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I Was 45 Years Old and Really Wanted my Breasts Improved - Fort Lauderdale, FL

I chose to go to this place and this doctor for breast augmentation and lift I had to have 3 different surgeries and the first two times I did not get my lift and I was left with some scarring the third time I have horrible horrible scarring painful around my areolas I can't wear anything low... READ MORE

31 Years Old, 2 Children, Breast Augmentation - Tunbridge Wells, GB

I have always been very small in the chest area. It has always made me very self conscious, and not liking the way i looked. After having 2 children i lost even more than i had to start with. I have been considering BA for many many years. Now having had it done, i can honestly say its been the... READ MORE

PBG - Mark Pinsky MD -Ruined My Breasts then told Me to Find Another Surgeon Because "This is the Best He Can Do"!!

As a 40 something mom looking to undo some of the damage from breastfeeding my 2 children, I had implants and a lift with Dr. Mark Pinsky in August 2012. He did not listen to what I wanted and became defensive when I questioned anything he said. I started as a b cup and was looking to get a... READ MORE

30 Yrs, 2 Children

Hello everyone! I recently turned 30, I have two kids, 9 yrs old and smaller is 1. I used to have a nice c cup, but after my first child, it changed to an a cup with lots of scars. I was unhappy ofcourse,but I didn't consider a surgery, I even thought it's disgusting to have implants. 9 years... READ MORE

Best Breast Decision - Turkey, TR

It has now been 7 weeks since my surgery and all swelling and pain have gone. My breast are starting to form a more natural shape. The scarring is very small and is still fading. It took just over 3 weeks before I was able to lay on my front again. I have just started to wear underwire bras and... READ MORE

20 Y/o W/ 1 Child Breast Augmentation-extremely Happyyyyyy. Minneapolis, MN

Hi guys! I'm a 5'1" tiny college student with 1 child and did breast feed for a month.. Who had A cup breasts before my breast augmentation. I travelled all the way from Wisconsin just so I could get my breast done by Dr Tholen. I live down the street from a plastic surgery facility but have... READ MORE

57 Year Old Fine Lady - Bakersfield, CA

I had previous breast surgery in 2011 that cause scaring and turned by breast into saggy bags. On Monday Jan.16, 2017 a great you doctorDr. Barnes turn me into a hot grandmother. This motivated me to hit the gym harder and stronger. I will add updated picture tomorrow from my followup... READ MORE

20 Year Old with Botched Boob Job After Tubular Breast Deformity: Who Needs Help Desperately

When I was 19 I finally got the procedure of my dreams done. I have tubular breast deformity and struggled with insecurity for years. So when I got the opportunity I couldn't say no. But now my boobs are hard I have HUGE scars my nipples are still massive. I think the whole thing is a disaster.... READ MORE

24 Yo 1 Child 5'5 650cc - Oahu Island, HI

Been wanting to get a breast augmentation from before I had a child. I had a B cup in high school, but it wasn't well proportioned with my body. After having my son my breasts developed mild sagging which pushed me to want a ba even more so. Here I am finally doing it! So excited/nervous :D I am... READ MORE

BA with a Little Extra - Spain

After surgery with Dr Aslani in 2008 I have been left with 18 sutures aound my nipples (my nipples where removed) I also have scarring around my nipples as thick as my baby finger. I still have these sutures in place, 8 1/2 years later. Due to this I have had issues with intimate relationships,... READ MORE

THANK YOU!!!!! 31 Years Old, Boobs Savaged by Breast Feeding! - Chelmsford, GB

Previously informed elsewhere that I required a Mastopexy. Mr. B was aware that I wished to avoid scarring. Advised that if we "go in with eyes open" knowing I would still have some nipple asymmetry and they would still be slightly ptotic, then he would proceed with standard BA. COULDN'T BE HAPPIER. READ MORE

Is This Normal - Oklahoma City, OK

Hi there, I feel like my implants aren't not as big as other people's, lol, like maybe ps put in wrong size, ha ha. I know body shapes and sizes can make all the difference but just wondering if mine are going to be getting any bigger, as I wanted a full Day. Also I'm having either the... READ MORE

Saline Augmentation - Miami, FL

Hi EVERYONE!!! I am a 31 try old African American woman seeking a breast augmentation with Dr.Orlando Llorente. I have chosen to go with Saline implants for my own personal reasons. I am a B-Cup wanting to increase my breast size to a natural looking full C-Cup. [340CC Implants] As far as... READ MORE

750cc Silicone - Mexico

I'm happy but I think i went really big. I was 360 34D before and i wanted to be DD but now I am 36DDD They look great but I have a double bobble.. will this go away? how can I make my scaring go away faster? I'm sacare if I go smaller later my skin will be stretch. How long does it takes to... READ MORE

28 Years Old, 1Child, Breastfeed, STATS 5'9, 13st, Now I Need a BA! Europe, EU

Ok so I've wanted to have a BA since I was 18years old! 10 years have flown by and I'm ready to get them done now. I live in the UK but I'm travelling to Europe 'Turkey' to have my surgery, why? Because I've had a friend that has visited the same surgeon with excellent results. My goals of... READ MORE

Find a Different Doctor! Albany, NY

Horrible experience! I had breast implants and one popped. My insurance was to pay due to medical necessity. I had to pay $6000 upfront and when she received my insurance payment she was to refund me! She didn't! She received $12000 for this hell! She put in double D's instead of the Cshe... READ MORE

26 Yo Wanting to Go B -> D, Mislead by Consultation - China, CN

Hello people. I am 26 years old, 176 cm tall and have always had B70 bra size. And I live in China, so I had the procedure done here, but with a Korean plastic surgery hospital chain called Raily Plastic because they're basically well-known for supplying the best results around these parts... READ MORE

So Sorry That I Picked This Dr Dolezal!! Gurnee, IL

I had breast lift with silicone implants that are both burst inside of me now. My stitches busted open and healed that way and all he did was prescribe an ointment. My scars are HIDEOUS and now I cannot afford to get them fixed! It is very depressing, and has affected my marriage in a negative... READ MORE

They do it better these days

This doctor left terrible scars under my breast, when he told me he would go through my belly button. I guess he decided when I was out cold to cut beneath my breasts, all because it was complicated because I had prior lipo, and there was scarring there, well he should have said that before surgery. READ MORE

25, 2 Kids, 5'3, 128lbs. Chula Vista, CA

I had two kids and about a year after my second i decided to get implants to fill loose skin i had. I had wanted implants since i was 18 i was a small chested girl very active but also disproportionate. The consult went great and the staff was very friendly. Dr. Nojan Talebzadeh always seemed a... READ MORE

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