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Saline next week... 34A to full C?

I am getting saline next week although I prefer silicon because it is offered on heavy discount for s research study. During my screening the surgeon said I would be fine with 350cc high profile but I am concerned they will look and feel fake because I am starting so small. I am also worried... READ MORE

Boob job 470cc saline HP,129lb 5'3 23 years old, No kids

Going to get my breast augmentation 09/11/2017 that's in two days! Wow I'm not nervous but I'll know i will be. I picked Dr Arvin Taneja i really like his personality, he made me feel comfortable when I went to the appointment. At first we were going to go with 550 but I feel like that's much... READ MORE

33 Years Old, 3 Kids, 34A, Went with 420cc

I've wanted BA since I was younger. After children my breast went from a full B to an A cup. I took my time and went to 3 consultations. Dr. Rex was the first doctor I went to because he came highly recommend by multiple girls who got the procedure done by him and love their results. I am one... READ MORE

FL GIRL 19 Yrs Old, 105lbs, 5'2, 265cc silicone HP gummy bear unders

Hey ladies! Quick overview and wishes for my pre and post BA: Growing up, and even now, I have always had small breasts. They have made me miss out on SO much already. Beach trips, cute clothes, and my self esteem have all taken a hit due to my lack of confidence in my body. I'm pretty petite,... READ MORE

27, 32B,130lb, 5'6", No Kids, 325cc MP Saline Unders

I am really happy with how they look, but I am still waiting for them to get soft. This past week or so they have really started to soften up and get jiggly. They jiggle naturally when walking but are still a bit firm to the touch. I don't know if its unrealistic to expect that pillow soft... READ MORE

35 Yr Old, 4 Kids, 5'3, 125lbs, 550 Cc Saline Implants - Miami, FL

I've always been a rather small chested chick, but I was never "flat", so my semi-full 34B rack wasn't anything I was necessarily ashamed of or self-conscious about.....until I had my 4th child and finished breast feeding. Talk about deflated fun bags! Those girls were never the same. They still... READ MORE

23 Years Old. 135lbs. 300cc Saline Low Profile Implants.

It's been less than a week since my surgery and I am already in love with the results. I'm recovering quick and already came back to work with no problems. I started at a 32B and I am now a 32D which is perfect. They're not too big but it's a noticeable difference. The day before my surgery I... READ MORE

21 Yrs Old Breast Augmentation

Couldn't be happier!! Love my results, from start to finish the process was nothing but an ease. I wanted to do this procedure the day I turned 18 and waited till I was 21. I am so happy everything fell into place. I am one week post op and couldn't be happier. I wanted a full C small D look and... READ MORE

25 Y.o. 5'8 180 Lbs Breast Autmentation

My surgery is one week away! I've been totally stalking everyone else's BAs on this site and am SO excited!! I've wanted bigger breasts since I was a teenager, I'm currently a 38A (according to the doctor) but I wear a 36C. Initially at my first consultation I'd decided to do 525cc saline... READ MORE

Mom of two wants her youthful /full boobs back. I'm 135 lbs 5'7 / seeking breast augmentation without a lift if possible

Mom of two wants her youthful /full boobs back. I'm 135 lbs 5'7 / seeking breast augmentation without a lift if possible. I have seen one dr for a consultation and am seeing another in two weeks. The first dr advised saline implants and the lift is moderately needed but it was up to me. I feel... READ MORE

39 5 4" 140 Pounds Mom of 3 Breast Fed Babies.

I decided to travel from Canada to Fl to see Dr L Roudner. He's got such good reviews, tonnes of years of experience and his work looks amazing. I'm doing saline under the muscle via periareola. Decided to go agains the stream of "gummy bear" implants after much research on leeching of product.... READ MORE

33, 2 Kids, 145lbs, 5'6" BA Hoping for a 32D

I had my first 2 consults today! I have been checking out posts on this site and went in with a few possibilities. I wanted to see what the Drs would recommend. I have broad shoulders and when they measured I have a pretty wide breast pocket (14.2) I also do strength training consistently so I... READ MORE

Super tall, super flat, super ready for surgery!

I have wanted to have this surgery for over a decade but was hesitant to do it in my younger years because I was a fashion model and it would have killed my career. Now at the age of 33 I have gained some pounds and with my tall stature (6'2") I feel that I could carry the look of a voluptuous... READ MORE

5'2 125lbs *post op updates* Saline Mp 330 filled to 350cc . - Encino, CA

I have had two consultations so far! One with Dr. hodnet in Thousand Oaks,Ca and another with Pickart in Ventura, Ca! I came for a consultation to hodnet for a BA, he sounded like he knew what he was doing but was rude to his assistants which turned me off. He also suggested I get lipo of my... READ MORE

Best Breast Augmentation Doctor in Toronto

I had assymetrical breasts, and got breast implants with Dr. Elahi in Toronto. The pictures are my first implants, I have since gone a little bigger. He managed to make my assymetrical breasts completely symmetrical, and have a great shape. They have the perfect cleavage. The only reason it may... READ MORE

Surgery Booked for 14 July! 23 Y/o, 5'5" 125 Lbs, No Kids, 350 Cc Mod+ Saline!

Hey ladies! After years of waiting I've finally pulled the trigger and scheduled my surgery for breast augmentation! I've waited for what feels like my whole life for this. I'm 5'5" , 125 lbs starting out with a 32B cup. Due to my dimensions it is not recommended that I go over 350cc unless I... READ MORE

21 YO, 400cc HP under the muscle! - Charlotte, NC

I am wanting to get saline breast augmentation but everyone keeps telling me about these horror stories and "what if's"....I've been thinking about getting it done well over 2 years now and I've finally scheduled a day for it. But I am terrified! Scared of the surgery itself and for the pain... READ MORE

21 Year Old with One Child:BA - Orlando, FL

Mommy of a one year old. Since having my daughter I have lost a good amount of volume in my breasts. During breastfeeding I was a D and after I stopped BF my boobs went back down to a C with a little bit of a sag. I am going in for my consultation with Dr.Kendall Peters of Orlando,FL for a... READ MORE

31yrs Old, 1 Child, Have Always Had Smaller Breast.

I am looking to get a large C to a small D cup, I will be going with saline implants under the muscle thru the armpit not exactly sure on the cc's just yet, I am very nervous/ excited. I only have 9 days till surgery any tips for after care or things I will need after surgery would be greatly... READ MORE

20 yrs old - 120 lbs 5'4.5 - athletic - 375cc/400cc - mentor silicone unders - BWD 13.1cm

I'm a 20 year old young women with no kids. I wear a 36B but they no longer fit me because I lost a lot of weight. I'm more of an A cup. I weigh 120pounds and I'm 5'4. I have big areolas and I hate them. I hate the size of my boobs and every since two years ago I've wanted breast implants so bad... READ MORE

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