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scoliosis + Breast Augmentation

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25 y/o, no kids, 6'0" 165lbs -- 34B Marf undergoing BA in July to camouflage pectus asymmetry

I started researching BA earlier this year and have visited the (seemingly requisite) three different doctors in my area. My case is unique and while all three consultations went well I felt in the best hands with Dr. Gray's approach and experience. (plus, ~go bears~) I have been unhappy with... READ MORE

28, Scoliosis, No Kids, 5'2 105lbs

Currently been to two consultations. I originally chose the first doctor but when I talked to the second one I ended up choosing him instead because he seemed more confident n the procedure and said he had done similar ones previously. I have serious rib cage deformity because of scoliosis.... READ MORE

LOVE MY NEW BOOBS! Mel Ortega is Amazing!

Since I can remember, I've always wanted to have bigger boobs. I was embarrassed by my A-cup and never owned a bra without padding. So, no doubts, breast augmentation was on my mind for a long time. First time I've heard about Dr. Mel Ortega from my friend. She said she had her boobs done by... READ MORE

New Boobs for this USAF wife! Mentor MemoryGel MPP Silicone Under Muscle 450cc(L)/475cc(R)

Hello all, I've been thinking about breast augmentation for a few years now and am finally going through with it with the support of my sweet husband. I'm a 34B and would like to go to a small D (I think, anyway!) 3D imaging will help get a better idea at the pre-opt appt. I have a little... READ MORE

28 Years Old Mother of Two and Wanted to Feel Comfortable Again - Omaha, NE

I wanted this surgery to fix all the annoying daily issues I had with saggy uneven breasts. I also have scoliosis so one side of my chest cavity is caved in a bit. Accentuating the smaller boob issue. So far I love my surgeon but I'm concerned with results. Only 5 days post op though. Will... READ MORE

Implants..didn't Know I Had Scoliosis

Wanted larger breast, had very small breasts. Not happy with the outcome, I was unaware at the time that I could have something done about the unfavorable outcome. I wish I would have gone to a different doctor honestly. No I would never recommend this doctor to anyone. I regret my decision to... READ MORE

21 Y/o. 425 (LEFT) and 400 (RIGHT) Cc Silicone. AMAZING EXPERIENCE! Under the Muscle. No Kids. 5'5. 135 Lbs.

My original consultation with Dr. Fiala was fabulous. They've helped schedule everything around my school schedule and answered every single question I've had. From reception, to nurse, to Doctor, to the woman in everyone was warm but professional and soft spoken. I tried on different sizers,... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation and Scoliosis; Cavity. New York, NY

Hello, I am 24 yrs old and I am very interested in getting my breast larger than an A cup more like a C. However I have scoliosis, per my spinal surgeon and doctor he OK'd it saying it should not be a problem. Although my concern is more my chest interms of my ribcage since it more slanted if I... READ MORE

21yrs. Old 123lbs. Deciding Between 300cc or 340cc Round Moderate Profile. Prince George, BC

Hi guys! My BA is in three weeks and I still haven't decided on a size! I'm a little asymmetrical due to slight scoliosis :O I'm between two sizes 240/295 or 295/340. I really don't know which to choose the 295 looks small but I am scared of rippling and also looking top heavy with the 340. I... READ MORE

20 Years Old, Small 32c with Asymmetry Due to Scoliosis! - Southampton, UK

So the story is...I had nice full c-cups until I had to have spinal surgery, which completely flattened my chest wall, and pronounced my assymetry even more! So I spoke to my spinal surgeon who referred me to my PS, originally I would have had this done NHS! but due to cutbacks the funding... READ MORE

26 Year Old , No Kids, Slim Build , 275 Cc Moderate Round Allergen Implants The Cosmetic Institute Southport QLD. Gold Coast, AU

Today 12 November 2015 I received 275 cc moderate height round allergen textured implants at The Cosmetic Institute in Southport Qld by Dr. Jim Kenny. From the beginning- For the last 2 years i've wanted implants but the timing and my finances never lined up correctly. After a few... READ MORE

25 Yr Old - Considering Breast Augmentation to Correct Asymmetry. Houston, TX

Hi all, Longtime lurker, first time poster – for context, I’m 25, 5’8, 125 lbs, no kids. Ever since puberty I’ve been obsessing over the asymmetry in my breasts. My left breast is a small C and is fuller, while my right is a small B and perkier – and as I learned in my consultations, the diffe... READ MORE

29 Year Old W/ Scoliosis Caused Uneven Breast

Hello! I am 29 years old and since I was hit puberty I developed uneven breast due to scoliosis. My left breast was a large C/small D cup (in both Victoria's Secret ans H&M bras), while my right breast was an average B cup. I constantly had to wear bras sign padding on the right side to just... READ MORE

Post-Scoliosis Transformation - Vancouver, BC

Hi my name is Clare When I was 14 years old I was diagnosed with severe scoliosis. I had a 48 degree curve which meant I needed spinal fusion surgery to correct and heal me. I became self-conscious about my body image. I was constantly fixated on how my ribs and shoulders looked in shirts when... READ MORE

High profile implant on one side, Extra high profile on the other= symmetrical for the first time!

I love my results. I was very nervous about doing this, Dr Fryer and his entire staff were great. They made me comfortable and not embarrassed about my surgery. I have scoliosis and have concavity on my sternum and after breast feeding four babies this helped me feel like I can be a woman... READ MORE

31 Year Old, No Kids

I had (not anymore!!!) breast asymmetry due to scoliosis. After the procedure, which was very easy and pain-free, I am beginning to, for the first time, look great in my clothes! The only complaint that I have, and it's extremely minor, is that I have very ugly bruising on my arm from the IV.... READ MORE

Wish I Had It Sooner, Breast Augmentation. Newport Beach, CA

My outcome of my Breast Augmentation was excellent! I am about 8 weeks post procedure and my swelling has decreased. I am now at the size I had wished for and I am ecstatic about my results. My doctor gave me great detailed instructions for my post procedure recovery and it is so helpful. I am... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation. Chevy Chase, MD

Because of my minor scoliosis, my chest and shoulders, and practically my entire frame was a-symmetrical. I decided to have breast augmentation so that I could have more symmetry and it was the second best decision I have ever made. The first best was choosing Dr. Scott Spear to perform my... READ MORE

Boob Job - Honolulu, HI

I had asymmetrical breasts after nursing 2 kids for 2 years. Plus I have a scoliotic curvature so I was feeling really lopsided. I didn't want huge porn star boobs, just nice, full symmetric breast. After thinking about it for a long time, I finally decided to get a consultation. After... READ MORE

My Best Choice! Dominican Republic, DO

If you are willing to find someone professional and trust worthy you are on the right track. Right now I am a med student, for which I can asure you he took the proper time, removed my clothe in the proper way and respect my opinion every step of the way. At first I was scared, and he took the... READ MORE

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