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rash + Breast Augmentation

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Almost 34 Years Old, After 2 Kids, 5ft 3'' 8 Stones, Flat Boobs to 320cc Polyurethane Under the Muscle

I've wanted this for many years and I finally plucked up the courage. I suppose it was a gift from my husband for my 34th birthday. After a terrible experience at spire parkway hospital in SOLIHULL, I came across mr Jonathan staiano. A friend recommend him! This guys bloody amazing, don't know... READ MORE

24 Years Old, 4 Weeks Post Op - La Mesa, CA

I have been wanting to get a breast augmentation since I realized my boobs were never gonna grow... When I was 17. I really had no boobs, I could nearly fit the smallest bras. But I didn't have the time or the money to do it. I moved to San Diego for good about a year ago after graduating, and... READ MORE

I Was Young and Dumb and Certainly Paid for It ...Mentaly,physically,& Financialy

I had Saline Breast Aug and Lift done 18 years ago in CA. Id always wanted a Ba since having my first child at 14.Maybe a Bcup went to D . Anyway i didnt research my dr at the time,truthfully never even heard of bad breast jobs EVER back then unless it was the silicone implants from 70s. Had... READ MORE

Best Decision of my Life!!! Mississauga, ON

I had always been small chested growing up and decided that if my chest never grew, that someday I would have a breast augmentation. At the age of 23, having the procedure done has changed my life. I have never felt so happy. My body looks perfect, 38", 26", 38". I had gel-cohesive,... READ MORE

500cc's, High Profile, Natrelle Silicone: 33yr Old.Partial Under Muscle, Partial Sub Glandular: 123lbs:) BEFORE & AFTERS Finally

3 days post op, lots of pain still; went 500cc's undermuscle, high profile, Natrelle Silicone. The pain has been tolerable with medicine but the worst part of all of this was the after effect of the antibiotics given prior to surgery. My whole upper body & face is covered in a bright red rash... READ MORE

Love my Results.. Love my Doc and Staff! - Seattle, WA

I had a breast aug done mid sept. I was really small and i wanted to enhance my look. I was nearly an A to a Full C. I healed so well I get to go on his website! :) I came from overseas and had a short time available to get my prodedure done and I 5 docs to choose from. He was my first doc... READ MORE

28y/o, No Kids, 295cc in Left, 325cc in the Right - Covington, LA

One day post op is the photo. Surgery went well with no complications. I did have a rash where my skin was sterilized with slight redness, tiny white bumps, and slightly itching. The rash was almost gone by day 5 post op. I did use cortisone cream, benadryl, and Claritin. I had slight pain... READ MORE

My New Breasts! - Birmingham, GB

I was quite unhappy with my natural breasts, they were flat and lifeless. I I was always scared of the 'fake' look and so always avoided the thought of implants until one day I realised just how unhappy I was with myself. I go to the gym and eat healthily to achieve the body I always wanted, but... READ MORE

Botched Breast Augmentation Fixed! Sydney, AU

In December last year I had a breast augmentation that went terribly wrong. Not only did I have 1 breast augmentation, but I had 2 in less than 24 hours!! After having my breast augmentation performed under twilight sedition in the back room of the surgeons clinic I apparently woke up crying... READ MORE

Post-op 4 Days In! - Honolulu, HI

Hi all! I had my breast augmentation on Monday! Currently on my 4th day recovering :D!! I was a small A to start off with. Got 375cc high profile silicone implants. I initially wanted a moderate plus profile but my surgeon suggested that the high profile 375cc would fit my breast diameter... READ MORE

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