rippling + Breast Augmentation

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39 and Super Excited

Alright - I will be 40 in 3 months and i always said that once I turn 40, my life will change, started with my breasts! I am scheduled to have my BA in 2 weeks! I have been so excited about this and doing a lot of research, but I have questions about the rippling? Im getting 450cc silicone,... READ MORE

35, Breastfed 3 Kids, 32aa.

*Sorry for the essay!* I have always been really flat chested - 34b after I gave birth and my milk came in. Within a couple weeks they always returned to an A cup even though I was still breastfeeding! Now I'm done having babies I've decided to go for it and get my boobs done. As you can... READ MORE

Ripples Since Day 5

So I had a breast augumentation january 2016. I had a partial silicone 325cc high profile implant placed by MYA clinic in London Fitzroy. Initially I was happy with the look, size and feeling. Although I could feel ripples straight away, I knew this can be common and it wasn't to much of an... READ MORE

32 Year Old (Nursed 2 Kids) 450cc High Profile Under - Vancouver, WA

I received my breast augmentation on Jan 18/2018. I'm 5'4" 140lbs, 32 years old and breastfed 2 kids. When I initially went in for my consultation I thought I wanted a full C cup with saline in the armpit incision solely based on being misinformed on silicone and scar placement. After... READ MORE

375cc uhp allergan natrelle silicone

Hey everyone , so I am obsessed with this website and reading peoples story and seeing their results. It has been super helpful for me. I never write reviews (read them a lot) but never wrote one. So this is my first time. I am going to being writing some and also sharing my experiences because... READ MORE

7 Year Old Saline Implants, Switching to GUMMIES TOMORROW!!!!!!

I'm about of town patient that flew across the world from the island of guam to see dr Roudner!! Im from Tampa fl, but I've been away for awhile .. I have about 7 year old saline implants right now .. they have gotten smaller to me and a little bit of rippling ... I've been seriously been... READ MORE

5'6" 120lbs 25yrs Old 34B Wanting 450CC Should I Really Do It??!

I need help! I have been to 2 consultations and have scheduled my surgery with a really awesome office (unofficially, haven't paid yet).... but how on earth do you decide if you REALLY want to go through with this? Currently I am a nice symmetrical 34B (not nearly as big as I would like to be,... READ MORE

24, Mother of 1, 110lbs 5'6 - Miami, FL

Breast Augmentation is something that I've always wanted to pursue! I've always been very slim and never really had boobs until I was pregnant with my daughter. After I had her they really shrunk and I am TIRED of having to wear push up bras with everything to create cleavage! I honestly hate... READ MORE

21 Years Young, 275cc Sub Glandular Overs 50kg 5'1 Petite and Fit - Cardiff, UK

I have already met my personal coordinator and my potential surgeon :) I haven't been measured in years but I think I'm around a 30b cup. I had larger breasts when I was younger and even measured a DD-E at one stage! When I began weight lifting and exercising I lost some weight, not a lot,... READ MORE

20 Years Old, 5'5, 110lb, No Kids, Silicone Implants - San Antonio, TX

I had my consultation with Dr Kopchinski about a week ago. I had gone to a couple of other consultations before him, but I feel the most comfortable with him. He didn't "glamour" the procedure or outcome of what the implant would look & feel like which I really appreciate. He took a lot of time... READ MORE

5'5 134 lb 38 yrs old and FINALLY getting my BA. - New York, NY

Hello ladies This is all new to me, but I am a 38 yr old women with 3 sons. I have always been a 34A even after having my children. For as many as 15 years I been considering getting breast implants, but my husband and I both didn't feel to comfortable with that decision. As the years past I... READ MORE

20 Years with Implant (Saline, Silicone, Gummy Bear). Ready for Explantation! - Colorado, CO

Ladies, here is my journey. 21 y.o., 2 kids, breastfeed both. PreBA: 34B; PostBA: 34DD. In 1994, I had BA: Subglandular, 550cc, saline implants. Within 1 month, I has significant rippling, bilat. Went back to my BSPS and he overinflated implants by adding 50cc per side, unsuccessful. 2 mths.... READ MORE

Considering a breast aug. Los Angeles, CA

I am in the beginning stages of considering a BA. My husband is very against it but it is something that I have wanted for a while and I want to be happy with myself. I would like silicone because I am worried about rippling, sounds and feeling of saline. I have had two girlfriends worth saline... READ MORE

19 Years Old & A BOTCHED Procedure! Don't go to HALEY BROWN in Henderson, NV!

Got a breast augmentation at 19 from this "Doctor" and had a horrific experience. After the augmentation I had to go back and have a full breast lift because she placed the implants above the muscle instead of under. Scared, rippled, saggy breasts because of this lady. Please do your research... READ MORE

450cc, Gummy Bear Ultra High Profile....done and loving them!- Golden, CO

I was on RealSelf, left it, came back.....plastic surgery is a really difficult decision. Sometimes I think I am better off being unhappy with my natural self versus the "what if" I am unhappy with the unnatural self. My biggest barrier is just saying, Ok, let's do this! I breastfed three... READ MORE

25 Yr Old, One Child I Breastfed Till One Yr Old. Drained my Once Perfect Breasts ! :( - Whitefish, MT

Finally got myself out of a horribly abusive marriage where I was constantly told my body not being to standard was why he cheated. Still trying to boost my self confidence, I finally decided to get breast augmentation. I chose silicone natrel implants under 300 cc. They looked the closest to... READ MORE

Itty Bitties to Curves Exton Newtown Square West Chester Pa - Newtown Square, PA

I haven't decided yet with size and style yet i will go to my pre op appointment and ask for the doctors thoughts since i am tiny i was told silicone as saline would probably have visible ripples i was thinking 350-475cc obviously havent made any decisions yet i am in my mid to late twenties... READ MORE

Still Loving It! - Dallas, TX

I went to Dr. Schwartz because I had heard that he was one of the best surgeons in Dallas (a high praise considering the city). He is an incredible surgeon, with excellent bedside manner and an eye for natural-looking results. I am very thin, and tall with a small, narrow frame, so anything... READ MORE

275 or 300 :S HELP! - Belgium, BE

I have my surgery booked on the 29 of november.. not too far away, im having alot of trouble deciding on what size to go... my doctor says 275 will be good but i dont want to make the mistake of going to small which im hearing happens all to often... he said i could go 300cc but not any bigger... READ MORE

Almost Perfect - Alpharetta, GA

I gave him very little to work with--a little A cup to start with, and he gave me beautiful full C cups (I thought I wanted a B but he knew cup sizes better than I did) that no one can believe are not real. I wish I'd done it years ago. My implants are sub-muscular, 275cc silicone gel (gummy... READ MORE

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