE

Deflated After Children. Fall River, MA

I went into breast augmentation completely blind and have educated myself so much that I now feel qualified to perform the surgery on myself!!! LOL! I went back and forth between over or under the muscle, saline or silicone, CC's to get, shape and texture...and of course THE SURGEON. I've... READ MORE

Deflated C Cup 27 Mother Now SO HAPPY with BA. Bondi, AU

A BA was something I always wanted and after friends of mine got it done I keenly started to hunt for a surgeon. Due to the low cost and high volume of girls with good reviews I decided on The Cosmetic Institute in Bondi. They are cosmetic surgeons however I felt considering this is all they do... READ MORE

30 Years Old. Flat As Pancake. Thailand, TH

After much struggling and contemplating, I finally plucked up courage to go ahead with this procedure. I'm surrounded by people who are not for plastic surgery. So it was a tough decision to make. But I realised that we must never make decisions based on people's approval. So there I was! Dr... READ MORE

3 Kids, 32yrs Old, Breast Augmentation - Fairfax, VA

I have been anti plastic surgery for a while, but after seeing the changes in my body post 3 kids in 6 years, I have warmed to the idea. I will undergo breast augmentation, silicone, subglandular, July 15th, and I am excited and nervous. I will have local and iv sedation over general. I have... READ MORE

28 Year Old ER Nurse - Dallas, TX

As an ER nurse I have always been skeptical of plastic surgery; due to the horror stories I have both seen and heard in my professional career. I had always wanted a breast augmentation, but was afraid of the typical “jiffy lube” surgery that a lot of plastic surgeons offer. I was concerned abo... READ MORE

29 Years Old, Went from Bra Size AAA to C/D. Mountlake Terrace, WA

I wanted to be flat chested no more! Dr. Sattler and his staff were wonderful from beginning and still going! I'm very happy with my results and wouldn't change a thing! I met with a few doctors to test the market and see who I would feel most comfortable with. The reason I went with Dr.... READ MORE

32 Yr Old, Mother of 3, Breast Augmentation - Fairfax, VA

I am so excited..but still very nervous for my breast augmentation. Its 13 days away, and I am just praying everything goes according to plan. I have decided to do 325-350 CC Silcone Subglandular implants, under local with a myriad of other conscious sedation anesthesia performed by a board... READ MORE

Great, Personable Surgeon for Breast Augmentation - Wayne, NJ

My consultation with Dr Ganchi was in July and I had my breast augmentation procedure in September. He and his team goes all out to keep things optimal for patients. For example, I didn't have any of the post-surgical symptoms such as bloating, dry throat or nausea. Dr Ganchi was very delicate... READ MORE

I LOVE my New Look - Columbia, MO

I have always wanted to have larger breasts. I have lurked on plastic surgery pages for years, I never liked how I looked in a swimsuit or nice tops. I finally went to talk to Dr. Concannon about the procedure and once I did I couldn't wait to get it done! He had me try on different sizers in... READ MORE

Wonderful Doctor, Wonderful Experience - Honolulu, HI

Day 1: Surgery was conducted under conscious sedation. I woke up groggy, and went home to take a 20 minute nap. Woke up hungry, so no nausea thankfully. After a quick lunch, I logged into my computer and put in a full six hours of work requiring complex problem solving and logic skills. I went... READ MORE

Dr. Pruitt Deserves a Gold Medal - Dallas, TX

Dr. Pruitt and his staff deserve a gold medal! I am so pleased with my breast augmentation. I wanted my breast to look natural and fit 'me' without looking to big or small. My implant size is perfect. I experienced much less discomfort after the surgery than I thought. The local with IV sedation... READ MORE

I Stressed for Months and Now my Breast Augmentation is over and I'm Thrilled! - San Diego, CA

I want to share my breast augmentation story because when I was contemplating getting one I searched the Internet constantly for other people's stories and it helped me tremendously! So here it goes... After two kids, my once full C cup boobs turned into small SMALL B cups. After a year of... READ MORE

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