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40 Year Old, Breast Fed 3 Kids,

Turning 40 has had a lot of pros and cons. My kids are almost grown and have wanted BA for almost ten years but my ex-husband didnt want me to get them and of course the money. So one day I said I was tired of talking about it and went to se Dr. Lille in Scottsdale. Found out I could save a lot... READ MORE

Best Decision Ever!

Breast augmentation was something I wanted badly when I turned 19. I did research for many years and decided to wait until I am at least 22 so I could get the silicone. After years of research and after telling my mom about it and having her support, I decided to move forward with it. I had a... READ MORE

23 YO, 5'5" 125LBS,520CC SRF. Last Step in Restoring Prebaby Body - Warrenville, IL

Hi ladies! I have been on RealSelf since my daughter was born in December 2015. I was formally under Scarlettsmom15 but decided to create a new account and write a new review under Breast Augmentation. After having my daughter, the weight came off easily but my prebaby boobs never came back! I... READ MORE

Wanted my boobs back, these aren't them

I hate to be a Debbie downer here but I don't think mine was his best work. I went to Dr Lawton because he has the best reviews, never saw another Dr. Some of his after photos are incredible, i believe he is the best, but I'm still waiting for my results. Tomorrow will be 12 weeks. 5'4" 130... READ MORE

Dr. Schaffner's work speaks for itself!

I booked my consultation with Dr. Schaffner on 2/1/17 (free of charge). I consulted with two doctors prior and I had done EXTENSIVE BA research beforehand so I already knew most of the answers I was going to ask. I wanted to hear each doctor out. I asked Dr. Schaffner what he thought would look... READ MORE

Love my breasts and my Doc, a couple hiccups along the way but had plenty of help!☺️

Hi everyone, so I am 34 and had started with a size 32A and one side just slightly smaller but basic perfect shape starting out. I got 300cc high profile silicone implants after 15 yrs of research and seeing multiple docs in different states I went with DR. O "The Best"! So I have many stories... READ MORE

32 Year Old (Nursed 2 Kids) 450cc High Profile Under - Vancouver, WA

I received my breast augmentation on Jan 18/2018. I'm 5'4" 140lbs, 32 years old and breastfed 2 kids. When I initially went in for my consultation I thought I wanted a full C cup with saline in the armpit incision solely based on being misinformed on silicone and scar placement. After... READ MORE

24 Years Old, 5'7" - 135lbs BA - 34B pre-op - 375CC

A year ago I contemplated a BA because I really wanted my boobs too look good in my wedding dress this past March. I pondered the idea but I was nervous they'd be too big or wouldn't drop and my dress would end up looking totally different. I told myself at that time that if I still wanted the... READ MORE

I Am 32 Years Old and Have 3kids. Really Self Conscious About What my Body is Looking Like After 3 Children Especially Breasts.

Cannot thank Eddy Dona and staff enough for my procedure! He did such a clean job, in 4weeks post ob and can barely see the scars! He knows what he is talking about and makes you feel so confortable with your decision. The staff so welcoming and lovely they make you feel at ease. Recommend him... READ MORE

i LOVE my birthday boobies!!!!! 49 years old and feel so great! 485cc Natrelle - Dr. Lim and her team are amazing!

I am super excited! I went to see the doctor for my consultation today. She confirmed with another doctor said which was that to look like a 20-year-old I needed to have a breast left. However I do not want these cars. So I am going to go ahead and get an augmentation which I was able to... READ MORE

Endoscopic Breast Augmentation

I got my breast augmentation done by one of my favoritest, bestest, sweetest, realest, person in the world! Dr. Goretti Ho. It's been a little less than 2 months since I've got my augmentation done. Specifically ENDOSCOPIC BREAST AUG via AXILA (armpits). She hid the scars really well with... READ MORE

Masto 6weeks Followed by BA 400cc - Brisbane, AU

I had saggy that made me a little self confident and decided I needed a change (missed my bigger boobs that stayed up in my early 20s) I'm happy I waited and spoke to more then one doctor until I found one that I felt comfortable with and was giving me realistic advice. It was totally worth... READ MORE

Amazing surgeon :)

I cannot recommend Mr Netri enough. Such a friendly surgeon and he had no hesitations in his recommendations for the best results of my breast augmentation. His estimated new bra size was spot on and I am so happy with my results! He made me feel so at ease on the day of the surgery and came to... READ MORE

60 Years Old, Boob Job

Having carried out all my research on sites such as RealSelf prior to making my own decisions about breast surgery, I thought it only fair to share my experience with everyone, in the hope that it helps others make informed choices. I am sixty years old and have always been slender and have had... READ MORE

Regret Going to Dr. Sozer!!!! - El Paso, TX

I wish I never met this man. Had breast augmentation. Uneven breast, hideous scars, dents from Lipo. Doesn't care if he does a good job or if you are in pain. If you have any problems he acts like he doesn't know what you are talking about. ive had to go to a pain specialist, and another plastic... READ MORE

23 Year Old Tuberous Breast Correction

I had always known that my breasts were not a “normal” shape or size, however it wasn’t until about 5 years ago that I finally did some research and realised that I had a tuberous breast deformity. I had virtually no lower pole to either of my breasts, puffy nipples, and a very wide gap that ... READ MORE

Perfect BA

Sumida and his staff are beyond exceptional. They answered all my questions and made sure I was taken care of the entire time. I knew I wanted a breast augmentation and Sumida knew exactly what would look perfect on my body. I am 16 days post-op and I am so excited by the results. No... READ MORE

If you want the BEST Breast Augmentation go to Dr.Tutela!

Dr.Tutela is such an incredible doctor!! My experience with him from day 1 (December) has been continuously exciting and all around positive. He comes into every appointment with a big smile on his face, ready to listen on exactly what you want. What mattered the most to me was that he is an... READ MORE

Flat Chested All my Life, Finally Happy !

I have always wanted my boobs doing, since being about 13/14 when everybody else had them and I didn't. I waited patiently and they never came. I had a baby at 19 and grew some then which made me happy, then some months later when I lost all my baby weight and some I had less chest than I did... READ MORE

I m so glad that I have met Dr. Jerome Liu.

Omg I love Dr. Jerome Liu!!!!! He is very outstanding, friendly, and handsome!!! He is amamzing!!!AMAZING!!!!❤️❤️❤️This month is the third month since Dr.Jerome Liu has done Breast augmentation for me. I am really satisfied about the result. I will update in 3 months again to see how my scars going READ MORE

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