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32 Years Old, 2 Kids, 32AAA, Surgery Set

I am a 32 year old mom of a 3.5 year old and 16 month old and getting a B.A on Thursday this week Aug 24. I have always wanted one and was never bigger than a 32 A my whole life except breastfeeding which I was a 32b maybe. I gave up breastfeeding 2.5 months ago, had a consult, a preop and... READ MORE

34 Years Old, 5'10, 145 Pounds, Breastfed Three Kids

Hello! I am so excited about putting my breasts back how they were before kids! I am currently still wearing a 34C bra from Victorias Secret, but they are so deflated and have no upper fullness. Pre- kids I was a full perky 34D and just want to get back to that. I would like to feel more... READ MORE

Amazing tuberous breast correction with Dr Ellis Choy

Since I could remember I always hated my breast and breast augmentation was always a prospect of mine. Like many women, life was prioritised by everything other than committed time to focusing on changing something that had always made me unhappy and insecure. After the birth of my first child... READ MORE

Amazing Experience, Amazing Results!

Dr. Reps Sundin and his team have been phenomenal throughout my breast augmentation process! From Ashley assisting me with surgery coordination, Kaylyn helping schedule my appointments, to Kayla and Ryan always being patient, helpful, and answering any questions or concerns I had. Dr. Reps... READ MORE

28 Years Old, 5'5", 120lbs, 32AA - Thailand, TH

I'm here to track my progress through the start and end of my BA experience! I'm a 32AA and hoping for a 32B, maybe around 230-250cc. I've spoken with a surgeon in Seattle already who suggested 240cc, under the pectoral muscle, round silicone implants. However I decided to use this information... READ MORE

Great Experience

Scheduled surgery for Sept 6. More concerned about the recovery than the results because I know they'll look great! I have plenty of tissue to work with and just have deflated breast from breastfeeding. Mostly nervous about the recovery. Big believer in mind over matter so Would love to hear... READ MORE

Couldn't be happier (breast assymmetry correction)

I can't say enough positive things about my experience with Dr Plant, his team and the process in general. My whole adult life I was uncomfortable with my chest. From the time I began developing breasts in my teens, there was apparent asymmetry. One side was an A and the other a DDD. I felt... READ MORE

31 Year Old, 1 Baby, Athletic Figure with an Original A Cup

Hi all, so I was always small chested and after having a baby and not being able to breastfeed for long I wanted to get back in shape. I lost 15 lbs so far and my breast got even smaller. I have been wanting to her a breast augmentation for many many years and yesterday I finally had the surgery... READ MORE

Feeling in Regret.. Anyone Can Relate or Have Any Advice?

I am going on 2 weeks post op and been feeling more insecure about myself since then. Before I was a 36A and always wore a padded bra. My procedure was done For 425 cc hp textured silicone implants. Woke up from surgery to notice they still look small. I haven't seen much changes since then. My... READ MORE

30 years old 550cc Silicon HP Under Muscle

I had an initial consult (not with Dr. Wu) that was really to simply take a look at before and after photos. There is no cost to do this, but you must schedule a viewing in order to see her work. I was so anxious about this appointment because I have a few friends who have gotten a breast... READ MORE

37 Years Old, 5'8" 140lbs, Breastfed 2 Kiddos, Ready to Get Them Back

So excited to FINALLY be doing this! Have wanted to put them back since baby #1 took them away :) I have been scouring RealSelf for about 2 years and narrowed it down to 2 docs. Went to 2 consults, picked my doc, and set the date! Have started my preop do's and don'ts, ordered me a few luxury... READ MORE

38 yr old 2 kids 152lbs 5'3 545CC Naturell Inspira 410

My recovery is going good so far. I love my boobs!!! I had my BA on Feb 17th and at the one month period I ended up in the hospital for some type of Infection or allergic reaction to the implants. My doctor and hospital doctors weren't sure what was wrong with me. Needless to say I'm doing well.... READ MORE

36yrs, 5ft 1, 126lbs, BA, 280cc Natrelle style 20 Mod Silicone Unders

Hello! I am a 36 year old happily married mother of two. I'm 5'1", And go to the gym twice a week. I have always wanted breast augmentation, but my husband was against it and I couldn't bring myself to spend that kind of money on myself. Well, this year, my husband changed his view on it and... READ MORE

18 Year Old with Asymmetrical Breast

My breast have always been asymmetrical. In have worried about them since I was 14 years old. I have seen 2 doctors one being a OBGYN and they all say it's natural and they will grow but they have not. So I plan on having the procedure mid December so I will be out for Christmas break before... READ MORE

24, 2 Kids, from b to ddd

I'm 4 days post op & having such a difficult recovery. It seems like everyone else is doing so much better then me. I'm constantly in discomfort, usually in pain and I have the worst bloating like I look 6 months pregnant. I have the implants in the crease and my doc has me wearing a... READ MORE

Absolutely love dr Greenwald

Dr Greenwald preformed my breast augmentation in march . I'm so pleased with my results. I actually found him off real self loved all of his results . I loved the fact he gives you real expectations and honest answers.. his entire office is so nice , prompt and go way above and beyond for you.... READ MORE

33 Year Old, Mother of 1. Pre-op 32A to Post-op 32DD

I had my surgery on June 6, 2017. I am almost 3 months post op. My recovery went smooth and as I expected. I had 385cc silicone implants placed under the muscle through my breast fold. I was a 32A pre-op and sized recently at Victoria Secret with 32DD's???? I've never been more confident. I... READ MORE

4 day countdown! 39 yr old, breastfed two years. 115 lbs lbs with big hips. Chose 500cc, silicone unders :) Los Angeles, Ca.

So excited for my BA!! I'm scheduled for this Friday morning. Ive already had my pre-on consultation and labs completed. I'm beyond excited! Ive wanted this for so long. Im not nervous about the procedure, as much as I am about recovery. Any ideas/suggestions to make my recovery easier would be... READ MORE

25 Years Old 2 Kids Later(breastfed) Feeling Amazing!!

Had 400cc submuscular/// doctor recommended this because I already had kids and had breast fed so I had a lot of tissue already. I didn't need to go under the muscle which would have been a lot more painful and longer recovery!! So far so good!!! I went to work and school the next week. Back to... READ MORE

Waited 32 Years for Breasts

This was my first surgery I was very nervous about being put under and the general anesthesia but everything went great and I couldn't be happier. I am a mother of three who was a small A cup before and am now large C. I got 460cc's under the muscle incision through the aereola. Recovery was... READ MORE

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