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40 Year Old, Breast Fed 3 Kids, and Decided Against Aerola Reduction

Turning 40 has had a lot of pros and cons. My kids are almost grown and have wanted BA for almost ten years but my ex-husband didnt want me to get them and of course the money. So one day I said I was tired of talking about it and went to se Dr. Lille in Scottsdale. Found out I could save a lot... READ MORE

Hoping for 350cc but dr say might be too big- Montreal, QC

I've been looking at everything héréditaire for a while. All pros and cons, good and bad experiences. Huge, large and medium implants, i want to see and heart everything to make a good and reaponsible decision. I've been wanting larger breasts forever, probably since i was 15, i'm now 34. Our s... READ MORE

29 Yrs Old, 4 Kids (Breast Fed), A Cup to a D Cup

I have always been small chested, the only time my breast had volume was from pregnancy and after I breast fed, they would reduce in size again. Unfortunetly I couldn't find "Before" pictures without a bra but let's just say, if you cup 4 fingers under your breast...that was it. Now I'm happy... READ MORE

Masto 6weeks Followed by BA 400cc - Brisbane, AU

I had saggy that made me a little self confident and decided I needed a change (missed my bigger boobs that stayed up in my early 20s) I'm happy I waited and spoke to more then one doctor until I found one that I felt comfortable with and was giving me realistic advice. It was totally worth... READ MORE

25yo got my boobs finally!! 330cc submuscular

Hello RS family!! I'm kinda new to this so bear with me! I've been following the site for several months now and I think is time to start my story. Here are my stats: About to be 26yo from a small town in Iowa 5'2 small frame 100-110lbs 34AA (if that) I've always been small chested, I wasn't... READ MORE

New Look - Evansville, IN

I lost nearly 30lbs during a bad divorce and unfortunately, it deflated what little breasts I had. I was a small C and now I'm barely a B. I've met with Dr Gutter twice. Once for my consult and the other for pre op. He's wonderful. He answered all my questions, including the silly ones. He... READ MORE

35 Years Young Again. Pensacola, FL

I am 35 have had 2 children now 13 and 11. It was time to get back my body that I gave to them. My breast were full and perky and wanted that back. I did some research and looked at the pros and cons. And decided it was worth it. Finding the right doctor was very important. There are several... READ MORE

Tubular Breast Reconstruction

Feel like it's time to start a review! :) I hated my tubular breasts when I was growing up and was so expecting them to continue growing. Even when I was 20 I still got my hopes up because I read an article about how they can start growing again in your twenties. I pretty much figured it out... READ MORE

34 A/B, 33 Y/o, No Kids, 5'8", 135 Lbs.

So I am writing this at 4:30am. I woke up from a weird dream, and now I am back on here reading reviews. I've been wanting to write my own, but putting it off (so why not now). I am 33 years old with no kids. I am 5'8" and 135 lbs. Right now I am a 34 small B in my L breast, and an A in my R... READ MORE

PPSI - 24yrs old - 300cc Teardrop. Thailand, TH

Finally did it after years of thinking and researching. Firstly, I'm about 5'3 ft tall and 53kg. I found out about PPSI (previously known as PIAC) through another review on here. I loved her results and found many good reviews about the surgeon, Dr Veerawat. Rather than going through an... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation and Love It! Long Beach, CA

During my consultation, dr. Daniels made me feel very comfortable and explained to me the pros and cons of this procedure. He wasn't pushy like other surgeons on purchasing the procedure and setting a surgery date. After leaving his office I knew I wanted him to help me and get the boobs I want.... READ MORE

BA 32 Year Old, 120 Lbs, 5'3", 32B, No Kids - San Francisco, CA

I had contemplated breast augmentation for a long time and finally decided to get serious and do some research. I researched several Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in the San Francisco Bay Area and finally decided to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gray after reading his seeing his... READ MORE

35, 5'10 64kgs, 3 Kids and Ready to Get my Pre Baby Boobs Back. Perth, AU

I have been on this site non stop for about the last month, reading up on everyone's reviews and experiences and I just wanted to say how grateful I am to you all for all your stories it's really helped me heaps so thank you all for being so open and honest. I have been wanting to gets my... READ MORE

32 B pre-op, I did 300 cc's (right) + 275 cc's (left)

Stats: 5'2" 105 pounds Age: 25 32B pre-op Lifestyle: fairly active I've been interested in getting a breast augmentation for years now, since I was 15. I have an overall healthy body image, but as someone with a very petite figure lacking breast tissue, that's something that has bothered me. I... READ MORE

In my 40's, Athletic. 1 Child and Ready to Get my Breasts. Sarasota, FL

I wasn't going to post, but it's midnight before surgery and here I go. I have had 3 consults and felt comfortable with dr Engel. Ready to get my breast aug finally. I had a child, breast fed 13 months and the breasts show it. The implants picked were 340cc silicone unders. I vacillated... READ MORE

Doing This for Myself! 27 Years Old, no kids, 230cc, LOW Profile, Under the Muscle

I am 4 days pre-op and really looking forward to this being done. All the BA-research and thoughts about pros and cons take up so much space in my head. The reason for me to do this is that I would love to be able to just throw on a non-patted bra and wear t-shirts without thinking my breasts... READ MORE

I Did It!!!!!!! 350 Hp Saline Unders - Miami, FL

Oh my god I can't believe I'm actually writing this review.. A little background on me: I'm 19 years old and have modelled for 10+ years, done beauty pageants, and always felt a little self conscious about my lack of chest size. My family is full of large breasted women and I always thought... READ MORE

26yr. 5.2,110pounds, Mom of 1. Not Sure on Results - Las Vegas, NV

It's been a year but want to finally share my journey. I'm kinda going through what Heidi Montag is going through. Looking for some before pics, will post some up soon. So when I was young I had big hooters, 34c,perky, till I gave birth at 18 breast fed then my breast deflated. Flat with lose... READ MORE

24yo with 1kid, Scared but Ready...

So after being a member on this glorious website for a little while, i finally decided to schedule my consult to meet a plastic surgeon in my area. My consult took place already, wednesday the 28th and i was able to try on sizers. We decided somewhere around 300ccs -350ccs, but not real sure if... READ MORE

24yrs old, 175lbs, 475cc, Houston, TX

My motivation for wanting to have my breast augmentation done was I really was not happy with my breast. I was a small C cup but my boobs just did not have that fullness that I desired. I wanted to have that sexy curve appeal that larger breast could give me. There really are not any cons I have... READ MORE

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