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5'8" 135lbs Mom of Two. Saggy 32D's (barely) Looking at 475 moderate +- Salt Lake City, UT

I am generally a pretty natural person. I also consider myself an environmentalist. I currently wear a VS 32D (demi-cup only). I can't believe I'm a D, because I don't have much going on. I do have some saggy breast tissue I'm dealing with. I would like to feel sexy again, plain and simple.... READ MORE

33 Year Old, No Kids: Textured Round 330cc for 5'1, 49 Kg Athletic Body - Seoul, KR

Hello! This site has been helpful for planning my surgery, so I thought I would contribute as well! Thanks for all your input ladies. I am so grateful! After my introduction, this post asks whether you all think 330cc would be good for my frame or 350. I am feeling greedy with 350, but I don't... READ MORE

32 with 36B Had TUBA Done and Went to a 36D Saline Moderate Profile 600 Cc in Both Left and Right Breasts - Brooklyn, NY

I started my journey wanting to get fat grafted from my body into my breast. I had done my research and realized that not too many doctors actually do this procedure. I called here and there and I felt like most places required a little too much for what I felt was a simple procedure. I narrowed... READ MORE

24 Years Old, 5'7" 120 Pounds 375cc

I had my consultation last week and I am so excited. I tried on a few different sizes and realized 350-375cc is where I feel comfortable. I also have decided to go with the IDEAL/ gummy bear implant because of the look and because they're safe. I also went and completed all of my blood work... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Belfast

Has anybody had breast augmentation with Mr Fogarty in Belfast? Any experiences to share.i have had my initial consultation, He seems really professional and very safety orientated, not pushy and very informative. I have not had any other consultations with other surgeons- wondering should I... READ MORE

First Consult with Samson Aesthetics's - Port Orange, FL

My first consult with Dr. Samson was very great. He answered all my concerns I was having with the issue of saline over silicone. But I am thinking I will go silicone. I wish I could have felt them to see the difference but I am gonna probably safely guess he doesn't do that till 2nd visit and... READ MORE

41 Year Old Woman, London, Breast Augmentation, BeClinic - Brussels, BE

I'd fancied a boob job for ages and booked this a couple of years ago, but couldn't go as I had a virus at the time of the original op. After my mixed experience with BeClinic for my lower blepharoplasty (see my other review) I was unsure, but they're very cheap and Dr P has a decent reputation... READ MORE

20 Years Old, 460cc, Extra High Profile Silicone

I went from A cup to hopefully D or DD ,still can't tell because breast is still dropping and changing its shape every day. It's been 2.5 weeks since my surgery and I'm so happy with results!its been the best decision I've made in a while lol And also the best decision about doctor!Dr. Carmona... READ MORE

My Breast Augmentation with Dr. Sozer

My experience at El Paso Cosmetic Surgery was welcoming since my consultation, the staff is so gentle and kind, meeting with Dr. Sozer for the first time was a pleasure, he walked in with a smile. I asked him what was the biggest size i can get and he recommended 485cc, big, but still... READ MORE

25 Year Old, Asian, Breast Augmentation!

I'm Asian, compete in bodybuilding bikini division, and also in the military. As I went lower in body fat, so did my breasts. I was skeptical at first to get a BA procedure in Fayetteville, NC since it's a small city and Dr. Ortiz is a military surgeon. I was also concerned about having it done... READ MORE

34 A/B, 33 Y/o, No Kids, 5'8", 135 Lbs.

So I am writing this at 4:30am. I woke up from a weird dream, and now I am back on here reading reviews. I've been wanting to write my own, but putting it off (so why not now). I am 33 years old with no kids. I am 5'8" and 135 lbs. Right now I am a 34 small B in my L breast, and an A in my R... READ MORE

24' 400cc Motivia Ergonmoix Implants, - Birmingham, GB

Hi all Im 24 years old 3 days post op, surgery went amazing I went with the hospital group and was well looked after. Happy with my implant choice the ergonmox implanta are the most natural u can get on the market thT are a safe they display like an teardrop shape but there round, strange but it... READ MORE

best thing ive ever done! - Miami, FL

Dr.lenny was the most patient, loving, understanding, and caring man ever. He took his time to make me feel welcome and explain everything I needed. I looked him up everywhere and read all the reviews. I felt so safe and cared for, any questions I had were answered with patience by his staff and... READ MORE

Barely a B Cup, for Now. - United Kingdom, GB

Ok so after years of chest exercises, weight gain, weight loss, "boob growing pills" and devices, ive decided to consider implants. I have an initial consultation booked with transform tomorrow. Im also going to book myself in with aurora, and possibly the staiano surgery, although thats some... READ MORE

FanFrickenTastic!!! - Concord, MA

Dr. Seckel and Dr. Narasimha are absolutely amazing!! I felt so comfortable from the beginning of the consultation to my last appointment around 6-7 weeks out. I knew that he was the right doctor from the start. Dr seckel made me feel safe and secure and he was super sweet and gentle. I have... READ MORE

Petite, Getting 375-425 HP Silicone Under the Muscle; Will They Look "Fake"??! - Virginia Beach, VA

Hello! I just had my preoperative appointment this afternoon- it's becoming real! After trying on 325, 350, 375, 400 cc silicone implants, I decided I liked the "look" of the 375 cc implant. I am about 5'5", 120 lbs, wearing a 34 A. My breasts measure 12.6. My surgeon discussed with me that in... READ MORE

47yo - Awake Breast Augmentation 450 Cc HP Saline - Frisco, TX

My b.a. is in 5 days. I have serious reservations about doing the Awake procedure. I have the option of doing "twilight" in addition to the tumescent anesthesia but am concerned about safety issues as well as spending additional $ that may be completely unnecessary. I've scoured the internet for... READ MORE

Travel Buddy UK Ba Bbl

Looking for a UK travel buddy flying out to Colombia for ba & bbl. This is my first surgery & Im nervous as I'm flying out solo. I've done a ton of research on surgeons & procedures etc and Colombia looks the best in terms of safety, results and prices. Looking for a travel/surgery... READ MORE

Dr. Barrett is the Best! - Beverly Hills, CA

I had breast augmentation with Dr. Barrett 2 months ago. I also had inverted nipples since birth. That really bother me. I couldn't believe after all these time I finally got them repair. I couldn't be happier with the results. I was very nervous about the pain after surgery. I couldn't... READ MORE

Is It Worth It at my Age? - Cleveland, OH

I'm 57 years old and have been flat chested since after I had my son. For some reason, my breast went completely flat after breast feeding him for 6 months. My husband never minded or at least he never said anything. He passed away a year ago after 30 years of a great marriage. I am now... READ MORE

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