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Just Got my BA Done!! - Beverly Hills, CA

I just got my BA done today and the procedure was so quick and easy. I am about 6 out and the pain is not even there, it might be because the pain medication that I was given during surgery has not completely left my body yet. So far so good, I am actually able to use the restroom on my own and... READ MORE

Got Some Boobs Finally:) - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

I'm soo beyond excited..I went in this am at 9 and was done by 12. Had to fast since last night at12.i was so thirsty lol.i went in filled out paper work. Then the anistisialogist came and got me she was so nice..then the dr drew the lines and ... They wheeled me in the surgery room gave me... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation and Arm Liposuction - Great Neck, NY

I contacted a few NYC Park Ave PS on realself based on reviews but Dr Tehrani was the only one in queens. He is an easy drive from home, and offered a consult the next day! My husband and my youngest son came with me to the consult. I tried on sizers and met with Kay. She made me feel so... READ MORE

Recovery Journal - Houston, TX

35 years old Two breastfed children Not even sure of previous size...wore sports bras most of the time. "34 AA or Nearly A" was last bra purchased. I have been on realself for the past month. Many posts pictures and reviews have been very helpful. Backstory : for the past 3 years I have... READ MORE

21 Year Old Student, Went from a Measly A Cup to a Small D! - Aventura, FL

So far, it is only day 1 of my post-op recovery (I had my surgery today and I am currently resting at home) but I could not have asked for a smoother surgery! I woke up with some pain, but it was not excruciating. When I got home I took a painkiller so that the pain could subside some more and... READ MORE

32 Years Old - Breastfed 2 Kids - Breast Augmentation - Houston, TX

I have never hated my boobs and never thought about a breast augmentation. But, after breastfeeding two kids (one for a year and for 7 months) my boobs lost volume and sagged a little. Even though they weren't perfect I still wasn't unhappy with them; they still looked good in clothes with a bra... READ MORE

29 Years Old, 2 Kids... 9mo & 23 Mo, C Section - Destin, FL

I was barely a A cup ): I could never fill my clothes up the way I would have liked so after thinking for many years I finally decided to do it. I was so nervous. I wanted a full C! During my consultation I was able to see what I would look like on the computer after they took my pic.... That... READ MORE

I Wanted Before Baby Breast Back - Phoenix, AZ

So, today was the day. I was nervous, I was just starinvg. I'm all bandaged an wrapped up, with some kinda tape, an foam. So, the pain is to bad right now but, I'm SORE! The Dr an his staff was A+!!!! I remember lay on the bed, an someone put my iv in. Next thing I know I was in the car, asking... READ MORE

My Boob Job Story

Hello ladies, I wanted to post my story for you guys. To help you when you are choosing sizing and wanting to know what happened. Today I went in early in the morning to be greeted by very lovely receptionist and a cute motherly nurse to fill in some paperwork and explained the procedure. Had... READ MORE

30yr Old, saggy deflated boobs! 5.4ft and 116lb. Anatomical 365cc

Was not going to write a review but I'm so delighted with how my procedure went yesterday I had to share. Have want breast augmentation for last 10 yrs as soon as I stopped breast feeding. I had also lost a lot of weight so this added to the saggy ness. My doc re-assured me I could get a way... READ MORE

45yo Mom Who Got After Breast Feeding for 3 Yrs - Madison, WI

At 45 I am in best shape of my life, triathlete, yoga teacher... But my breasts were aging and shrinking. Just wanted to enjoy them again. I went w saline under muscle after extreme amount of research. Any cancer risk was too much. I liked the photos of his after surgery, all looked very... READ MORE

Great Doctor - Charlotte, NC

Dr. Capizzi and his staff were incredible. The professionalism was astounding and i couldn't imagine going anywhere else. Thanks to Dr. Capizzi i felt comfortable enough to get a surgery i've wanted for the past twenty years. The moment i stepped in the door i felt like i was part of the family.... READ MORE

23 Years Old, No Children, 5'6 138 Pounds, 350cc Saline Unders

Hello! I'm 5'6, 138 pounds. On April 20th I received 350cc saline implants under the muscle. My starting size was a full a/small b. I'm hoping to be a full c/small d. So far the pain is manageable and they are just tight and sore. I've been taking the medication like clockwork every 4 hours. The... READ MORE

Best Plasic Surgeon in Boca Raton

Dr. Jason Pozner in Boca Raton far exceeded my expectations in pre-op, surgery and post-op appointments after I was in critical need of a super-skilled surgeon after being in a head-on collision from a drunk driver. I interviewed and consulted with multiple surgeons before several people... READ MORE

Dr. Landon is Great! - New Port Richey, FL

This morning I went through with my breast augmentation and lipo of the stomach and flanks. I can not tell you how pleased I am with Dr. Landon and his staff! I feel and ALREADY look wonderful. Thanks to dr. Landon and his AMAZING staff of wonderful women, I am now confident ! I've never felt... READ MORE

No Kids, 5'3" and 125 Lbs - Houston, TX

I've been wanted boobs for quite some time! I'm glad that I picked Dr. Vitenas. He's very professional and will answer all of your questions. This morning got my breast augmentations. At first I was super nervous but the staff made me feel super comfortable. This procedure was really fast and... READ MORE

35 Years Old. 2 Kids. Full Time Job. My Family is my Everything - Vancouver, WA

I had an amazing experience!! I chose to do this procedure because I wanted to do something for me. I work very hard to be fit and healthy and after having kids my body changed and he was able to help me with an insecurity I had. Dr. Gabriel was very professional. He was sensitive to my concerns... READ MORE

27 Yrs Old 4 Kids and LOVING my New Boobies! - Ogden, UT

I was in desparate need of some help with my boobs. I had a very small boob on one side and and had absolutely nothing on the other...( looked like the wall with a nipple) anyway, I was so hesitant to get my boobs done cause I have heard and seen SO many funky looking boobs after breast augs. I... READ MORE

42 Years Old 3 Adult Children. It's Mommy Time - Chicago, IL

I home and doin well so far. Initially coming out of surgery I was felt like throwing up but they game me medicine for it and felt fine. I'm sore of course but moving around quite easily. The only pain is the pressure and laying down. I go back tomorrow for a follow up . Hopefully I sletp the... READ MORE

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