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saline to silicone + Breast Augmentation

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Bikini Competitor in Need of New Implants After Baby and 9 Years of Training - Tacoma, WA

My implants were 9 years old. I had my old 340cc saline implants under the muscle replaced with 450cc textured silicone implants and a Suri mesh to help hold them up a little higher again. I LOVE them!! The outcome was exactly what I was looking for. My recovery time was a little longer than... READ MORE

First Breast Augmentation at 18 - Boca Raton, FL

I came to Dr.Korpeck for my first augmentation which was saline in 2004. I went from a B to a C. I was very happy with the procedure. I had very minimal scarring. It healed to very faint scars. My breasts looked amazing too, very natural. The only downfall was the rippling on the sides and the... READ MORE

42, Kids Grown, Living Live to the Fullest. Tampa, FL

My motivation to do the surgery is because I was teased in school, and very insecure about myself. I was and always been an A cup. And now I feel sexy, an gorgeous being a DD. the only thing tht sucks is I can't sleep on my stomach, but no biggie, I can, but uncomfortable. So now I'm very happy.... READ MORE

Revision Breast Augmentation. Jacksonville, FL

I has my first breast augmentation back in 2006. They were 260cc high profile saline implants. I was never completely happy with the results. They did not look or feel natural. Overtime I developed a contracture that resulted in asymmetry and a downward pointing nipple. I decided that it was... READ MORE

Removed Ruptured Saline Implants and Updated to New Natrelle Silicon-filed Implants - Beautiful! -Tampa, FL

Last year (2012), my right saline breast implant's valve ruptured and I was devastated! I received my saline implants back in the early 1990's from Dr. Francis Rieger in Tampa, Florida. His work was so good, no one even knew I had implants. So, when all this happened, I immediately called Dr.... READ MORE

5 Star Experience All the Way... - Minneapolis, MN

I initially had saline implants (silicone wasn't approved at the time) because I was very small breasted. I was a 34 A. I had been very self concious about it my entire life. I was very nervous about it and what my friends and family would say. There were some mixed feelings by them but... READ MORE

Amazing Results from an Amazing Dr - Houston, TX

I am three months post op with my second breast augmentation with Dr. Ciaravino and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. I had my first surgery in March 2004 and my breasts still looked amazing, even after 12 years. The only reason I had them redone was to switch from saline to... READ MORE

53 Year Old Mom - Newmarket, ON

I am a 53 year old woman who has previously had saline implants I had my concerns that now having to have mammograms done the there would be the possibility that they may rupture since I had them done over 20 years ago. So I decided to consider having them replaced with silicone implants and I... READ MORE

2nd Breast Augmentation with Dr Chasen - Del Mar,Ca

I am eager to write a review only 8 days later but this is my second experience with Dr Chasen. He performed my Breast Aug a little less than 10 years ago and I was back when my left saline implant leaked a year ago. My second surgery included replacing my saline implants to silicone(going a... READ MORE

Breast Augumentstion - Round Rock, TX

The procedure was perfect and I love the look and feel of my new breast. I had Dr. Kerr remove my saline implants and replace them with silicone implants. They feel and look so real! The office staff was also great and very helpful! I would highly recommend Dr. Kerr and his staff to anyone who... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation After Having Kids - Royal Palm Beach, FL

Dr Nir , staff and surgical team are amazing surgery was perfect i couldn't be happier, they guided me thru every step of this very important moment in my life.i look amazing thanks to Dr Nir???? After having kids your body changes very. Much as you know,I had saline implants before I believe... READ MORE

Breast Re-Augmentation - Bradenton, FL

I recently had a breast re-augmentation done with Dr. Scott and I LOVE the results!! I had saline implants done by another doctor and went to Dr. Scott to have them re-done as I was not happy with the previous results. Dr. Scott replaced my implants with silicone and removed some capsular... READ MORE

41 Years of Age, 1 Child & in Dire Need of New Implants - New York, NY

I originally had breast augmentation in 2003. Saline/subglandular. I intended on looking into redoing my breasts with silicone & going submuscular as it has been 11 years, the implants appeared smaller than they were after settling originally & there was also some rippling. I woke up one morning... READ MORE

Extremely Unhappy with Initial BA. 2 More Surgeries to Follow. Getting Them Fixed 7k Later, Different Doc... - Minneapolis, MN

I have had 3 surgeries from Dr. Gervais. The first was in 2001 when I had my initial augmentation. I loved his consultation and word around town was that he was the best. I was confident that I would get great looking breasts. The surgery went well and I was sent home. A week later when I... READ MORE

Changing from Saline to Silicone Made a Huge Difference! - Newport Beach, CA

This was my second breast augmentation with Dr. Grover and I would highly recommend him. I originally got saline implants 10 years ago when silicone was not approved at the time. While I was happy with my results, some weight loss began to show a ripple which can be common with this type of... READ MORE

BA Gone Bad - Saline Changed out to Silicone

I felt comfortable with my surgeon - he does a ton of work in my area. I felt after 13 years with saline I should have my implants changed to silicone. Something went terribly wrong and I look awful....wish I could have my old set back. After 13 years, I had my saline implants changed out... READ MORE

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