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5'3" 140 Lbs Breast Augmentation Chicago, IL

I have always considered this procedure. I'm 29yo, 140lbs and 5'3". I work in the medical field. I've never loved my breast. But It didn't get serious until about April where I went to see Dr. Lorri Cobbins in the West Loop area of Chicago. She is absolutely great. She has amazing bedside manner... READ MORE

32 Yo 1 Kid with Under Developed Breast

I had my breast augmentation at 7am today with Dr. Daniel Calva at Imagenes(formerly Eres) Plastic Surgery. Initially I was supposed to have Dr. Valls but he was "uncomfortable" with such under developed breast. I requested silicone and Dr. Valls wanted to give me saline. I left disappointed... READ MORE

2 Children 180lbs 5"4" 700cc Silicone Mentor

I've always wanted a big breast since I was very young and I did research for two years until I found Dr. Hedden I am very happy with him and his staff my breast are beautiful he did awesome job. My surgery was at 6 o'clock in the morning I was out of surgery 7:45am. There's no extreme pain... READ MORE

900cc Boobs

I decided to have a breast augmentation done yesterday on 4/4/17 with a wonderful doctor in San Jose. Like many of us, after my daughter and breast feeding my boobs were no longer perky nor looking good. My breast had become flat and one slightly bigger than the other with a longer fold line in... READ MORE

22 year old, 475 Saline, Under the muscle

16 days post op today, still a lot of pain, breasts are still very high and hard, very very sensitive feels like every kind of material chafes against every inch of my breasts, have been feeling a lot of pressure on the bottom like the implants are pushing on the incisions from the inside -... READ MORE

Highly recommended! Draper, UT

Was scheduled for surgery around 1pm and let me tell you, that midnight cut off for food and water was a killer! I was super nervous but when I got there Dr. Fryer and the anesthiologist made me feel very comfortable. Before I knew it I was in the operating room getting pricked and boom I was... READ MORE

425/450 Cc Silicone, Transaxillary Incision, Under Muscle, Small A to D Cup. Vancouver, BC

I decided pretty soon after puberty that I was going to get a breast augmentation when I could afford it, fast forward 10 years and I finally did it! Prior to the procedure, I was most nervous about if people would notice when I returned back to work in my office. I told some coworkers that I'm... READ MORE

27 Year Old, 300cc Under the Muscle, Moderate Profile and Couldn't Be More Happier! Miami, FL

This website has helped me so much an here is my contribution back! I am 27 years, 5'2", 100lbs. I currently reside in the Caribbean and have decided to have my procedure done in Miami. I chose Dr. Mel Ortega because I love the results I saw, he had a lot of great reviews (the only negative... READ MORE

20, 1 kid, 32 A, 120 lbs planning on getting 275 silicone under the muscle, moderate profile.

I have found the doctor I want, I have my money saved up, the time to do it, but I am just so unbelievably and irrationally nervous about going under anesthesia, how it feels to wake up in pain/pressure. I really want this, I'm just scared beyond all reason about the whole surgery, getting cut... READ MORE

28, 5'5" 124 No Kids "Barely an A Cup" 450r 440l HP Saline. Miami, FL

After contemplating for many years I finally took the plung and got boobs! After plenty of research and other consultations I decided on going with Dr. Freiman at CG cosmetics. I'm on day two post op and already feeling quite a bit better with the pain. I feel like I maxed out at a 6/10 Nothing... READ MORE

32 Year Old Mom to 3. Went from 32 A to 375 Cc High Profile Under the Muscle

So far I feel really good just a little sore. I haven't really l looked at them a whole lot just to shower and check my incision. I'm not in too much pain anymore either just tired from sleeping sitting up in the recliner. I have been placing an ice pad on my chest and that seems to have helped... READ MORE

26 Yrs, Height 5'6, 140 Pounds - Concord, CA

Motivation of getting a breast augmentation was just to feel and look better about myself. Very exciting but yet very scary and nervous at the same time. I have a really high pain tolerance so for me this procedure was easy. Only thing it is a lot of pressure. So you really need someone there... READ MORE

27 Yr Old 400cc. Powell, OH

Had my breast aug today with Dr Roxanne Grawe from Roxy plastic surgery. 400cc high profile silicone,surgery went well. No pain just some tightness and pressure, I found that walking around helps with that. some before and same day post op pics. Hoping to be large C small D. I am also happy to... READ MORE

600cc's - Jefferson City, MO

I am so excited to be finally getting this. I have been wanting boobs ever since puberty, but that never happened. Even after I had 2 wonderful children! My sister got it all and I have/had nothing! I went to the office and she measure me. I have a larger ribcage, so the big size fits me... READ MORE

30 Yes Old, 5,4, 112 Ibs - Mother of 1 - 34a - 375cc. Czech Republic, CZ

Hi There This site has been really helpful so I thought I'd write a little review. I have always been a flat 34a cup, looked like I had a boys chest. I've gone for 375cc after reading alot of regretful reviews thought I'll take the biggest that could fit so I don't wish I had gotten more. I... READ MORE

Amazing Staff & Amazing BA Results! Indianapolis, IN

During my consultation Linda took me back into a room where we looked at pictures of very "playboy-esqué" photos. Dr. Zollman and I did not discuss cc-size, I didn't try on a bra. I just showed him one of the pictures that I liked and he said that he would make me proportionate to my idea of ... READ MORE

24years Old, A Cup, Desired Size Small D- 500CC Saline. 5'3 & 125lbs- So Pleased with Results - San Antonio, TX

I am 24 years old, active hairstylist. I was never blessed with breasts and was insecure and had self image issues since high school about myself. I have always wanted to get my breasts done since about 17 but was nervous and scared and never wanted to rush into something and wait til I was a... READ MORE

5'4" 122 Lb Mom of 2 with Deflated A Cups (33 Years Old) - Englewood, CO

I come from a family of woman with HUGE knockers and I somehow managed to be the only one who ended up with barely an A cup. I was the girl who would wear a t-shirt swimming because I felt so embarrassed about having a small chest. However, as got older I started becoming pretty comfortable with... READ MORE

485cc and Loving Them - Pasadena, CA

I made sure to have all the kids I wanted before getting a BA. I finally made the decision and got them done Jan.2016. Because I was asleep, it felt like the procedure happened in 1 sec. I loved that part! Waking up with breast is the BEST Feeling! I'm not going to lie, it's not easy emotionally... READ MORE

20 years old 32AA with 365 Cc Silicone. Calgary, AB

Had my procedure done today (Jan 13 2016). Had 365 cc silicone Naturelle implants placed under the muscle and through the inframammary fold. Feeling some pressure down the middle of my chest. Other than that I'm doing okay. Definitely thankful for pain killers though. I can start to feel a lot... READ MORE

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