rice test + Breast Augmentation

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355cc Motiva HP Silicone, 29 y/o, 64kg (140lbs), 173cm (5'8"), 2 (Breastfed) Children

I had my first consultation with Dr Mark Steinmann on 10 August 2017. I was so nervous about it but walked out feeling a lot more relaxed. Initially, after looking at pictures on Real Self, I thought about going for about 400cc implants. I tried rice sizers and felt that maybe 400cc might be a... READ MORE

My stats. 26years old/ 3 kids in under 6/ used to be 36DD got deflated 34B. Implants are 520cc TSF. One happy girl.

After seeing my surgeon last month and his recommended size being 525cc because I have broad shoulders (he took measurements) I have been very scared that size is too big. I have spoken to my consultant a lot about it via email and she thinks I'll be really happy. She's said for me to come back... READ MORE

29 yo, 52kg, 163cm - Too Flat Chest - Not any more

I have always envied girls with a full chest. My A cup only fills and turns into B/C when I'm pregnant. Now after years of dreaming about my tops and bikini actually looking good on me I have made a decision. I will get the BA done. I had my first consultation about 9 months ago and the 2nd one... READ MORE

5'2, 115lbs, 400cc silicone HP

Hi all, I'm currently a 34b, pretty deflated after breastfeeding two kids. I'm soooooo torn between 375 and 400cc. I would hate to look top heavy since I already have "bigger arms" but I would also hate not "going bigger." I hear that happens all too often. I would like to be a full c,... READ MORE

31 Yrs Old, 2 Breastfed Children, 5'7", 128lbs, Silicone, Periareolar, Partial Unders

I had this started once but not sure where it went. I am turning 31 on feb 6th. I am 5'7", 128lbs, 2 breastfed children. Planning on silicone, probably partial unders and leaning towards 450-485. This is a dream I had for such a long time. I have always been self conscious about my breasts and... READ MORE

42, 2 Kids. Pre Op C Cup. 505cc High Profile DD

Breastfeeding obviously kills your boobs, missed having nice round boobs. A BA was in order. Saw a Plastic Surgeon in Broadway Sydney. My cousin and friend were happy with this Surgeon and the results. Consultation day I was still was undecided as to what I wanted. He recommended 450cc Mod... READ MORE

33 Years Old Married 2 Kids, 155 Lbs, 5'7".. 600ccs Coming in Less Than a Week! Riverside, CA

Hi Ladies! I thought that I would share my story! Just like all of you I have wanted implants since the beginning of time! After both kids sucked me dry I knew that it would be time ! I did not have any rec commendation for my doctor but fell in love with his stats and his staff. When I tried on... READ MORE

52 Year Old Mother of 3 Finally Decided, ITS TIME! Redding, CA

Well after 26 years of marriage and 3 adult children, I have finally decided to go through this exciting transformation! I have always hated being small breasted, but now that my children are grown, I can finally do this for myself. I have already had my first doctors appointment for pics,... READ MORE

30 Year Old, No Kids, 34A before. 325 cc silicone in left & 350 cc in my right - Boston, MA

Looking to increase breast size. My breasts never felt proportionate to my body (hips/butt) and I barely fit a 34A. Bathing suits and cute dresses/tops leave me frustrated. I wear padded bras and bathing suits all the time, but they are hot and I still can't achieve cleavage with them. I've been... READ MORE

42 Year Old Mom of 2, Ready for New Breasts - Halifax, NS

I have always had a small chest but since having my kids they are now saggy and have no perkiness at all. I have always wanted larger breasts, I live in push up bras, even my sports bras enhance the size of your boobs- they are called "handfuls". I have decided that it's time to focus on me a... READ MORE

Rice Test for Breast Augmentation - Dr. Hedden in Birmingham Al

So I did my rice test last night and I'm thinking I need to redo them in a better sports bra. I'm an A and I want to be a Full D. So I followed the instructions closely and after making my art I tried them on. Side profile looks good to me but front looks horrible in my opinion. They looked... READ MORE

24 yrs old, 2 kids, breastfed 34C, wanting fuller cup size

So I finally did an over the phone consultation with my coordinator Annie who is very sweet. Ive been researching for a couple years now. The Dr. I will be seeing (Dr.Freiman) is about 4 hours away in Miami at CG Cosmetics so I'm a little nervous how everything will be discussed and take place.... READ MORE

Wonderful and thankful

14 years ago Dr aiello performed a saline breast augmentation 595 cc's.. they were lovely and I nursed two children since then. A few months ago I realized I really wanted siilicone gel as the saline has side rippling and after two children I was nolonger a lean size 6. In consulting with his... READ MORE

"22 Year Old, Unhappy with Breast Shape and Size…looking to Enhance and Upgrade!" - Santa Rosa, CA

With a long time desire to improve the current condition and overall appearance of my breasts shape and size I began looking into different plastic surgeons in California and the West Coast. I was looking for Doctors with excellent reviews, overjoyed results by their patients, and the success... READ MORE

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