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BA & Mini BBL

So excited! I have booked my date for May 11, 2017 for BBL & Breast Augmentation. I like my body now but know that with some enhancements it can look amazing, so I'm trusting Dr. Pantoja to create a work of art. Can't wait to get rid of the padded bras and have my dream body. I am a bit... READ MORE

30 Years Old, Mother of 1. Florida, FL

Hi Everyone! I've been stocking realself everyday for the last two years and recently decided to create a profile. I'm looking to have a BA preform prior to June... I have wanted my breast augmented since I was at least 18 years old. Now that I'm soon to be in my thirties, I'm ready to be a... READ MORE

Finally Getting Boobies After Wanting Them for Years...Monterrey, MX

Gosh, I hope I'm doing the right decision in having all my surgeries done at the same time. :/ I will be getting a breast augmentation, rhinoplasty and buccal fat removal. My PS is Dr. Luis Gonzalez from Mobterrey, MX. I found him via a list of certified plastic surgeons in MX. He has great... READ MORE

5.5 164 Pounds Getting Bbl and BA. - Beverly Hills, CA

I can't wait, date may 18 :) bbl and BA at the same time. Hope it's not to bad. I'm a big baby when it comes to pain. But I want it. So I'm going for it. I've always been on the heavy side use to be 220 lost about 60 and feel great BUT I lost my Breast and butt :/ with it. I still want to drop... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation..

Less then 10 days away. I am so nervous! 24y/o, 5" 1/2, 1105-108lbs Currently 32A / 34A (story below, you can skip the first paragraph if you don't feel like reading about my story and want to go right to the surgery info :) ) I have had a rough past 2015! And decided to make 2016 about... READ MORE

28 Years Old, No Children. 400cc Mod plus under the muscle and rhinoplasty!

Hi there! Since the age of 14/15 I've been really insecure about the size of my breasts. Being tall and avarege sized/thin and exercise a lot (5'9 and 154 pounds), I think my body could handle a bigger size than my 34B. I like the shape of them though, I just want them a little bigger with more... READ MORE

25, No Kids, Looking for a Subtle Result - Santiago, Chile

I got liposuction in my abdomen and a BA at the same time. I didn't originally mean to enlarge my breasts, but some people commented on it when I told them about lipo, and it made sense. I have never liked big boobs, but I thought I'd like to have a decent cleavage without the help of push-up... READ MORE

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