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30yrs old, 34 A, deflated after nursing 4 years total, 500ccs Mentor

I found Dr Schlesinger on realself and his reviews were amazing. I set up an appointment for a consult in Oct 2015 and quit nursing. I mulled over the decision for over a year! Then in February of 2017, after training/running a marathon and a half marathon, there was nothing left. One breast has... READ MORE

29 Years Old Runner No Kids 5foot2 100lbs 32 Aa. Toronto, ON

I've always been small chested and have always thought about getting a boob job. Finally after realizing how unhappy I am with my current size I have book my first consultation for Monday! I have no idea how big I can even go given how petite I am but anything is better than what I currently... READ MORE

Natrelle Inspira 375SRM

Considering BA with Dr Medalie in Cleveland Ohio. Allergen 375cc silicone under the muscle but nervous 375 cc may be to big. I'm currently 34B (barely). I like to run and be active. Anyone that has suggestions or advice please feel free to comment. Surgery is in 6 days. I'm not feeling very... READ MORE

31 Years Old, 5'10" 145lbs, 1 - 11 Year Old Child 32A Wanting to Be a Small D Surgery set for 1/11/17

Surgery Set for 1/9/16 My stats: 5'10" 145lbs currently a 32A and am pretty wide set with a BWD of 14, I have a son who is almost 11 years old. I work out with a Personal Trainer twice a week and love to run, exercise and hike. I am looking to increase bust size to gain cleavage and balance... READ MORE

5'3", 108 Lbs, 51 Yrs Old, 300 Cc Mod+ Under

Thank you so much to all of you beauties for posting your reviews, photos and experiences. It has helped me greatly with the education piece of having a breast augmentation. I have considered a BA for 5 yrs. Initially went to see the surgeon who did my BA and then decided against a BA entirely... READ MORE

A cup to 34C; 260cc's silicone, under, 32Year Old, Mama of 2, Active/runner - Dallas, TX

I've never had large breasts... Maybe a 36B at my heaviest (college days) & then of course during my 2 back to back pregnancies (Kids are now 3.5 & 2.5 year olds).Even though I didn't breast feed, my breasts lost volume & looked like sad little chicken cutlets. I barely filled out a 36A & didn't... READ MORE

Breast augmentation,55 yo ,62 kilo ,1.78 cm tall.Maybe going 200cc or 250 ,like dual plane

I will wait until october, to do the operation , still very worry for my breast shape , with divergent nipples. Few PS says i do not need a lift , but i am not of this idea,i have seen my photos of before (1 son and breastfeeding) and after , The aureolas drop on the side more than was all ready... READ MORE

43 Yo Runner Mom Going from a Pear to an Hourglass. Houston, TX

I have been president of the itty bitty titty committee for too long. I'm resigning. On March 3, I will have some assets on top to balance my assets in the bottom. I'm a runner and gym junkie, so I want to go big enough to look good in a tank top but not so big that I can't run or do burpees.... READ MORE

35 Years Old Mother - Denver, CO

I am very happy with the results, they were all very friendly, and recovery was great with little pain thanks to medication, I have no complaints. I was only a few days in bed, needed help to bathe and dress the early days. The second week started driving the swcon month I started doing weights... READ MORE

33 Years Old, 2 Kids Later, a Passion for Crossfit & Running Has Ruined my Tatas - Atlanta, GA

My beautiful children are 4 and 2 and although I love them so much, I don't love what breastfeeding and going up and down In weight has done to my 'girls' (or lack there of!) I lost a total of 60lbs after gaining A LOT of weight with my first baby and it left me with sacks of skin and Nipples.... READ MORE

23 Y.o Active Runner 260-280cc Saline Implants 11/17!!

I've always been active, gymnastics,track.. Proud of every part of my body except my breasts. I'm older now and sick of little boy immature feeling when it comes to being naked or on the beach! I am seeing dr davila in new haven and am super excited for this surgery tomorrow . Hoping to be a... READ MORE

31 Athletic Mommy 500-600cc Silicone. Fresno, CA

Like many of you say, I didn't expect to start a review but as my surgery date approaches I feel it's only fair! This site has helped me so much, hopefully I can help someone else too! My surgery is 5 days away and I'm extremely excited, not scared yet. The plan is to go through the nipple with... READ MORE

Breast Aug- 5'2", 131 Pounds, Athletic. Augusta, GA

Hello everyone! Earlier this year I became dedicated to changing my body through weightlifting, HIIT, and purposeful nutrition. It worked! As my love of body building grew, my breasts shrank. I realized that I wanted to continue becoming leaner and stronger but didn't want to lose my... READ MORE

37 Yrs Old, Breast Augmentation. Honolulu, HI

After many years considering a BA I am finally getting one! I am so excited!! My surgery is scheduled for 16 March 15 with Dr. Schlesinger. I am currently a "B" cup and trying to get a full "C" cup look. Age and running have made me breast smaller/deflated. I am ready to feel sexy and... READ MORE

33 Years Old, Runner, Twin Mom - Rochester, NY. 397R/ 371L silicone under muscle, round smooth.

Tomorrow I have my consultation. I was a small 34C before kids and after I breast fed my twins I fill 1/2 of a 34A. I am 5'7 and currently 116lbs. I am an avid long distance runner so I am concerned about how the implants will affect my running, although my knees are telling me to slow down... READ MORE

Active Duty Navy Gal - La Mesa, CA

So I decided to go with Dr. Pousti in La, Mesa, Cali. I did my research and also had consults with other surgeons around the area and Dr. Pousti made me feel the most comfortable right when I step in his office. You know how when you go to the doctors and usually a nurse or receptionist calls... READ MORE

Boobies!! - San Luis Obispo, CA

Ever since I was young I've always wanted bigger breasts! Maybe it doesn't help that my sister & mom have big breasts! I knew one day I would full fill my dream, & in 6 days I'm having my surgery!! I was waiting for the right timing and I figured that after loosing 55 pounds And keeping... READ MORE

22, 5'2" 115 Silicone Unders , Pre 32 A/aa

I cannot believe this finally happened! Since I was around 16-18 having an extremely small chest has been one of my biggest insecurities. I say I was a a/aa but honestly I could have been smaller than that (if possible) I'm a very active person and my main workout type is running. Recently I got... READ MORE

44 Year Old Mom of 2 - Grand Rapids, MI

I am a very active mom of two. I am an avid runner and work very hard to stay in good physical and mental shape. I found that after nursing two children for 3 years total that my breasts never returned to pre-child size or shape. I chose to go with a very conservative size implant. I wanted... READ MORE

38 years old nursed three girls for a year

I talked with three surgeons and I just felt the most comfortable with Dr. Andreasen. I have emailed several times about concerns and he has always gotten right back with me. I feel bad but I am that patient. I am a long distance runner so I really don't want to go big because I plan to keep... READ MORE

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