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Recliner + Breast Augmentation

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5'2 34yr old, 32 small C 120Lbs Two kids

Had my Breast Augmentation 3/29/2017 Was very nervous but excited, my PS is Dr. Wallace At Fleming Island Plastic Surgery, my left boobie was much bigger then my right (to me) so Dr. Wallace went with 450cc (L) 500cc (R) today is actually my Post Op 2nd Day, so far if i keep up with the pain... READ MORE

27 Year Old, 300cc Under the Muscle, Moderate Profile and Couldn't Be More Happier! Miami, FL

This website has helped me so much an here is my contribution back! I am 27 years, 5'2", 100lbs. I currently reside in the Caribbean and have decided to have my procedure done in Miami. I chose Dr. Mel Ortega because I love the results I saw, he had a lot of great reviews (the only negative... READ MORE

32 Year Old Mom to 3. Went from 32 A to 375 Cc High Profile Under the Muscle

So far I feel really good just a little sore. I haven't really l looked at them a whole lot just to shower and check my incision. I'm not in too much pain anymore either just tired from sleeping sitting up in the recliner. I have been placing an ice pad on my chest and that seems to have helped... READ MORE

37 Yrs Old, 2 Kids, Very Fit and Petite - Breast Augmentation with Inverted Nipple Repair. Houston, TX

I have always had inverted nipples. Pre-kids, one was flat, the other inverted. Despite common folklore, I was able to breastfeed both of my boys for almost 2 years apiece. Post nursing, my nipples were extremely inverted, and resembled chewed up pieces of leather :( My breasts however, were... READ MORE

29 Y/o, No Children. Lopsided and Flat Breasts - Coral Gables, FL

Don't let the staff at spectrum deter you from their great doctors and medical assistants. Dr. Ghurani is a great doctor who answered all of my questions and showed genuine concern for his patients. I am experiencing numbness in one side but that should be normal. I am glad he convinced me not... READ MORE

Momma of 3 Was in Need of a Lift in my Life. Nashville, TN

425 Teardrop Silicone implants, under the muscle. I'm 5'3 138, was a dropping 36C. Measuring now 36D Over all great experience. My surgery was Oct 24 2014, first few days I was sore, hard time sleeping, I found sleeping in my recliner was wonderful, perfect support. Day after surgery pain was 6... READ MORE

40 Year Old 4 Kids

Just had 500 cc 20 put in .Very Sore but look good one day post op. Was a 36 c . Have four kids . 5 foot 1.5 inches . Glad I did it. Pain is tolerable with pain medicine. Very swollen. Tight wrap and bra has helped. It also helps to sleep in a recliner. Went for a check up the day after the... READ MORE

24 Years Old, Thin and Athletic Pageant Girl - Norwood, MA

I was extremely pleased with Dr. Russo's staff from the minute I walked in. Mind you, I was very nervous. I never had a real operation before. He told me his honest opinion of his work right off the bat which is a natural look:exactly what I was going for. I appreciate his honesty, As I've... READ MORE

51year Old, Mother of 3 (Twins +1). - San Luis Obispo, CA

Small breasted my whole life. Debated getting the procedure for over 10 years and had told my self if I lost 30 lbs and kept it off for a year it was time. Followed Doctors orders, took no meds and had fantastic results. My best advice is to listen to your doctor! If you have a good pain... READ MORE

500 CC Hp Breast. Costa Mesa, CA

Wanted to show my progress so far sort of late of updating :( day of surgery was dec 4 My stats are 5'6" I weigh 112 pre op am 34B I never disliked my boobs but after miscarriage I felt like I needed self booster upper and wanted to feel good about myself surgery day was not bad I felt very... READ MORE

25 Yr Old Athletic Marine. San Diego, CA

My breast size continued to shrink as I lost body fat with physical training. I wanted to have breast size that were proportional to my body type and still look great in clothes. I requested a consultation with Dr. Pousti because he has great reviews and I was impressed with his answers on... READ MORE

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