scar tissue + Breast Augmentation

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16 year old breast implants- capsular contracture and nipple lift

I'm left with scars both physical and emotional. I had out of pocket costs for a portion of the hyperbaric therapy treatment charges I had post op. Now I have to consider whether or not the scar tissue should be looked at and what a solution might be. I've waited a year to post my review. If... READ MORE

Not good

I've waited a year to post my review. If I could do it all over again I would first reconsider going here and would have listened to the Seattle Doctor that told me not to do a nipple lift at the same time I was having my implants replaced. I was assured by Dr Marosan that I had nothing to be... READ MORE

325cc HP Sub-glandular, and capsular contracture. Not Happy. Eyelid surgery too.

Hello all, I have contemplated writing a review for quite a while. Since my roller coaster is still on full throttle I figured it's as good a time as any. I had my BA 6 months ago at age 47. I was a small 34B. I wanted a natural look, not too big, would be happy with a large C. The first and... READ MORE

Most Natural Looking Breats Ever. - Provo, UT

I was so nervous about having surgery. It's not really my thing but I really hated my boobs after have two kids. I didn't want big ones and didn't want them to look fake. Dr. Pledger was so awesome. He answered every question, knew everything there is to know about boobs and surgery and really... READ MORE

Post-Weight Loss Nip Tucks - Wayne, NJ

Hi all! I decided to start writing about my journey with Dr Ganchi now because not many people have done so for the entire length of the experience, as others have with other surgeons. I will post pics along the way to help anyone! Really thorough reviews & images are essential on this site to... READ MORE

25 Years Old, 500cc Under the Muscle Silicone Gel, Right Donut - Coral Gables, FL

I moved to South Florida about a year ago and had my heart set on getting a breast augmentation for years. I chose Dr. Roudner because of his great reviews. The office is beautiful, but overall BUSY. The doctor and staff probably couldn't pick me out of a crowd but I have AWESOME breasts now. I... READ MORE

Should've Fixed the "Girls" Sooner! Bakersfield, CA

I was always "blessed" with a shapely figure and an hourglass which included a 36D bust. However, after three children suckling, I lost most of the tissue in them. Unfortunately, I waited until I was over 50 to do something to remedy the situation. I had had a successful tummy tuck in 2005... READ MORE

Great experience - Morristown, NJ

I was born with a birthmark that caused my right breast never to grow. I had that breast augmented when I was 18. I was pleased to finally have a right breast but it was not symmetrical. Down the road, I had significant scar tissue and had it redone by the same physician when I was 27, again... READ MORE

Great experience and results from an outstanding surgeon!

Dr Reiger is a very talented surgeon and has a wonderful bedside manner. He is truly a caring and conscientious person. He performed my original breast augmentation 17 years ago and was amazing then. I had to have my breasts redone since my left breast had become very hard since it had become... READ MORE

Best Bay Area Plastic Surgeon

To All People looking for a good plastic surgeon, you can stop looking any further. Victor Liu has 25+ years of experience and is so good at what he does that it will never look like you had work done. You will look natural, well rested and a much younger version of yourself. Once the word... READ MORE

I am such a happy patient - and I was not an easy one!

Dr. Decorato is fantastic! I went to Dr. Decorato at the age of 31, for a Breast Augmentation. I was born with tubular breasts and I was a bit of a tricky case because of that, and also because of complications from past surgeries done by another surgeon 10+ years ago. Upon meeting with Dr.... READ MORE

Best Decision Ever

I was eager to have this procedure done. Went in for my consultation and the doctors and staff made me feel right at home. This is the best decision I have made. I feel great!!!! Had scar tissue formed around procedure area he even fixed that with no problem. I went from not liking my breasts to... READ MORE

Wonderful Experience! - Newport Beach, CA

I had a breast augmentation by Dr. Horowitz 4 years ago and recently inquired about getting work done for some scar tissue on the right side of my chest forming after I gave birth to my daughter. My visit was very pleasant – His staff was very friendly and helpful and I was again impressed by D... READ MORE

Needed New Breast - Alpharetta, GA

My breast deflated after having 3 kids. I decided it was time to get them back! My first impression of Dr. Bauer and his staff was that they seemed really nice. However, I had a tummy tuck in the past so I expected them to be nice and helpful in the beginning. The true personalities show after... READ MORE

25 Year Old - Atlanta, GA

Since very young, when my breast did not really develop, I wanted a breast augmentation. Also, over time a tissue began to grow on my upper lip. Dr.Fara gave me the perfect augmentation and removed the scar tissue on my lip which allows me to confidently smile! Everyone involved in my procedure... READ MORE

Botched Surgery - Vancouver, BC

I am writing this to all the people out there considering having breast argumentation from Dr Rai. I would strongly suggest you go elsewhere. I had a breast augmentation from Dr Rai. in September 2010. After my surgery my recovery was not normal and I would meet with him to discuss the pain... READ MORE

34 Year Old Mother of 2 Auto Augmentation, Lipo, and Scar Revision - Toronto, ON

I'm a mother of two young children that were both born via C-section. After my last c-section i was left with major scar tissue due to an infection. This in turn, left me with a lump that hung over the left side of my c-section. I went to Dr. Born for a consultation asking him what he could do... READ MORE

Best Doctor Ever. Nashville, TN

Loved the result and Dr Haws was great. Never regretted decision after I had breast feed both children I was very lopsided and uneven. She made me look like my old self and repaired scar tissue left over from C section also Fun to talk to and very much interested in what I wanted and helpful... READ MORE

run from this dr....warning!!!! - Miami, FL

I was a patient of "DR". Craft when he was with Coral Gables Cosmetic Center, which by the way that place is pure appearance.( do your research) I had a consultation with him back in 2008 and at first he inspire me a lot of trust ; He knew what he was talking about ,but unfortunately it was... READ MORE

"Rapid Recovery" breast aug - Chicago, IL

I've been wanting the surgery for awhile.. I am a 32 B and would like to go up 1 cup size with saline implants. Are there any doctors in the Chicagoland area that perform rapid recovery breast augmentations? I'm interested in the quick recovery time and the potential for last scar tissue but... READ MORE

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