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ptosis + Breast Augmentation

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Saggy & deflated to full -no lift!! 5'5" 112,35,4 kids,all breastfed 335/365cc full profile unders ,transaxillary

Having my surgery done in 2 weeks!! I am very excited and 100% confident in my choice of doctor. I have been searching for a local doctor who's work I like for a long time and it's been hard. I'm so glad I found Dr. Iteld. His staff is amazing-especially the patient coordinator Caryle. I'm... READ MORE

23 YO, 5'5" 125LBS, Last Step in Restoring Prebaby Body - Warrenville, IL

Hi ladies! I have been on RealSelf since my daughter was born in December 2015. I was formally under Scarlettsmom15 but decided to create a new account and write a new review under Breast Augmentation. After having my daughter, the weight came off easily but my prebaby boobs never came back! I... READ MORE

28 Yrs Old, 3 Kids, Grade 1/2 Ptosis, 400/425cc uhp smooth round silicone, Dual Plane Technique - Nacogdoches, TX

After yearsssss of wanting a BA, I'm FINALLY getting one! I've always been petite, and small chested. Looking forward to building my self confidence and feeling more "womanly"! At my consult, I was informed that I had mild ptosis- grade 1 on the right side, and borderline 2 on the left. I do... READ MORE

30 Year Old Mother Who Breast Fed. I Work out Regularly but I Want Fullness in my Breast, I Have a Little Pouch

I just went to Dr Ricardo Rodriguez for a consultation for breast augmentation He was very honest and told me I had borderline ptosis and needed Mastopexy via periareolor I was told implants with no lift would result in a possible double bubble. The Dr was very nice and tell me what I wanted to... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation 10 Yrs After Reduction - Adamstown, AU

I have a background hx of having undergone a breast reduction when I was 20 yrs of age secondary to large breasts pstosis. This operation was worthwhile although I was never 100% happy with the shape of my breasts and lack of cleavage which was only worsened by breastfeeding. Only minimal to... READ MORE

41 Motiva 285 overs Love Them!!!!

Hi there, I've been planning this surgery for a few months although wanted fuller breasts forever! I've had 2 children and it's taken it's toll on the fullness of my already tiny bust. Currently 34B, slight ptosis on one, but Mr Murphy did not feel a lift was necessary. I saw 3 different PS and... READ MORE

THANK YOU!!!!! 31 Years Old, Boobs Savaged by Breast Feeding! - Chelmsford, GB

Previously informed elsewhere that I required a Mastopexy. Mr. B was aware that I wished to avoid scarring. Advised that if we "go in with eyes open" knowing I would still have some nipple asymmetry and they would still be slightly ptotic, then he would proceed with standard BA. COULDN'T BE HAPPIER. READ MORE

35 Year Old, Deflated C Cup, Minor Ptosis, 560cc Allergan Natrelle 410FX, No Lift. Darlinghurst, AU

Hi team! I've decided to share my BA journey here as I've found it difficult to find similar stats for my own research. Hopefully I'll help someone out there who's considering the same journey! I'm 35, no kids, 5'8", 65kg. Used to be 75kg. Breasts have deflated over time and, due to my hippy... READ MORE

31 Years Old 2 Kids Stage 2 Ptosis Breast Augmentation No Lift - Brisbane, AU

Tomorrow will be a week till my surgery and I'm finally getting excited, a little nervous but mostly excited! I've had four consults with the same surgeon! sounds like a lot, but it took me a while to get my head around the fact that I could potentially get away with just augmentation without a... READ MORE

Sub-fascial Implants in 33 Yr Old Sagging Breast..Ardmore, OK

So I am doing this for all the girls out there who have sagging breast and don't want a lift plus to give my opinions on the sub-fascial procedure. I was told on here by like 20 ps I had to have a lift in order to get good results and I would hate it and I had sever ptosis and on and on till I... READ MORE

40 years old... Textured Cohesive Gel Overs!!!

So excited to finally do this after wanting this for so long. I have booked my procedure with Dr. Frank Lista on March 16... I've bedn obsessing over whether I need a lift as well as implants.. I have a bit of ptosis and one ps suggested a lift (lollipop) but current ps stated I didn't need... READ MORE

It's Finally Happening......going Solo to Thailand. Thailand, TH

I can't believe I'm actually booked to have my breasts done. This has been a 20 year dream of mine. I will be 39 in a couple of weeks so this is going to be an early 40th present for me lol. For the last couple of months I've been reading everyone's stories regarding breast augmentation. It has... READ MORE

27 Year Old, 5'4" 130lbs Once Big and Beautiful Have Now Gone South! Pittsburgh, PA

After weight fluctuations my once nice breast have become saggy and deflated. Looking to get some lift and volume from 350cc high profile silicone under the muscle implants. I met with three doctors for consultations, (two were referrals from friends) in my search for the right surgeon. Two of... READ MORE

35 Yr Old,mom - Rochester NY

5'4" tall 123lbs now - I have lost 40 pounds! Unfortunately, my breast have been very sad for me. I'm ptosis class 1-2, but have extra skin and crazy streach marks. I guess I'm just like everyone else and would perfer not have a breast lift .... Really not crazy about ugly scaring. I met with... READ MORE

Breast Rejuvenation - Seattle, WA

375 cc Allergan 410 FF (textured solid silicone anatomical full profile full height) implant surgery on October 13, 2014 (8 days ago). Started out deflated B with some ptosis. No children, 34 yo 130# 5'7". Happier with appearance of breasts post-op, awaiting "drop and fluff" which I am told... READ MORE

23 Yrs Young, 1 Child-- Ready to Feel Like ME Again..

Well, I've finally scheduled my consultation! And lorrrrrd, am i more impatient than ever before! In fact, I may call the office tomorrow and push for an earlier date if possible. BA/BL is something I've known I've wanted/needed since even before baby. I have always suffered from ptosis as... READ MORE

Day 3 Post OP - Chicago, IL

Before my augmentation, I was a pretty flat 34C. I chose subglandular gummy bear(410s) textured anatomical shaped implants 470left-375right and so far I believe this was the best choice. I have mild-severe ptosis(sagging) from breast feeding and initially I was told that I'd need a lift(which I... READ MORE

Breast Lift Was a Great Decision - Ocean Springs, MS

I underwent a breast lift on May 7, 2013. My surgeon reported that I was grade III ptosis. I have lost 43 pounds and was a 36DD. After the weight loss, I was a 36C (barely). I wanted both lift and implants. The surgeion stated that because of the significant lift needed, he wanted to do the... READ MORE

Thankful for boobies!

Let’s see... I'm a 27 year old mother of one with the desire to get breast implants for the last 12 years! Yes, since I was 15. I remember looking at other girls my age then, and thinking why doesn’t my boobs look like that. Unfortunately, my breasts have been unfortunate looking from a you... READ MORE

Breast Aug + Lift - New York, + Picture Diary!

After years of thinking about this. going back and forth about weather or not to do it. finally i decided i needed to do it because it was really affecting my life. i was very self conscience in general, never going without a bra, never changing in front of anyone. in the bed room with my... READ MORE

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