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27 Year Old, 34B Increased Volume, Natural Look - 390cc

I am booked for my breast augmentation in just under 2 weeks with Adrian Richards at the Private Clinic. Excited but nervous! I'm currently a size 12, 34B bra and sick of constantly wearing padded bras. I've been considering having the procedure for quite some time but in the past 6 months lost... READ MORE

Just Got my BA Done!! - Beverly Hills, CA

I just got my BA done today and the procedure was so quick and easy. I am about 6 out and the pain is not even there, it might be because the pain medication that I was given during surgery has not completely left my body yet. So far so good, I am actually able to use the restroom on my own and... READ MORE

Mother with 32A and Worse After Breastfeeding. Henderson, NV

Absolutely exceeded my expectations! The team is so welcoming. They treat you as if they have known you for years. It's very comforting to not feel like a friend and not just a customer. The consultation was very thorough and Dr. Hankins listened to every detail of what I had wanted. He took the... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation. Dominican Republic, DO

I underwent a breast augmentation in June of 2010 with Dr. Mejia Santana. Labs and exams were done to make sure that I was healthy enough to undergo surgery. After the surgery was done, I was taken to recover in a room with my best friend (which also underwent the same procedure) and had great... READ MORE

26 Yo with Pseudoptosis 615cc Ultra HPs. Southlake, TX

Felt like I wasn't quite filling out tops like I used to and was disappointed in the droopiness of my breasts considering my history (healthy/fit, no children, 26 years old). After consulting with three surgeons, we chose Dr. Mason based on photos of his patients and the ease of our... READ MORE

27 Year Old Mom of 2 - La Mesa, CA

My second child was born with a heart defect that resulted in 3 open heart surgeries so far, because of that I had to use a pump so she was able to be feed through her feeding tube. Needless to say it was brutal to my breasts. They looked deflated and saggy skin. I talked with a friend who had... READ MORE

30 Year Old and Very Satisfied - Manhattan, NY

I am 30 and I am at first I was very skeptical of doing breast augmentation and it turned out the best decision I ever made in life. The operation was quick and I never felt pain. Dr. Fiorillo is the best and have most awesome team assisting you in all you need. Now I am thinking what I will do... READ MORE

500 cc's right & 475 cc's left, silicone, under the muscle, 34B before

I have wanted a breast augmentation since I was in high school. I always wanted big boobs, but I only ended up with small B's. I have 3 kids, the normal happened during pregnancy, I gained weight and gained fuller breasts, but they quickly deflated when I went back to my normal non-pregnant... READ MORE

29 Years Old, With Small Breast, Needed a Breast Augmentation - Houston, TX

For many years, I had problems with my breasts since they were tiny and made me very self-conscious. I did a lot research online until I found, Dr. Patrick Hsu. From the reviews of the other women who had undergone similar breast augmentation surgery along with his extensive credentials, I was... READ MORE

39yr Old, 5'2, 105lbs.

I did this procedure as a self confidence booster, I have waited a long time to have this procedure. Even after having my son, I was left with nothing to fill inside my bra. I have never been more happy with this decision, well worth it. The procedure was quick, healing process was about 6wks,... READ MORE

Highly Recommended

Excellent overall. So happy I chose Dr clayton! He was so quick to get back to me with any questions or problems I had. Very patient & respectful. He was able to explain things to me in an understandable way & had good reasons to back up his opinions when I asked him what I should do. I... READ MORE

38 Years Old, 2kids Much Needed After Years of Breastfeeding

This is has be elk thought about for a long time, but the actually process was so quick I think I'm in shock! Day 3 post op and still feels very surreal. Bit of shooting pain in right first thing this morning Looking forward to getting through the recovery process. They don't feel they are a... READ MORE

30 Year Old Mom of 4

Shout out to Dr. Alverez and his crew. I loved the professional and fun atmosphere of this office. It was scary for me at first but the anesthesiologist and Dr. Alverez's chemistry made me feel at ease. This is very important to me that the staff worked well together. The office was very clean,... READ MORE

25 Year Old Mommy with Breast Augmentation

After having kids I was so uneven and flat chested and they were sad. My experience was amazing! The staff is all so nice and accommodating. Doctor Yates gave me his email so I could ask questions at any time and he responds very quickly. The recovery for me was very easy and little to no pain... READ MORE

Great Experience

Dr. Steinwald did a fantastic job on my breast augmentation. I met with a couple of surgeons before him, and while they were all very nice and qualified, I didn't want any of the stereotypical plastic surgeon "schmoozing" - I wanted the best doctor possible and Dr. Steinwald's direct attitude... READ MORE


Dr. Messa did an amazing job!! Surgery was very quick, woke up barely any pain, little bruising and recovered very quickly. My whole family has gone to him for cosmetic procedures and he's the first person we would reccomend to anyone. He makes you feel comfortable and safe and I'm truely... READ MORE

Feeling Confident!

I am 32, 5'2", 120 lbs, and have 3 kids that I had breast fed. I went from a 32b to a 32d. 550cc. Breasts were droopy before and needed some filling. No lift needed. Dr. Lawton went through the armpit. The surgery was fast and successful. Uncomfortable the first few weeks, as to be expected.... READ MORE

Unconfident 32 Year Old

This procedure is something I have wanted done for a very long time. I lacked confidence and was unhappy with my appearance, feeling like my body was out of proportion. I was nervous about the procedure, how I would look afterwards and what the recovery would be like, but I knew I was in good... READ MORE

Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center - Sarasota, FL

I was extremely impressed by Dr. Derby and his staff with how quick and easy the whole process was. They made me feel comfortable from day one (I am a very awkward person). It only took a month from the scheduled consultation to the procedure. The were very flexible with the post operation... READ MORE

22 Years Old, Breast Enlargement

I decided to have a breast augmentation after a few years of consideration, I am a size 10-12 and at the time had A cup breasts which I felt did not fit my body shape. I felt out of proportion and clothes such as jumpsuits always where huge at the top and well fitted at the bottom. Since my op... READ MORE

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