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21 Years Old with Hardly Any Breast Tissue - Breast Augmentation

I'm 21 years old and recently had a breast augmentation. This procedure is something I've wanted since my mid teenage years, however I've always been apprehensive. After a lot of research I came across Spire Elland Hospital and more importantly Mr Mahajan who has a great reputation within the... READ MORE

29 Years Old Runner No Kids 5foot2 100lbs 32 Aa. Toronto, ON

I've always been small chested and have always thought about getting a boob job. Finally after realizing how unhappy I am with my current size I have book my first consultation for Monday! I have no idea how big I can even go given how petite I am but anything is better than what I currently... READ MORE

24 Yr Old, Asian, Petite, 5'0, Slim/slender frame

My motivation: Always wanted more breasts since I was born an A cup. I loved my A cup breasts, and loved the slim frame, however, I wear a lot of bikinis, it would be nice to wear them without wearing padding all the time for cleavage. Plus, I just wanted to have a more balanced figure. My... READ MORE

Masto 6weeks Followed by BA 400cc - Brisbane, AU

I had saggy that made me a little self confident and decided I needed a change (missed my bigger boobs that stayed up in my early 20s) I'm happy I waited and spoke to more then one doctor until I found one that I felt comfortable with and was giving me realistic advice. It was totally worth... READ MORE

Finally Doing It! Breast Augmentation. Tuberous Breasts

Hey everyone! I thought I'd introduce myself and start discussing this journey so far. So I have never been happy about the shape and size of my breasts. I'm 29, 5'5", 124 lbs and 2 kids ages 5 and 7. Ever since junior high and throughout high school I always expected that at some point I might... READ MORE

23yrs Old, Mother of Twins (Both Breastfed), Currently 32A hoping to be a Full C, 95lbs, 225cc HP Partials

My decision to have a breast augmentation has been pushed to the back of my mind for years. I somewhat learned to be happy with my small breasts... Until recently, I made the choice to breast feed my twins (for 6 months). Only a year and half after I realised what a mess they had become (I went... READ MORE

New York Cities Best Breast Augmentations

I had a really great experience with Dr. Stephanie Cohen, I was referred by a few girlfriends and am more than pleased with the outcome coming from a size A to now a size C (400cc). She can now add me to the list of satisfied patients, I love her! Best part of all was the post-op followup --... READ MORE

29 Yrs/ 4 Kids (All Breastfed) I'm Getting 300 Cc High Profile Silicone Implants. South Carolina, SC

Ohhhhhb jitters. So the countdown has begun. I've had my initial consult, followed by a mammogram and will get my urinalysis next week. I have an appointment on the 15th to get my final measurements and order the implants. I'm trying to get realistic expectations but 300 CC implants look so... READ MORE

26 Years Old - 415/460cc Polyeurothane Coasted Breast Implants

Hi there, I am really excited (but also really nervous). I am quite a solid build as I have trained heavy weights for many years, and have competed in figure competitions. After dropping a lot of weight, and putting it back on with these competitions, my breasts were just never the same! They... READ MORE

43 Years Old - 2 Kids - Had a Reduction at 22 Years Old and Augmentation 21 Years Later - Denver, CO

It is too soon to tell how I feel because it has not even been 24 hours, but I think I may love them. Dr. Atagi is a pro. She is a perfectionist, who sets realistic expectations based on your body type. I had a more difficult case because I had a reduction at 22 years old so I had... READ MORE

Best Decision I Ever Made! Morristown, NJ

I have had excellent results with Dr.Racanelli and plan on continuing with his services! Highly recommended. Initially my visits with Dr.Racanelli were for Botox. I loved my results and really appreciated the way he scheduled 2 week follow up appointments to make sure you were completely... READ MORE

23 Y/o No Children, No More Padded Bras, Stubborn Fat. Chicago, IL

Prior to surgery- To be honest this wasn’t something I have been wanting my entire life. It was something that I came across recently. My parents didn’t like “plastic surgery”; I was always told you should love your body. Don’t mess with what body was given to you. Well I found myself al... READ MORE

21, BA 700 cc UHP, 5'6 167LBS, Birmingham, AL

My ideal boob now because I'm a small B cup I'm guessing is a full D. 550CC, silicone, HP and that's just going off of other's reviews. Right now, I'm searching for the most natural and realistic size for my height and weight, I'm 5'5, 167LBS, B cup. Something that says, realistic and voluptuous... READ MORE

30 Yr Old, Mother of Two Desiring Womanly Assets. Houston, TX

I'm a little late posting my review, but I have desired implants since I hit my mid teens and noticed everyone else developing but me. Even when I was pregnant with my children I hoped they would get bigger, even just a little bit. I'm excited to say I have the most wonderful man to support me... READ MORE

HOLY Asymmetry - Saint Louis, MO

I had what may have been described as the worst asymmetry this office has seen. I have dealt with this my whole life and have been absolutely mortified of ever having it looked at to see if it could be changed because I never wanted to remove my bra or shirt. I spent years hiding it and did a... READ MORE

44 Needing This After Breast Feeding - Manchester, GB

Mr Marando is amazing, I am so lucky to have found him. He listened to absolutely everything during my consultations and was extremely careful in getting it absolutely 100% right for me. He is very kind, very patient, highly skilled and realistic. I felt so looked after by his surgical team... READ MORE

5'3 122 Lbs. 405cc - Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Hazani is a straightforward doctor who tells you realistic expectations. He knew exactly what I wanted and delivered. I'm still sore right now but my incisions are tiny and looked amazing already. My boobs looks great I cannot wait to see when they fluff and drop. Thank you Dr. Hazani for... READ MORE

Long-awaited Dream Come True

Many years ago, when I was a young teen going through puberty, I hoped I'd develop nicely sized breasts. Instead, I never grew larger than a small and mostly flat A cup. During my thirties I had two healthy and beautiful children, and I breastfed them for a year each. Now that I am in my... READ MORE

Best surgeon !

It's been one year since I had my breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Jugenberg. From my initial consultation to my one year postoperative appointment this doctor was professional, knowledgeable and one of the upmost skilled doctors I have ever met. He carefully listens to what you want and... READ MORE

Slim 28 yr old, saggy 36A to 36DD, 550cc, height 5'10

I saw 3 surgeons, Dr Kim Taylor, Dr Natalie Ngan and Dr Dean Trotter. Natalie made the best impression on me, she is down to earth, didn't try too hard and didn't rush me, she didn't suggest I needed a lift (i didn't), she uses the Keller Funnell on select, not all breast augmentations (not... READ MORE

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