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32 with 36B Had TUBA Done and Went to a 36D Saline Moderate Profile 600 Cc in Both Left and Right Breasts - Brooklyn, NY

I started my journey wanting to get fat grafted from my body into my breast. I had done my research and realized that not too many doctors actually do this procedure. I called here and there and I felt like most places required a little too much for what I felt was a simple procedure. I narrowed... READ MORE

My 25Th Birthday Gift; 5'7" , 165lbs

For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted bigger boobs. I've played sports and been an athlete all of my life, so I guess having smaller boobs was a plus but still it has always been an insecure characteristic that I've had. I went to a consultation over 2 years ago and was way too... READ MORE

Needed to Bring Back Some Life to my Breast After 4 Children - Los Angeles, CA

I had a BA a week ago and so far results are amazing. Couldn't be happier. Very nervous at first, but glad I went through with it. Still feeling a bit sore but I guess its part of healing process. I no longer have to take prescribed medication only taking over the counter medications. Can wait... READ MORE

Finally Doing It, So Excited!!! - Chicago, IL

I'm a 40 yr old mom of three beautiful girls between ages of 10 and 15. I've been wanting and researching getting a BA for a few years. I went to three consultations and fell in love with the third Dr. I knew right away he was the one I wanted. The day after my consultation, I called to schedule... READ MORE

24 YO 1 Child 5'2'' 134 lbs 440CC Saline Moderate-Plus Implants. Orange, CT

Hello all! So 2 more days until my surgery. I am excited, nervous and all of the above. I already have all my prescriptions ready, Valium, Percocet, Zofran and an antibiotic. Consult was nice with doctor in Orange, CT. Time with him was about 20 min. Then coordinator gives you a quote... READ MORE

30 Yr Old, Two Kids,5ft7in 125lbs.

Had my pre-op 2 weeks ago. Super excited and nervous.. 2 weeks from today I will be on the other side!!!! I am a 30 yr old mom of two young boys, 5'7" 125lbs. Sized to get close to 400cc moderate plus silicone implants. Still have received my scrips for the meds and everything I need for... READ MORE

Amazing Staff & Amazing BA Results! Indianapolis, IN

During my consultation Linda took me back into a room where we looked at pictures of very "playboy-esqué" photos. Dr. Zollman and I did not discuss cc-size, I didn't try on a bra. I just showed him one of the pictures that I liked and he said that he would make me proportionate to my idea of ... READ MORE

43 Year Old Ready for Dream Boobs! 445 cc smooth moderate profile under muscle Midlothian, VA

I am 43 years old and I have wanted a BA since I was in my 20s. I always figured I'd get one maybe after I had kids. Well, I finally got married, and my marriage lasted 7 years, when I divorced at age 39 (no kids). Money was tight after the divorce; however it is now a few years later and things... READ MORE

22 Yrs Old, 5'4 & 120 lbs, 365cc Inspira Implants

So I finally decided to post on here after browsing this website for the last 3 months. Today, I had my Pre-Op appointment for my breast augmentation, which is on March 10th. I made my full payment, got my prescriptions and decided on 3 sizes that the doctor will be bringing in to the operating... READ MORE

24, 145lbs. , 5"4. Atlanta, GA

I am 24, 145lbs , 5"4ish . I am getting 425cc's saline, under the muscle, moderate profile . I am currently a 34A looking to be a 34C . I was originally directed to Dr. Colgrove after watching a YouTube blog ( by beautifulmorgan) shed recently undergone a BA with Dr. Colgrove & shared her... READ MORE

375cc Moderate Plus Silicone, Areolar Incision, Unders - 5'3, 125lbs, 26 y/o, 0 kids, Beverly Hills CA

I have wanted boobs since I was 16. I didn't like how little my breasts developed so I purchased "breast enhancement" pills and started birth control because my friends told me their boobs grew. My mother caught me with the pills and immediately confiscated them so I never got to try them out (I... READ MORE

27 Years Old, No Kids, 34A, 375cc. Salt Lake City, UT

Hello!!! I finally got the courage to seek a breast augmentation after many years of being dissatisfied with my breasts. I went in for my pre-op today and decided on 375cc saline implants with transaxillary incision. I am scheduled for surgery tomorrow and I could not be more excited!!! All of... READ MORE

5'2... 114lbs...26 Yrs Old- Flat 34b Getting 355cc Textured Silicone Mp - Colorado Springs, CO

Had my ba this morning. Showed up for the surgery at 0630. Prepped and was taken back around 0745, surgery went smoothly. Woke up in recovery with a ton of pressure on my chest. Was discharged around 9 and home in bed close to 10 am. Been taking the prescriptions and still in a lot of pain.... READ MORE

700 Cc Sub Muscular Saline Implants - Miami, FL

I decided to travel to Miami for an augmentation by Dr. Jacob Freiman on August 14. I'm less than 2 weeks post op and it gets better everyday. I started a small 36B and I knew I wanted large implants. I feel like my body type would look so much better and I was so happy that my ps agreed. I went... READ MORE

Middle-Aged Gal Finally Treating Herself !

I had heard that surgery in Mexico was much less expensive than in Canada. After months of research I booked with Top Plastic Surgeons Mexico. My surgeon was Dr Juan Bernardo Baltazar Rendon (aka Dr Baltazar). It was difficult to find much info online so I thought I would share my experience.... READ MORE

22 year old gets 400 CC breast augmentation

Recovering so well! I experienced pressure, pain and discomfort the first 2-3 days. I took my medication as prescribed and took myself off after 5 days. I LOVE the way they look, Dr. Hankins did exactly what I asked for! I will be referring everyone to him when they ask about my B.A.! I give my... READ MORE

Barely A to Full and Busty - Sterling, VA

From the very beginning of the process, Dr. Berman and his staff were extremely friendly and helpful, on the phone and in the office. I had been contemplating breast augmentation since high school. I am now 24. I met a girl in college who had hers done and she told me about Dr. Berman. It took... READ MORE

Flawless Experience - Beverly Hills, CA

I found Dr. Eugene Kim through Yelp and read all the great reviews. I was looking for a doctor for breast augmentation, and the photos were the most important factor for me. I wanted to see the after photos and make sure that I was getting a doctor who understands what NATURAL- LOOKING means,... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation with Dr. Miami!!! TOTALLY WORTH EVERY PENNY!!! Bal Harbour, FL

I am 26 years old and traveled from NYC! I chose Dr. Miami because my sister had such a wonderful experience. I was originally shocked that the wait time was a year and a half, but I was certain it was going to be worth the wait. Luckily my patience paid off and I was rewarded with being pushed... READ MORE

My Breast Agumentation Experience! San Antonio, TX

First of all I would love to say, I Love Dr. Lawton! He is an amazing Cosmetic Surgeon. I went in for my first consultation confident that I wanted a breast augmentation. Dr. Lawton informed me all about the augmentation, and the sizing. I started as a small B and going to be a small D. Right... READ MORE

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