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Horrible Experience 2 Breast Surgery - Baton Rouge, LA

Will never use him again.Had 2 was my initial surgery the other was to fix my breast. I'm still not happy.I hate my breast.My breast r still uneven.He called me crazy and said I was lying when I told him what the other surgeon told me that I went to seen cuz he didn't want to fix my... READ MORE

Bad Breast Augmentation in Neuvo Progresso Mexico

I had breast augmentation surgery done here at this clinic and the two doctors that Dr Ivan had perform my surgery were terrible. My breast implants are whop sided, the incisions around my areole are disgusting, and I shoulda been informed that I needed a breast lift before the surgery because... READ MORE

Brought my Sex Back - Charleston, SC

I had my son young and I breast fed and he sucked them dry. So they looked like two little hanging saddle bags. The dr was realistic and I knew exactly what he was talking about during the appointment. I guess he dumbed down the lingo for me lol. After the surgery... He called me at home to... READ MORE

Dissapointed with the Results. Considering Another Augmentation. - New York

I am 24yo, 150lbs, was 34 A. Got 421cc silicon low profile Natrelle implants. I definitely hadn't done enough research before going for BA. My surgeon didn't explain much, said that he will decide on the size to give me what i desire. As soon as I opened my eyes after surgery I knew that's NOT... READ MORE

Muscle Distortion - Calgary, AB

I had my first BA in 2000, and because of bottoming out I had them re-done in march 2010 by the same doctor, so I total of $14500..375cc saline first time, and 450 mod plus silicone 2010..I am dissapointed with the results..I never had muscle distortion the first BA..and the unevenness, and lack... READ MORE

I Would Say No to Him - Binghamton, NY

I would not recommend him to anyone i didnt had a very good experience with him i had to go get my breast redo after he made one boob little bigger than the other one and he said it would it will come together over time and i should give it little more time and i was other a year and i felt it... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Gone Wrong - West Islip, NY

I'd never been happy with my chest size so I went to dr Gallagher some time in 2008 (I don't remember the exact date) first I got an infection in one breast and needed the implant removed and had to walk around with 1A cup and 1 DD for a few months, then I got it redone and they are horribly... READ MORE

I Would Not Recommend Doctor Moore to Anyone! - Salt Lake City, UT

In a nutshell, Dr. Moore left me with one breast larger the the other, he put me on medication that caused both breast to sag, but most noticeable the smaller side, and he did not take accountability. During the initial consult he pointed out that my breast were not the same size, which is... READ MORE

Can't Decide if a BA is the Right Decision. East Providence, RI

Yes I look terrible in a bathingsuit and a sundress but I am healthy. I have the $ saved for a BA but have my doubts to have the procedure. I read about the good and bad with the surgery and wonder if it's worth it. Sounds like a lot of pre work and post check ups to have it done. Between... READ MORE

Terrible. Charleston, SC

Worst plastic surgeon in the area! First beast augmentation/lift I had was totally messed up a month after surgery my breasts started dropping and rippling. Went and had a revision surgery I thought I loved it to begin with but now they're doing the same thing. The sad thing is they weren't even... READ MORE

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