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25 Years Old, 600cc 6ft A Cup Wanting to Be D/DD


24 Years Old, 1 Bf Kid, 112 Pounds. 32a *** 400cc saline under's transumbilical incision (TUBA)

Surgery date is scheduled! My Pre-op is set for August 2nd. Surgery on August 16th! Super excited. What's everyone's favorite post op sports bra? Also he said to wear comfortable clothing, something that zips in the front on top of my bra so it's easy to get on and off! With it being in summer I... READ MORE

Dr. Lawton's work is AMAZING

Dr. Lawton is amazing! If you're searching for a professional, trusting, respectable doctor, look no further. I had tubular and asymmetric breasts and the results after the procedure was exactly what I was looking for, I couldn't be happier! I went from an A/B cup to a DD. Dr. Lawton put 460cc... READ MORE

31yo, 5'6", 130lbs, 32B

I'll start with my stats, since that's what everyone seems to look for! 5'6", 130lbs, BWD 13cm, 34B (on a good day, more like an A cup) I breastfed my 2 babies, and I miss my D cup nursing breasts! I've always been unhappy with my chest size, and now they have zero volume after nursing. Ive... READ MORE

32B, 5'6 and 130 Lbs, Wanting Fuller Perkier Breast

I want to achieve a D cup with nice cleavage as my breast are fairly small and far apart. I've wanted to do this for so long and I'm finally in a position to have it done so I'm really excited and feel confident in my chosen surgeon. I went to a couple consultations and decided my first pick Dr... READ MORE

23 year old getting a breast augmentation, no children just a 32A wanting to be a C or D.

Getting excited for my surgery in the next month but slightly starting to freak out!!! My surgery is booked for April 25th and I'm just wondering how long everyone took off work? I miss a psw and just trying to figure out how long I'll be off and and recommendations to prepare for the recovery... READ MORE

Slim Thick Draya by Duran 3/2017

After YEARS and YEARS... I finally decided i would get a BA, LIPO & BBL with Dr. Duran in DR. I did my research and finally decided on her. A lot of DR doctors are ok and other are very good but all of them have their "thing". Everyone experiences surgery differently so i truly depends on... READ MORE

Full and Natural Look...

After a few weeks of debating and meeting with a handful of doctors I decided to get a breast augmentation. I chose dr. Shifrin based on his experience and believe it or not a lot of his reviews.I also enjoyed how he and his staff had a more professional setting then some of the other places... READ MORE

28 Year Old/ No Kid / 105lb/ 32A / 340cc Moderate Round Mentor Under the muscle

Hi Ladies! I'm 28 year old, no kid, 5'5 and 105lb, 32A. I wanted BA for....literally forever and I can't believe I'm finally doing it!!! Woo Hoo!!!! My surgery is scheduled for 7/1 ( 2 weeks to go! ) and I'm looking for some supports and advices. Is there anything I should prepare before the... READ MORE

34 yrs old 5'5 140 lbs 36 B mom of 2 teen boys

I'm going for a ba consult in 2 weeks. Looking for advice/questions to ask PS at appointment. I have learned so much about ba's from this sight. However, I just wanted to see if there was anything I missed. I have started a list and feel like I need to add to it! I think people that have gone... READ MORE

41yr Old 34A, Finally Getting It Done!! Bingham Farms, MI

Two weeks until surgery! So excited and nervous! I've wanted this for 20yrs, finally realized im not getting any younger and i need to just do it. I will try to post before and after pics, progress, etc...Can anyone offer any post sx tips to make things easier? Friends have recommended frozen... READ MORE

375cc saline under the muscle and mother of 2

Looking to get some advice for my BA this Friday. This is the first time I will ever have had surgery done so any advice for pre and post care would be greatly appreciated. I've followed the list of things my Dr has provided me to prep for surgery. I've read so much online I'm a little... READ MORE

44yr Old, Dedicated Mother of 4; Doing Something Just for Me This Time...Texas, TX

Alright so, I found this RealSelf site literally by accident, but it has become a wonderful resource for me, so much so that I have become a RealSelf stalker...(in a good way). I have perused various profiles, gawked at beautiful ba results, while drooling with anticipation of the day I will... READ MORE

23 Years Old Less Than 45 Days Pre-op - Hallandale, FL

Ok so after seeing how wonderful my bestfriend's BBL came out I decided that I couldnt have my breast done by any other Surgeon but Dr. Salama. She is 3 weeks post op and looks amazingggg! After reading all of the reviews of his various procedures and actually being at the site (I went with my... READ MORE

22 Year Old, 5'6, Excited to Recieve Bigger Boobs!! (= - Carmel, IN

I'm not insecure about my appearance, that is not why I am getting them done, I simply want them. I am a Small B and wish to be a small D. I'm extremely excited, yet nervous at the same time (= I have been reading up on reviews since I set up my operation March 13. Iv started preparing myself... READ MORE

Ba March 18th Getting Excited It's Really Happening

I am a mom of three. As a teenager I was always picked on for not having boobs. I finally decided I am going to do it. I have dreamt my whole life since about 11 years old about having big boobs. I was getting older and for about a year I thought I would just be fine with what I have. Well I'm... READ MORE

28 Y/o, 105lbs, 5'3 & a Small 32b. Frisco, TX

Getting close!! Finally getting my BA this Friday!!! I'm so excited, nervous, anxious & about a million other emotions right now! I went from looking at pics and thinking 325cc would be plenty big. Met my doc and by the end of the consult I was wearing 500cc sizers! Still sounds huge but it... READ MORE

53 Year Old Grandma and Can't Wait - Paramus, NJ

Well, I'm set to go. I will be increasing my breast size and hopefully appear fully and sexier in less than a week. I've breastfed two kids and they are all grown up now so it's mommy and grandma's turn. I had really nice breasts in my 20's and 30's even after I breastfed but now my breasts are... READ MORE

Best thing I've ever done for myself!

I started my BA/BL process a long time ago. About 3 years ago to be exact. I saw a PS that I liked, but didn’t love, but the consultation gave me a reality check when it came to how much the procedure was going to cost. So I saved my pennies and just recently, June 13th 2013, I met with Dr. V... READ MORE

Saline. HP. Unders. 380cc & 420cc. BA 1/16. No more itty bitty titty. =)

I will be going in for breast augmentation in about 3 weeks! i wont lie, i am very nervous and the closer i get the more and more i question it. I wonder how i will feel once they are done and the feel. How will i adjust to this? It wont feel like my normal breast now. How will my partner... READ MORE

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