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37 Years Old Breast Fed 3 Kids. Agonisised Too Long.

I've never had big boobs (nor do I want very big boobs) but breast feeding 3 children (last one fir 2 years) I'm left with nothing. No confidence. Can't wear anything. No bra is comfortable. Without bra I've 2 backs, could be mistaken for a child. I work hard to keep fit and try to maintain good... READ MORE

Woman looking to enhance small breasts. State of mind; confused. How accurate is Crisalix?

Hi fellow realselfers. You girls all look so beautiful, and my photo app is currently filled up with tons of your amazing results! Being 2 weeks away from my BA, I find myself browsing through this site 24/7. I'm 167 cm tall, weigh 54 kg and currently an a-cup. At my first consultation we... READ MORE

Amazing experience

Dr. Simon is truly a perfectionist! Prior to my BA, I was very picky and scared to pick the wrong doctor but after looking at Dr. Simon's reviews/work on his website, I didn't hesitate to request a consult asap. After being examined by Dr. Simon, I felt so comfortable and welcomed by his office... READ MORE

325 cc mod plus mentor, should I have gone bigger?

Hi everyone. I'm five days post op now! And although I love what I see when i take my shirt off I'm a little nervous that they may not be big enough. I was barely a 32 a prior to surgery. I'm 25 years old 110 pounds and got 325 cc under muscle moderate plus and would love to be a mid to full c... READ MORE

Best experience

After having 2 children I felt really apprehensive about my appearance in particular my breasts so a breast augmentation was something I really wanted but was so scared to do so. From the moment I met Natalie I was at ease. She listened to what I wanted that being a natural look, and... READ MORE

BA Date is Set! 26 Yo, 5ft, 110lbs

Hi! I have finally set my BA date but I don't wanna put the exact date till I put down my deposit :) I've been wanting to get my breasts done since 2013, but life kept getting in the way. Four years later, and life is still definitely in the way but I am finally taking the plunge to get them... READ MORE

23 Years Old, 127lbs, 450cc silicone HP - Modesto, CA

I am shooting for the most natural looking, perky breasts! I am currently a full B and wanting a full D post-surgery. I'm scared that my expectations may be a tad bit high, but can you blame me? I'm paying for this! Lol I pretty nitpicky and I'm scared I might over analyze my new breasts and... READ MORE

Barely A Cup, Deflated from Breastfeeding. 390 CC

I have wanted Boobs ever since I can remember. Literally, there is a picture of me and a friend at 6 in our swim suits and I've got water balloons in my suit! My husband suddenly asked for a divorce after only a year of marriage and I was shattered. I was also turning 30, which made me feel... READ MORE

22 Yr Old, No Kids, 450/475 silicone implants. Chico, CA

I'm still in the research phase and heavily weighing pros and cons. I've had one consultation which didn't go nearly as well as I'd hoped, (his office couldn't offer me silicone- even off label because I'm not 22) and I felt rushed and like "just another patient" I have my second consultation... READ MORE

22, 5'0, 110lbs. 355cc moderate plus - Boston, MA

First off I'd like to say thank you to all the amazing ladies on here, especially the ones who wrote very detailed reviews. It may have been a lot to read but I enjoyed it and it's nice getting an idea on what to expect. So I'm 22, 5'0, fluctuate between 108/113lbs. I'm a mom to an amazing 4... READ MORE

25 Years Old, No Kids, Current Size: 32A, Desired Size: 32C

I've included some pre-op pictures in this post. It's been really helpful to look at others' surgery journeys. Especially women whose bodies look like mine. Shoutout to bree71815. She did an awesome job documenting every part of her journey and inspired me to post about my own. Thanks and... READ MORE

800cc Saline Dual Plane High Profile Round

Hey y'all! I joined RealSelf a few years ago, but have finally scheduled my long awaited & much needed breast augmentation. The awesome ladies on this website have been super informative, honest, & helpful, so I'm hoping to do the same in return! After doing EXTENSIVE research, I've... READ MORE

20 Year Old Flying from the UK to Clinic BeauCare in Belgium for a Breast Augmentation

I am 20 years old and have wanted a breast Augmentation for as long as I can remember. I am 5ft2 size 6/8 in clothes but very small chested at a 32B. I feel unconfident in clothes and feel my tip half does not match my curvier bottom half. I want a breast augmentation to make myself more... READ MORE

22 year Old, No Kids, 5'7, 130 lbs.

Age-21 Weight-135 Height-5'7" Before size-34b I've thought about it for years and done the research. Tomorrow is the big day....I'm so excited...and terrified. I'm supposed to get somewhere between 400-450cc. He's going to try different ones during surgery to see what fits best. One side of my... READ MORE


I've been browsing this website for god knows how long. Always fantasizing about getting my breasts done but wanting to wait until I had the funds and until I was done having kids. Well my time has finally come! I'll be going in in 3 weeks! I'm soooo scared but reading all your reviews and... READ MORE

375cc HP. 23 Years Old. 130lbs. 5'4. Active. No Kiddos - Birmingham, AL

Hello Everyone! I am super excited as my procedure date gets closer and closer. I have chosen Dr. Hedden in Birmingham, AL for my procedure. I am a little nervous but mostly excited. I have ALWAYS wanted boobs, especially when I realized that puberty was over and I was blessed with a 34A cup,... READ MORE

21 Years Old, 5'0", 107 Lbs, Current 32B, Getting 425 or 450cc

Hey girls. My BA is 4 days away. I am so excited and anxious I just want it to happen already!! Right now I'm scared that recovery will be super painful. And second, I hope I've chosen a big enough cc for me. The first pictures I am uploading are my BEFORE pictures. I'll post some of my wish... READ MORE

Great experience

The entire staff is amazingly proffesional, they were very knowledgeable and we're capable of answering any unanswered questions I had as well as comforting any post-op fears. Dr.Rahal did an amazing job, I'm happier than I thought possible with the results. He has helped me with my body... READ MORE

Destin Plastic Surgery is hands down the best

My experience at Destin Plastic Surgery was outstanding! Dr.Burden and Joan were the best, could not ask for better then them. I was quiet scared going In after watching numerous youtube videos on breast augmentations which I advise no one to do but dr.burden and the whole staff helped me so... READ MORE

mom of 6 with A cup, hoping for a D Seattle, WA

I'm an A cup hoping to get a full c small D. I'm a mother of 6 and breasfeed my last two kids. I've always been small chested and I'm so excited about going thru with this BA. I'm really scared about this whole procedure but hoping I have no complications and everything goes smooth... 2 more... READ MORE

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