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round moderate + Breast Augmentation

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Super tall, super flat, super ready for surgery!

I have wanted to have this surgery for over a decade but was hesitant to do it in my younger years because I was a fashion model and it would have killed my career. Now at the age of 33 I have gained some pounds and with my tall stature (6'2") I feel that I could carry the look of a voluptuous... READ MORE

33 Years Old, 3 Kids, 34A, Went with 420cc

I've wanted BA since I was younger. After children my breast went from a full B to an A cup. I took my time and went to 3 consultations. Dr. Rex was the first doctor I went to because he came highly recommend by multiple girls who got the procedure done by him and love their results. I am one... READ MORE

Disappointed with breast augmentation size

I am disappointed with the size of my implants. Initially, they had told me 255cc (moderate round cohesive gel, submuscular). However after reading reviews, I requested that I wanted larger and asked for 300cc. The Dr. ordered one size up from 255 and 2 sizes up from 255. In surgery they said... READ MORE

40 Y/o Japanese Petite, 5'2" 104.7 Lb, Got 285 Cc Round Moderate Profile, Under the Pectoral Muscle.

1 POD(Post Operative Day) Yesterday ,my surgery was performed by Dr.Nagumo who was not only the most famous Japanese plastic surgeon but also a great oncologist for breast cancer. Implants : POLYTEC Microthane (Textured type) Round moderate projection 285 cc Importants filler : Silicon... READ MORE

Active 29 year old 240cc/295cc Moderate Round Under

Hi RS! It's the night before my surgery and I'm so excited but a little bit nervous! I just found this site a few days ago after google searches in moments of panic and I'm so grateful! I've wanted this since my teens. Now seemed like a better time than any - I'm completely settled, decided I... READ MORE

21yrs. Old 123lbs. Deciding Between 300cc or 340cc Round Moderate Profile. Prince George, BC

Hi guys! My BA is in three weeks and I still haven't decided on a size! I'm a little asymmetrical due to slight scoliosis :O I'm between two sizes 240/295 or 295/340. I really don't know which to choose the 295 looks small but I am scared of rippling and also looking top heavy with the 340. I... READ MORE

Most amazing breast augmentation results! - Dublin, OH

My stats: 5'1" 105 lbs Implant type: Round moderate-plus gummy bear Implant size: 350cc's Before breast measurement: 30A After breast measurement: 30D/DD Before my procedure I was nearly flat-chested. I had gained a lot of weight, then lost it all very quickly. I lost a total of 46 lbs after... READ MORE

20 Years, Round 300 Cc Under Muscle,moderate Profile , Small a Cup Before - Norway, NO

I'm hoping to have the feminine body I've always wanted! I'd been an small A cup my whole life and I've just waited to see if they got bigger since I was 16. But they didn't! I wanted to be a C cup after this operation and the doctor wanted to use 300 cc's on me. Personally I wanted them a... READ MORE

350cc, over the muscle, mod plus profile.

Have just recently went for my consultaiton in Perth, Western Australia. I loved my surgeon and he made me feel very comfortable and listened to what I wanted and why I was there. I have decided to go with 350cc, round moderate plus silicone gel! I am about 70kg (around 150lbs - I think!) and... READ MORE

20 Years Old Petite 5"1 106lbs, 325cc Subglandular Silicone Round Moderate Profile, Breast Augmentation

Hiya, as said in the title I'm 20 years old petite build, only 5"1 just... and weigh around 106 lbs although haven't recently weighed myself. At the moment I wear 32 A bras, haven't been measured so not sure if that's accurate and hoping to go to a small D but would be happy with a full C. I'm... READ MORE

Wishing for Natural Looking Breast Augmentation

Hi ladies (I'm very nervous going on here). After years of uhming and err - ing I've finally decided to lock in my breast augmentation. It's now only 7 days away and I'm very nervous! I'm going with Dr Layt on the Gold Coast and have been told 310cc round moderate profile would be best for the... READ MORE

Small Chested Mom, in Need of Some Corrective Surgery. Rosebank

Four years ago I had my first BA. Looking back now I was really not well informed and should have done a lot of things differently i.e going a lot bigger as I only got 225cc due to scoliosis. I have a protruding chest bone that became a lot worse after breastfeeding my baby. I was informed that... READ MORE

Breast augmentation

I was happy with the shape of my breasts tp begin with. I am 5'2'' 115 lbs started with a med Acup but I wanted more roundness and cleavage with a natural look. Exactly what I got. 250 cc brought me to a medium C READ MORE

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